Розробки уроків - АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА 7 клас (за підручником О. Д. Карп’юк) - 2015 рік



Цілі: вдосконалювати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць; навички читання, аудіювання й усного мовлення; розвивати пізнавальні інтереси учнів; виховувати зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань; сприяти розвитку самостійного мислення.



People watch movies in different ways. Which ways do you watch movies?

✵ From a DVD                      

✵ From the Internet              

✵ At the cinema

✵ On a TV

✵ On a computer                  

✵ On a phone

2. Speaking

Answer the guestion.

1. Do you often go to the cinema?

2. Which do you prefer: to see a film over TV or on the screen in the cinema?

3. What film have you seen recently?

4. What new picture would you advise us to see? Where is it on?

3. Vocabulary practice

How to describe a film? Match the adjectives and their definitions.

1) violent

a) very exciting or interesting in a way that keeps your attention

2) moving

b) lots of fighting

3) complex

c) ordinary; not special in any way

4) gripping

d) fantastic


e) full of lots of different ideas

6) dreadful

f) extremely clever or impressive

7) superb


8) entertaining

h) extremely funny

9) unimpressive

i) not attracting your attention or interest

10) hilarious

j) interesting and amusing

11) brilliant

k)sad and emotional

12) uninteresting

l) it makes us laugh

Key: 1 g; 2 k; 3 e; 4 a; 5 l; 6 b; 7 d; 8 j; 9 c; 10 h; 11 f; 12 i.

Match the titles with the genres.

1) Pirates of the Caribbean

a) animated cartoon

2) Star Wars

b) horror film

3) Rung Fu Panda

c) war film

4) Zombies Nightmare

d) romantic comedy

5) Pearl Harbour

e) musical

6) The Sixth Sense

f) science fiction (sci fi)

7) Legally Blonde

g) thriller

8) The sound of Music

h) action

9) Die Hard

i) adventure film

Key: 1 i; 2 f; 3 a; 4 b; 5 c; 6 g; 7 d; 8 e; 9 h.


Work in pairs

Make up short dialogues using the material from Vocabulary practice.

5. Reading

Scan the information from the Internet about Anthony Hopkins and complete his lifeline with the correct years.


Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins is a Welsh film, stage and television actor. Considered to be one of film’s greatest living actors, he is best known for his acting of cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter in the 1991 ’s The Silence of the Lambs, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1992. Hopkins was born 31 December 1937 in Wales in a baker’s family, and also became a U.S. citizen on 12 April 2000. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003 and was made a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2008.

His schooldays were unproductive. He was fond of art, such as painting and drawing or playing the piano, than attend to his studies. In 1949, to instill discipline, his parents insisted he attend Jones’ West Monmouth Boys’ School in Pontypool, Wales. He remained there for five terms and was then educated at Cow- bridge Grammar School, Cowbridge, Wales.

Hopkins was influenced and encouraged to become an actor by compatriot Richard Burton, whom he met briefly at the age of 15. To that end, he enrolled at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff, Wales from which he graduated in 1957. Then he joined the Army for National Service, and in two years he moved to London.

In 1965, after several years in repertory, he was spotted by Sir Laurence Olivier, who invited him to join the Royal National Theatre.

He made his small-screen debut in a 1967 BBC broadcast. He has since gone on to enjoy a long career, winning many awards for his performances. Hopkins was made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 1987, and a Knight Bachelor in 1993. In 1996, Hopkins was awarded an honorary fellowship from the University of Wales, Lampeter.

During his life Hopkins has played many famous historical and fictional characters.

Complete with the correct years.

... Hopkins was born.

... He started to attend Jones’ West Monmouth Boys’ School in Pontypool.

... He met Richard Burton.

... He graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff.

... He moved to London.

... He was invited to join the Royal National Theatre.

... He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for The Silence of the Lambs.

... He was made a Knight Bachelor.

... He became a U.S. citizen.

... He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

... He was made a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Key: 1937; 1949; 1952; 1957; 1959; 1965; 1992; 1993; 2000; 2003; 2008.

6. Summary

Answer the guestion.

1. What are the movie genres that you like?

2. What is your favourite movie? Why do you like it?

7. Homework

Write a short paragraph about your favourite movie.

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