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Тема. British Newspapers. News Services

Мета: вдосконалювати навички аудіювання, читання й усного мовлення; формувати навички вживання нових ЛО в усному мовленні учнів у граматичних структурах Present і Past Simple Tenses; навчити учнів правильного вживання англійських модальних дієслів і фраз наповнення; сприяти розвитку логічного та критичного мислення; розвивати спостережливість і пізнавальний інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.


I.  Організація класу. Привітання


II.  Підготовка до іноземного мовлення

Фонетична й мовленнєва зарядка.


III. Основна частина уроку

a) Ех. 9, р. 16 — Write brief information about one of your local newspapers. What things make it popular among the readers? Use the prompts of Ex. 7b, p. 16.

b) Some interesting facts about British newspapers (handouts):

The British are the most voracious newspaper readers in the world.

They read newspapers at breakfast: they walk to the bus reading a newspaper: they read a newspaper on the bus, as they go to work; and on the way back home they are engrossed in on evening newspaper.

If you ask an Englishman about the press in his country he will almost certainly begin talking about the morning daily and Sunday national newspapers. The dominating position of the national daily morning papers is due to the smallness of the country. A paper printed in London around midnight can be at any breakfast table in England the next morning all over the country most people read the same newspapers.

The national dailies are usually classed as either quality or popular. The number of newspapers sold in relation to the population is higher in Britain than in any other country except Sweden.

c)   Ex. 1, p. 17 — Work in groups of three.

Listen to your friend’s statement about the mass media. Then listen to the responses. Say who you agree with. Present your own opinion using some patterns.

d)  Ex. 2, p. 17 — Read the article from a magazine and say how news is spread worldwide:

·       rely on news services

·       the gathering of news

·       speeded up by...

·       cable / fax machines

·       modern telecommunication systems

·       division of providers

·       competent supplier

·       objective information

·       major corporations

·       investment funds

e) Ex. 3, p. 17 Work in pairs. Discuss some questions to the text.

f) Read the stories and try to comment on them (handouts).


Two soldiers were digging a fox hole.

What made you join the Army? asked one.

Well, I read one of the newspapers that said, Join the Army and see the world! And I have been doing it — a shovelful at a time.


«My father was a communications man in the war», said a boy to another. «And he was a great hero».


«Yes, to keep the enemy from getting a very secret message he ate the carrier — pigeon»

IV. Завершальна частина уроку

Домашнє завдання

Ех. 8, р. 19.

Підсумок уроку

Учитель підбиває підсумки уроку й оцінює роботу учнів.

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