Розробки уроків - АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА 8 клас (за підручником А. М. Несвіт) - 2016 рік



Цілі: вдосконалювати лексичні навички; вдосконалювати навички усного мовлення, аудіювання й читання; розвивати мовну здогадку й мовленнєву реакцію учнів; розвивати пам'ять; виховувати зацікавленість у необхідності правильного проведення вільного часу.


1. Warm-up

Answer the questions.

1. How do you usually spend your free time?

2. What do you like doing?

3. Have you got any hobby?

4. Do you go in for sport in your free time?

5. Where do you spend your summer holidays?

6. With whom do you spend your summer holidays?

2. Speaking

DO ex. 1, p. 119.

3. Vocabulary practice

Here are some things you are likely to enjoy in your free time. Try to guess these words.

✵ k_ _ _ _ing

✵ s_ _ _ _ ing

✵ m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ing

✵ g_ _ _ _ _ ing

✵ s_ _ _ ing

✵ s_ _ ing

✵ c_ _ _ ing

✵ c_ _ _ ing

✵ r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -ing

✵ c_ _ _ ing

✵ f_ _ _ ing

1. A useful home activity usually done by women

2. An active sport done in water

3. A dangerous sport using cars

4. A summer activity done with the help of different tools

5. An indoor sport on ice

6. A popular winter sport

7. A summer activity in which tents are often used

8. A good way to keep fit and to travel

9. An activity similar to skating, but done in summer

10. A popular hobby and everyday activity mostly done by women

11. An outdoor hobby connected with water

Key: 1 knitting, 2 swimming, 3 motor racing, gardening, 5 skating, 6 skiing, 7 camping, 8 cycling, 9 roller-skating, 10 cooking, 11 fishing.

You may add your own hobbies and then tell the class about your preferences.

4. Reading

Do ex. 2, p. 119.

Key: 1 c, 2 D, 3 A, 4 E.

5. Speaking

Do ex. 3, p. 121.

6. Listening

Do ex. 4, p. 121.


Dan. playing computer games, chatting online, doing sports.

Ann. drawing, going to the theatre and cinema

Maksym. travelling, doing sports.

7. Writing

DO ex. 5, p. 121.

Key: 1 Dan, 2 Dan, 3 Dan, 4 Ann, 5 Ann, 6 Maksym.

8. Reading

Read a piece of information about hobby and answer the questions.

1. What kinds of hobbies do you know?

2. What is the most popular hobby in our country?

3. What is the most popular hobby among Englishmen?

4. How do hobbies influence on us?


There are more than 1000 personal interests and ways to spend one’s free time. The most popular hobbies are stamp-collecting, collecting view cards, match-box tops, badges, stones, flowers, shells, coins and books.

Gardening and cultivation of flowers, especially roses, is the most common hobby of all among Englishmen.

Some people are interested in photography. They like taking pictures of old buildings: palaces, castles, churches and old houses of historical interest. And some of people like to take photos of friends when they don’t know they are being photographed. Others are interested in video films and they record family events there.

Playing a musical instrument, watching TV, swimming, fishing and watching birds are also popular leisure activity in Britain.

A useful hobby is collecting recordings or CDs. You may have CDs of operas, concerts and styles you like.

It’s impossible to describe all these 1000 hobbies known in the world. The main thing is that they increase your knowledge in some particular field and broaden your outlook.

9. Summary

With the help of these questionnaires ask your partner a few questions how he / she spends his / her free time.

Do you

go in for sport?

help your parents?

walk your dog?

go fishing?

play a musical instrument?

sewing and knitting?

reading books?

visiting friends?

DO you enjoy

collecting things?

taking photos?


Are you interested in

playing with a pet?



Do you take part in


sport competition?

school parties?

10. Homework

Write a short paragraph about your and your friends’ free time. Use the answers for the questionnaire above.

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