Розробки уроків - АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА 8 клас (за підручником А. М. Несвіт) - 2016 рік



Цілі: активізувати граматичний і лексичний матеріал; вдосконалювати навички усного мовлення й читання; розвивати мовну здогадку й мовленнєву реакцію учнів; розвивати пам'ять та пізнавальні інтереси учнів; виховувати інтерес до вивчення іноземної мови, подорожування своєю країною.


1. Warm-up

Do ex. 1, p. 147.

✵ Traditional Ukrainian Dress

✵ Ukrainian Eggs (pysanky)

✵ Embroidery

✵ Wood carving

✵ Musical Instruments

✵ Petrykivka artworks

✵ Pottery ceramics

✵ Hand woven wool rugs

2. Grammar practice

DO ex. 4, p. 150.

3. Reading

DO ex. 2, p. 147.

4. Reading and speaking

DO ex. 3, p. 148.

5. Speaking

Do ex. 4, p. 148.

6. Reading

Read the text and choose from (a-k) the one which best fits each space (1-10). There is one extra sentence you do not need to use.


Ukraine is a country with the glorious past. It is rich in historical monuments and different places of interest. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and (1) ... . It has already celebrated its 1500th anniversary. That’s why it is not surprising that a lot of interesting monuments are situated there, for example, (2) . . It is breathtaking to wander along the streets of the old town, (3) ... .

But Ukrainian places of interest are situated not only in Kyiv. Near the small town of Kaniv the monument to the Ukrainian national genius Taras Shevchenko (4) ... . The museum, where the books, drawings and manuscripts of Shevchenko are kept, is situated in the village not far from Kaniv. Even the house, (5) ... , is preserved. It is very interesting to look at it. One may come to Poltava and visit the museum of the famous Poltava battle, the field (6) ...

One may also go to Zaporizhia, to the island of Khortytsia, (7) ... . One can go to Odesa and walk along the boulevards, (8) ... , and one can touch the trees, which Pushkin touched. It is also possible to visit the last house of chekhov (now the museum in Yalta), where Chekhov lived, and where he wrote his last works, and where he died.

It is possible (9) ... and see Dickanka, Sorochintsy. One can continue this list, because there is also Western Ukraine with the carpathians and their legends, feudal lords’ castles and cathedrals, with their (10) ... . There are a lot of places to see in Ukraine and to be proud of.

a) is situated

b) where Peter the Great defeated the Swedes.

c) one of the oldest cities in the Eastern Europe

d) where he was born

e) where the Ukrainian cossacks’ organization was born

f) to go through Gogol places in the Poltava Region

g) to feel the breath of history

h) the most beautiful city in the east

i) the well-known to all Slavonic world St Sophia’s Cathedral and Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra

j) unique culture and nature

k) where Pushkin walked a long time ago

Key: 1 c, 2 i, 3 g, 4 a, 5 d, 6 b, 7 e, 8 k, 9 f, 10 j.

7. Writing and speaking

Do ex. 5, p. 148.

8. Grammar practice

Do ex. 6, p. 148.

9. Summary

Answer the questions.

1. Where is Ukraine situated?

2. What countries does Ukraine border on?

3. Is Ukraine a large country?

4. What is Ukraine washed by?

5. Can you prove that Ukraine has a variety of landscapes?

6. What is the highest mountain in Ukraine?

7. Are there many long and deep rivers in Ukraine?

8. What do you imagine when you think of Ukraine?

9. What Ukrainian Symbols do you know?

10. What are the main geographical differences between the UK and Ukraine?

10. Homework

Do ex. 3, p. 150.



Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,

Who never to himself hath said,

This is my own, my native land!

Whose heart hath ne’er within him burn’d,

As home his footsteps he hath turn’d

From wandering on a foreign strand!

If such there breathe, go, mark him well;

For him no Minstrel raptures swell;

High though his titles, proud his name,

Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;

Despite those titles, power, and pelf,

The wretch, concentred all in self,

Living, shall forfeit fair renown,

And, doubly dying, shall go down

To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,

Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

by sir Walter Scott

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