Розробки уроків - АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА 8 клас (за підручником А. М. Несвіт) - 2016 рік



Цілі: перевірити рівень умінь учнів з аудіювання.


Listen to the text and do the tasks.


Canada covers the entire North American continent to the north of the USA except Alaska and the small French Islands of St Pierre and Miquelon. It is the second largest country in the world after Russia. But the population of Canada is not very big — only 27.4 million people who live mostly in the south of canada, along the border of the USA. Canada is bordered by three oceans, the Atlantic, the Arctic, and the Pacific. The capital of the country is Ottawa.

Canada is a nation in North America composed of two linguistic and cultural groups: French and English. TO these two major groups, and to the small native population of Indians and Eskimos, have been added many thousands of immigrants representing the major European cultures. The two official languages of Canada are English and French. In the north of the country there are 330,000 Indians and 25,000 Eskimos who are the original peoples of the North, central and South America. They have no equal rights for many years.

The inland of the country is a vast plain. The plain extends from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains. In the north the plain ends in the islands of the Arctic ocean. In the south Canada shares the Great Lakes with the United States. The most admirable sight which attracts tourists from all over the world is the Niagara Falls. They are on the Niagara River between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

All parts of the country have cold weather in winter. Winter in Canada lasts from four to five months with heavy snowfalls. Summer is usually warm, though quite short.

True or False.

1. Canada is situated in the south of the North American continent.

2. Alaska is included in the territory of Canada.

3. Canada is the second largest country in the world.

4. It is bordered by two oceans: the Atlantic and the Arctic.

5. The population of Canada is over thirty million people.

6. The capital of the country is Ottawa.

7. There are two official languages in Canada.

8. The original peoples of Canada are Indians.

9. The most part of the country in a vast plain.

10. The Great Lakes don’t belong to Canada.

11. Winters are usually cold and long in Canada.

12. Summer is warm and lasts from four to five months.

Key: 1 F, 2 F, 3 T, 4 F, 5 F, 6 T, 7 T, 8 F,9 F, 10 T,11 T,12 F.

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