Розробки уроків - Англійська мова 8 клас за підручником О. Д. Карп’юк - 2016 рік



Цілі: формувати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць; удосконалювати навички читання, аудіювання й усного мовлення; розвивати пізнавальні інтереси учнів; виховувати зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань про освіту в інших країнах.


1. Warm-up

Choose three adjectives from the box to describe the qualities most needed for each of the jobs.

Example: I think a model should be beautiful, smart and hardworking.

Patient, friendly, intelligent, smart, practical, polite, kind, hardworking, creative, reliable, careful, easy-going, good-tempered, helpful, brave, sociable, attentive

✵ A teacher,

✵ a writer,

✵ a model,

✵ a nurse,

✵ a hairdresser,

✵ an engineer,

✵ a waiter,

✵ a personal assistant,

✵ a stewardess,

✵ an actor,

✵ a pilot.

2. Speaking

Answer the questions.

1. Would you like to be a teacher? Teaching who? What?

2. Has any teacher ever inspired you or influenced your life? How?

3. Have you ever felt angry with a teacher? Why?

4. What makes a teacher effective?

5. What kind of teacher do you prefer? Male or female? Young or old?

3. Vocabulary practice

Do ex. 1, p. 80.


A headmaster...

...helps children to cope with their problems

An IT teacher...

...looks after a school

A psychologist...

...is in charge of a school

A janitor...

...is always ready to help with the choice of books

A librarian...

...will help you to improve your computer skills

4. Speaking

Do ex. 2, p. 81.

Use the following expressions:

If you agree, say:

If you disagree, say:

✵ I agree that...

✵ I don’t agree that...

✵ I’m sure that...

✵ I don’t think that...

✵ That’s right!

✵ I wouldn’t say that...

✵ Exactly!

✵ That’s silly because...

✵ Certainly!

✵ Absolutely not!


— I’m sure that a good IT teacher has to be good at Maths.

— I don’t think so. In my opinion, he/she should be just good at using a computer.

5. Speaking

Do ex. 3 (a), p. 81.

6. Reading

Do ex. 3 (b), p. 81.

7. Vocabulary practice

Do ex. 4, p. 83.

Key: 1 b, 2 d, 3 a, 4 f, 5 c, 6 e.

8. Listening

Listen to a student’s recall about his favourite teacher and do the task.

My favorite teacher was Mrs. Ruby who had taught me English for 2 years. She had studied in America and came to our town to be an English teacher. She had sparkle eyes and blond hair. She’s just a bit taller than I was. She always smiled to us as we saw each other in the hallway at school. She seemed very strict when the first I met her. However, we had a lot of fun during her classes as we had been told the jokes in English. She had skills at teaching, sense of humor, was friendly, patient and easy-going.

I had her classes when I was in grade 10. I got good marks on it since then. She gave us tons of assignments which were for improving our English. She was very patient and enthusiastic to teach us whenever we had questions in her classes. Moreover, she would stay at school after school finished for hours to solve the problems that we had in her class. She would spend her private time to teach us western penmanship which was using two pencils and tightened them together with rubber bands. Then we could draw a letter with them. It’s amazing. I learnt it while I had lunch with her. She would talk about her life also during lunch and I found we had a lot in common. She liked eating Chinese and Japanese. Her favorite band was Westlife as mine was. She always listened to pop music and sang karaoke. She said that it would be the way to be easier communicating with her students. She was always friendly and easy-going.

She encouraged us to do voluntary work after school or at weekends. She was in charge of YMCA and leaded a group of students to do lots different kinds of services, such as cleaning houses for seniors who lived by themselves; selling stickers for charity; leading blind people to walk in the street regularly and planting bushes for the protesting environment organization. She was a very helpful person.

Sometimes, she would get furious though when the students didn’t hand in the assignments on time. But nevertheless I always remember her fondly.

True or False.

1. Mrs. Ruby taught Literature.

2. She was a real strict teacher.

3. She gave her students quite a lot of homework.

4. Mrs. Ruby devoted a lot of her free time to her students.

5. She involved her students in voluntary work.

6. She did not care about other people’s problems.

7. The author really admires his teacher.

9. Vocabulary practice

Do ex. 5, p. 83.

10. Speaking

Do ex. 6 (a), p. 84.

11. Summary

Why should we be grateful to our teachers? Give a few own ideas.

12. Homework

Do ex. 6 (b), p. 84.

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