Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Complete the sentences with the personal and objective pronouns.

1) Lizzie will be very busy. I talked with ... and she told... she had to finish the work at the project. 2) We visited Boris yesterday. ... showed us his new flat. 3) Dolly and Sue were preparing a wall newspaper. ... were writing an article at that time. 4) Molly has just phoned me and ... promised to help her. 5) Tony is playing volleyball with his friends at the moment. ... often play together on Saturdays. 6) Have you seen Dick today? He phoned ... and I told ... you were out. 7) I’ve seen your book somewhere. I think I saw ... on my desk yesterday. 8) The stars are very bright at night. You can see ... clearly if the sky is cloudless. 9) I’d like to speak to Cathy. ... told me to phone ... in the evening. 10) Albert is very kind. ... is always ready to help his friends.

2. Match the two parts of the sentences.

1) She showed us

a) my phone anywhere.

2) The children were playing

b) its place in the room.

3) I can’t find

c) her photos.

4) You have promised to tell us

d) our grandparents.

5) The dog is sleeping in

e) with their toys.

6) My sister and I often visit

f) to his cousin two days ago.

7) Tim sent an e-mail letter

g) about your adventures.

3. Complete the sentences with the correct demonstrative pronouns.

1) Here is a souvenir for you. ... souvenir is from Paris.

2) I can’t see the number of ... bus. It’s too far from here.

3) My sister doesn’t like ... dress. That one is more beautiful.

4) Give me ... book on the shelf above you. I can’t reach it.

5) Can you see ... buildings in the distance?

6) This hat is better than ... one.

7) I can’t think about my last year holidays without a smile. ... days were full of fun.

8) Take ... apples, please. They are from my garden.

4. Circle the correct item.

1) Take care of myself /yourself, please.

2) Brad can’t do the experiment himself /yourself. He needs help.

3) Let me introduce himself/myself. My name is John Smith.

4) Bob and Liz enjoyed ourselves/themselves at the disco.

5) Molly had to do all the work about the house by yourself/herself. 

6) Rob and I have designed this room themselves/ourselves.

7) The road herself/itself was horrible and the distance was too . long.

5. Translate into English.

1) Вона ніколи не розповідала нам про своє дитинство.

2) Дай мені ті цукерки, будь ласка.

3) Хлопчик написав цей вірш сам.

4) Вони показали їй своє місто та розповіли багато цікавого про нього.

5) Подивись на них! Вони такі кумедні!

6) Моя сестра сама зробила цей подарунок.

7) Ті люди дуже далеко. Я не можу побачити їхні обличчя.

8) Я не можу дати вам свій номер телефону.

9) Цю кімнату діти прикрашали самі.

10) Том зателефонував їй пізно ввечері,

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