Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Write the degrees of comparison of the following adjectives.

Large, dirty, little, difficult, far, wet, lazy, generous, narrow, bad, tasty, wonderful, fat, fine, interesting, good, tidy, brave, old, expensive.

2. Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct degree.

1) This lake is ... (deep) in our region. 2) I don’t want to talk about my ... (far) plans. 3) This is ... (beautiful) picture I’ve ever seen. 4) The sloth (лінивець) is ... (lazy) animal on the planet. 5) Your essay is ... (short) than Mary’s. 6) Who is ... (good) footballer in your team? 7) Travelling by plane is ... (comfortable) than travelling by train. 8) The situation is ... (bad) than I thought. 9) Today there are ... (many) people in the park than yesterday. 10) This elephant is ... (old) animal in the Zoo. 

3. Circle the correct item.

1) The boat was moving quiet/quietly along the river.

2) The manager gave some brief/briefly instructions and the staff made the notes careful/carefully.

3) Jim was offended and spoke to me in an angry/angrily voice.

4) This perfume has a nice/nicely smell.

5) The children were sitting comfortable/comfortably near the fireplace listening to an exciting/excitingly story.

6) My mother cooks good/well.

7) Little Kate was looking happy/happily at the presents under the New Year tree.

8) I didn’t expect you would behave so bad/badly.

9) The air is so fresh/freshly in the morning.

10) He was writing something busy/busily at his table.

4. Choose the correct item from brackets to complete the sentences.

1) This church is ... old ... our town. (as ... as/so ... as)

2) The tulips aren’t... fresh ... the roses. (as ... as/so ... as)

3) His house is ... far from the office to walk there. (too/enough)

4) Frank is tall... to play in the basketball team. (too/enough)

5) The weather is ... windy to fly a kite. (too/enough)

6) Molly isn’t... punctual ... her elder sister. (as ... as/so... as)

7) Your cousin is ... curious ... my little brother. (as... as/so... as)

8) Henry is responsible ... to organize the experiment. (too/ enough)

5. Translate into English.

1) Сукня дорожча за спідницю.

2) Він наймолодший у родині.

3) Ця вправа не така складна, як попередня.

4) Сьогодні погода надто спекотна, щоб іти на пляж.

5) Яка річка найдовша у вашій країні?

6) Ваша ідея не така вже й погана, як здавалося спочатку.

7) Ця бібліотека найстаріша в нашому місті.

8) Він вів автомобіль надто швидко, бо не хотів спізнитись на зустріч.

9) Її пропозиція недостатньо цікава.

10) Результати тесту гірші, ніж ми очікували.

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