Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Make up sentences using the Future Simple Tense.

1) You/buy/the/food/for/the/picnic.

2) Amanda/not/tell/anyone/about/it.

3) Garry/wait/for/us/after/the/training?

4) We/go/to/the/exhibition/tomorrow?

5) children/not/The/plant/the/trees/tomorrow.

6) Vicky/bring/you/this/dictionary/next/Sunday.

7) You/reserve/the/room/in/the/hotel?

8) They/not/go/there/by/car.

9) Martin/walk/the/dog/in/the/evening?

10) I/show/you/the/railway/station/on/the/map?

2. Make the sentences negative and interrogative.

1) My mother will bake the cake tomorrow. 2) She will leave the key under the rug. 3) You’ll show me your new watch. 4) Paul will bring me my umbrella. 5) The guide will tell us about this tower. 6) The workers will have the day off tomorrow. 7) The pupils will have lunch after the third lesson. 8) Nick will give us the invitation in a day. 9) The weather will change tomorrow. 10) They will buy a present for her.

3. Write questions to the underlined words.

1) We’ll go to the museum tomorrow.

2) You will see a wonderful performance.

3) She will give you some costumes for the party.

4) They will spend their holidays at the seaside.

5) He will write an essay next Wednesday.

4. Circle the correct item.

1) Will/shall I make a cup of tea for you? 2) I hope we will/ are going to find your house easily. 3) He is taking a camera. He will/is going to take a photo. 4) It’s getting dark. I will/am going to turn on the light. 5) Will/shall we have a short rest? 6) I think my mother will/is going to be angry with me. 7) Will/ shall you visit them tomorrow? 8) Be careful! You will/are going to burn your finger. 9) I hope Dolly will/is going to get our post card tomorrow. 10) There are dark clouds in the sky. It will/ is going to rain. 11) The film will/is going to finish in half an hour. 12) I’m sure your sister will/is going to get better soon.

5. Put the verbs in brackets into the Future Simple, Present Simple or Present Continuous Tense.

1) Ron has packed his suitcase. He ... (to go) to visit his old friend in another town. 2) Diana ... (probably to look) for a new job. 3) When ... you mother ... (to come)? — She ... (tо come) in two days. Her bus ...(to arrive) at eleven o’clock in the morning. 4) I think Sam ... (to pass) his driving test well. 5) It ... (to be) Easter next Sunday. 6) May I watch TV? — No we ... (to leave) in ten minutes. 7) I’m hot.— I ... (to give) you a glass of cold lemonade. 8) My daughter ... (to be) sixteen in November. 9) The Sharons ... (to celebrate) their wedding anniversary on Friday. 10) The train ... (to depart) at five o’clock tomorrow.

6. Translate into English.

1) Завтра вони ведуть дітей до зоопарку. 2) Вам передати цукор? — Так, дякую. 3) У хлопців є м’яч, і вони збираються грати у баскетбол. 4) Що ти плануєш робити завтра? — Я збираюся подивитися з подругою нову комедію по телевізору. 5) Я думаю, вони не повернуть тобі книжку вчасно. 6) Я змерз.— Я зроблю тобі гарячого чаю. 7) Коли прибуває поїзд? — Він прибуває о дванадцятій дня. 8) Наступного тижня ми відвідаємо твого двоюрідного брата. 9) Можливо, вона переїде до іншого міста. 10) Куди ви збираєтесь? — Ми збираємось піти до театру.

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