Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Put the verbs into the correct column and write their past forms.

To come, to stay, to bring, to love, to try, to get, to persuade, to think, to listen, to go, to improve, to travel, to buy, to know, to thank, to study, to sing, to forget, to wash, to stop, to lose, to miss, to rob, to write, to remember, to slip, to drive, to be.

Regular Verbs

Irregular Verbs

2. Make the sentences negative and interrogative.

1) She looked at the picture with great attention. 2) They were in the village yesterday. 3) The performance began ten minutes ago. 4) Andy worked a lot last year. 5) It was cool in the evening. 6) Martha knew his address. 7) We heard this story yesterday. 8) You were upset last night. 9) They studied Economy last term. 10) He taught me to swim.

3. Write questions to the underlined words.

1) They took their child to the circus yesterday. 2) She was in the office yesterday morning. 3) My sister helped me to tidy our flat last Saturday. 4) His cousins were in the forest two days ago. 5) John sent you an invitation last Monday.

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

1)The Ronalds ... (to buy) a new microwave a week ago. 2) Daniel ...(not to thank) me for my help. 3) The boys ... (not to break) this window yesterday. 4) Who ... (to give) you this present? 5) How long ... it... (to take) you to get to our town yesterday? — It... (to take) me two hours. 6) What ... mother ... (to prepare) for breakfast? — She ... (to make) you some sandwiches and a cup of tea. 7) Who ... (to translate) this article last week? — I ... . 8) ... Pamela ... (to iron) my trousers yesterday? — No, she ... . 9) When ... they ... (to come) from their vacations? — They ... (to return) home a week ago. 10)... your Granny ... (to tell) you about my visit? —: Yes, she ....

5. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Past Simple Tense.

1) My Grandpa ... (to grow) strawberry every summer. 2) I ... (to know) about your visit some days ago. 3) The sun ... (not to shine) yesterday. 4) My father ... (always not to drive) to his work. 5) Who usually ... (to help) you about the house? 6) Who ... (to help) you to bake the cake we ... (to eat) yesterday? 7) The water in this lake ... (to be) usually warm in summer. 8) It ... (not to be) cloudy yesterday. 9) When ... the tourists ... (to arrive) yesterday? — They ... (to arrive) late in the evening. They ... (to be) very tired. 10) What time ... your sister ... (usually to get up) in the morning? — She always ... (to get up) at half past six.

6. Translate into English.

1) Минулого року він уперше взяв участь у спортивних змаганнях. 2) Ми іноді обідаємо з друзями. 3) Учора вона не переклала цю статтю. 4) Хто показав тобі цю фотографію? 5) Зазвичай він не дає свій фотоапарат друзям. 6) Куди вони їздили минулого літа? — Вони їздили у гори. 7) У якій бібліотеці вона зазвичай бере книжки? — Вона завжди бере книжки у шкільній бібліотеці. 8) Яку пісню співав ваш друг на концерті минулого тижня? — Це була якась нова пісня. 9) Хто прибирає твою кімнату? — Зазвичай я сам прибираю свою кімнату, але минулого тижня моя мама прибирала її. 10) Ти дивився спортивні новини вчора? — Ні, я був у басейні.

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