Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Make the sentences negative and interrogative.

1) They were listening to the radio programme at six o’clock yesterday.

2) Gregory was doing an English exercise at four o’clock.

3) The children were flying the kite in the afternoon.

4) The doctor was examining the patient at ten o’clock.

5) You were painting the front door yesterday morning.

6) Jane was opening her presents in the bedroom.

7) We were training in the gym yesterday evening.

8) The gardener was whitewashing the trees last Tuesday.

9) Ron was speaking to his friend after the lessons.

10) People were waiting for the train on the platform.

2. Write questions to the underlined words.

1) Anthony was feeding the horses in the stables in the afternoon.

2) We were telling about our visit to the circus.

3) You were giving the instructions to уour workers.

4) My friend was sailing on the river last Sunday.

5) She was typing her article for the magazine yesterday evening.

3. Complete the sentences with when or while.

1) Liz was dusting the furniture... she broke a vase. 2) Irene was playing with a kitten ... her mother was speaking to her friend. 3) The students were listening attentively ... the professor was giving a lecture. 4) ... Den returned home his little sister was watching some cartoons on TV. 5) ... Martin was playing the guitar, the girls were singing. 6) I was waiting for a bus ... Frank stopped his car at the bus stop. 7) Sam and Vicky were speaking to the waiter ... we came into the cafe. 8)... the doctor was writing some prescription, Tim was taking the temperature. 9) The boys were fighting ... I came up to them. 10) You were having lunch ... I was discussing this question with the boss.

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. Use the Past Continuous Tense.

1) Peter ... (to write) the invitations for the party at seven o’clock last Saturday. 2) The postman ... (not to deliver) the mail at four o’clock yesterday. 3) ... you ... (to do) the shopping all day last Sunday? — No, I .... 4) What... Oscar ... (to read) all the evening yesterday? — He ... (fo read) the latest computer journal. 5) Whom ... they ... (to speak) to at three o’clock yesterday? — They ... (to speak) to their manager. 6) Where ... you ... (to walk) at two o’clock yesterday? — I ... (to walk) to the library. 7) Whose motor-bike ... Johnny ... (to ride) all the evening last Friday? — He ... (to ride) his uncle’s motorbike. 8) ... Maria ... (to swim) in the swimming-pool? — No, she .... She ... (to cut) the grass in the backyard. 9) What film ... they ... (to watch) in the evening? — They ... (to watch) a thriller. 10) Why ... Nick ... (to hurry) to the metro yesterday morning? — Because his friends ... (to wait) for him there.

5. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or Past Continuous Tense.

1) Frank ... (to play) a computer game when his father ... (to return) home yesterday. 2) Helen ... (to give) the money to the shop-assistant, ... (to take) a toothpaste and ... (to leave) the shop. 3) We ... (to decorate) the room while Steve ... (to hang) the posters on the walls. 4) Mike ... (to run) downstairs when suddenly he ... (to fall) down and ... (to hurt) his knee. 5) The teacher ... (to write) something on the blackboard while the pupils ... (to read) the text. 6) When Mr Barnes ... (to come) into his office yesterday morning, his secretary ... (to speak) on the phone. 7) Lin ... (to look) through some advertisements when somebody ... (to ring) the doorbell. 8) The man ... (to open) the door of the car, ... (to get) into and ... (to start) the engine. 9) Kate and Pam ... (to have) tea in the sitting-room when they ... (to hear) the news on the radio. 10) You ... (to have) a shower while I... (to set) the table for supper.

6. Translate into English.

1) Вчора о шостій вона готувалася до іспиту.

2) Поки Ганна різала хліб, її подруга робила чай.

3) Жінка прибирала кухню, коли її маленька донька розбила чашкy.

4) Ви чекали на нас учора о восьмій? — Так.

5) Вони обговорювали це питання вчора з другої до четвертої.

6) Поки маленькі дівчатка грали у бадмінтон, їхня бабуся читала газету.

7) Що мама готувала вчора, коли ми вийшли з дому?

8) Про що він розмовляв з лікарем, коли ми їх зустріли?

9) Ми стояли біля будинку, коли приїхало таксі.

10) Вона взяла квіти і посміхнулася.

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