Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Make the sentences negative and interrogative.

1) She had prepared all the documents by four o’clock yesterday.

2) They had agreed about the delivery of the goods by the end of last week.

3) The scientists had predicted the flood long before.

4) Dolly had given first aid before the arrival of the ambulance.

5) Mr Franks had read the report by five o’clock yesterday.

6) Daniel had received the driving licence some years before.

7) We had arranged the conference before last Friday.

8) You had answered all the letters by two o’clock yesterday.

9) Nick had studied French a year before.

10) Julia had completed her test half an hour before the end.

2. Write questions to the underlined words.

1) You had worked in this hospital some years before I met you.

2) Wendy had checked ten tests by three o’clock yesterday.

3) We had spoken to her teacher before the meeting.

4) Richard had discussed all the details with his partner a week before.

5) They had planned their route to the lake long before.

3. Make up sentences using the Past Perfect Tense.

1) My parents/never to ski/in the mountains before. 2) She/ to ask/you for help? 3) How many tickets/you/to sell/by seven o’clock yesterday? 4) The climbers/to find/this cave/two years before. 5) Adam/to arrive/to the camp/before the sunrise. 6) I/ to receive/your e-mail/by the end of the working day. 7) The hurricane/to stop/by the end of the day? 8) Whom/they/to speak to/before the conference? 9) His cousins/not to visit/this country/before. 10) The children/to plant/the trees/by twelve o’clock yesterday.

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or Past Perfect Tense.

1) They ... (to reduce) the price for the cars by Christmas time. 2) She ... (to wake up) early in the morning when it ... (to be) still dark and ... (to turn on) the light. 3) Boris ... (to remember) that he ... (already to watch) that film. 4) Olga ... (never to skate) before her friends ... (to take) her to the skating-rink. 5) It... (to stop) snowing before they ... (to leave) for the railway station. 6) The festival ... (to start) when all the participants ... (to arrive). 7) Brian ... (to understand) that he ... (to make) some mistakes in his test-paper. 8) Molly ... (to have) a shower after she ... (to finish) cleaning the flat. 9) He ... (to ask) the waiter to get a taxi after he ... (to pay) the bill. 10) I ... (to feel) exhausted after I... (to paint) the walls of my living-room.

5. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple, Past Continuous or Pail Perfect Tense.

1) When the manager ... (to come up) to the boss, he ... (to speak) to somebody on the phone.

2) Jane ... (to pay) for the dress she ... (to choose) some minutes before.

3) Jim ... (to read) the article and ... (to return) me the magazine.

4) It... (still to rain) when we ... (to get) home yesterday.

5) Dave ... (to check) the mail before he ... (to turn off) his computer.

6) While the professor ... (to give) a lecture he ... (to realize) that his wife ... (not to remind) him about one important appointment.

7) While Mrs Simpson ... (to cook) dinner she ... (to under' stand) that she ... (not to buy) potatoes.

8) When Laura ... (to come) to the hospital, all the doctors ... (to discuss) the medicine for cancer which the scientists ... (to invent) some days before.

9) Sam ... (to get) to the airport after the plane ... (to fly up).

10) When little Betty ... (to play) with her toys yesterday evening she ... (to find) the key her mother ... (to lose) a week before.

6. Translate into English.

1) Учора до шостої хлопці зіграли дві партії в шахи. 2) Вона не переглянула всі документи до кінця робочого дня вчора. 3) Скільки повідомлень ви отримали до минулого понеділка? — Я отримав сім повідомлень. 4) Перед тим як вона вийшла з дому, вона написала записку братові. 5) Коли ми приїхали до дідуся та бабусі, вони збирали яблука в саду. 6) Після того як закінчились уроки, вони пішли до парку. 7) Коли Вен ішов додому, він пригадав, що не купив молока для кота. 8) Коли ми слухали його розповідь, я пригадав, що вже чув щось подібне. 9) Олена побачила свою подругу після того, як автобус зупинився. 10) Том сказав, що він уже відремонтував свою машину.

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