Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Circle the correct item.

1) Sheila saw ... nice hat in the shop yesterday.

a) a    b) the    c) —

2) Children should drink ... milk.

a) a    b) the    c) —

3) Harry got... racing bike for his birthday.

a) a    b) the    c) —

4) There are no ... cars in the street.

a) a    b) the    c) —

5) A group of tourists returned from ... Republic of Slovenia.

a) a    b) the    c) —

6) ... British Isles are situated in the north.

a) a    b) the    c) —

7) ... Japanese are short people with dark hair and brown eyes.

a) a    b) the    c) —

8) Robert is ... good football player.

a) a    b) the    c) —

2. Complete the sentences with the article а/the where necessary.

1) ... Greece is situated in ... south of ... Europe.

2) ... Ronalds usually spend Christmas in ... Alps.

3) There is no ... butter in ... fridge.

4) ... grey cloud covered ... sun and ... strong wind blew.

5) ... Madagascar is washed by ... Indian Ocean.

6) In 1868, ... Queen Victoria published ... book «Our Life in the Highlands».

7) It was ... first day of summer and Sue decided to invite her ... friends to ... cinema.

8) Nigel can’t play ... guitar as well as he plays ... violin.

9) Her birthday is on ... second of ... April.

10) They play ... chess every ... Sunday.

3. Correct mistakes in using the articles (there is one mistake in every sentence).

1) Dolly has got the red car.

2) There are a fruit trees in the garden.

3) A President met the delegation from Mexico.

4) A weather is perfect for the picnic.

5) The Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the Scotland.

6) Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world.

7) He knows four foreign languages but he doesn’t know the Japanese.

8) We have already had the breakfast.

9) Her elder sister is the economist.

10) School begins in the September. 

4. Circle the correct item.

1) They have already been to the Egypt/UK.

2) I’d like to have a sandwich/porridge.

3) The Hotel is situated on the Lake Erie/Colorado River.

4) Frank could see the land of Cuba/Bahamas from the ship.

5) She is listening to a music/song.

6) The climbers reached Everest/Himalayas.

7) His answer was the better /best.

8) Clive often plays table tennis/flute in the afternoon.

9) Miss Lloyd was happy to meet King/King Alexander.

10) They have just returned from the Vorontsovskiy Palace/ Drama Theatre.

5. Translate into English.

1) Мій брат полюбляє грати у волейбол.

2) У мене на столі фото. Це фото мого найкращого друга.

3) На полиці немає книжок.

4) Вони залишили машину біля Північного вокзалу.

5) Французька мова дуже гарна.

6) Італійці дуже полюбляють м’ясні страви.

7) Минулого року вони подорожували Кримськими горами та купались у Чорному морі.

8) Ця комп’ютерна гра найскладніша.

9) Вона щойно закінчила грати на піаніно.

10) Вона мріє отримати освіту в Оксфордському університеті.

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