Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Make the sentences negative and interrogative.

1) This exhibition is visited by many tourists.

2) He was given spaghetti for supper.

3) The article will be translated tomorrow.

4) This bill must be paid at once.

5) The students are being prepared for the test.

6) The tickets should be shown to the conductor.

7) First aid has been given to the injured person.

8) The tables were being served at that time.

9) The robbers have been arrested by now.

10) The instructions could have been given yesterday.

2. Circle the correct item.

1) We turn off/are turned off the light when we leave the flat. 2) A new book of this writer is selling/is being sold in the shops today. 3) The application form should be filled by/with a pen. 4) I was just told/have just been told about the accident. 5) The patient is being operated on/was being operated on at two o’clock yesterday. 6) America was discovered by/with Christopher Columbus. 7) The medicine should take/should be taken three times a day. 8) You should visit/should be visited the Planetarium. 9) The hole was made by/with a knife. 10) The results of the test are announced/will be announced in an hour.

3. Make up sentences in the Passive Voice using the correct grammar tense.

1) Loud music/to hear/from the living-room/now.

2) The festival/to hold/in our city/every year.

3) The lecture/to attend/by all the students/yesterday?

4) A taxi/not to call/yet.

5) The room/must/to air/every day.

6) The cake/already/to eat/by the children.

7) The essays/to hand/tomorrow?

8) The show/to perform/at five o’clock yesterday.

9) The suitcases/to bring/to the hotel room/yet?

10) When/this university/to found?

11) Whose car/to repair/now?

12) What pizza/just/to order?

13) The message/not to receive/yesterday.

14) This invitation/should/to accept.

15) What questions/to discuss/tomorrow?

4. Change the sentences into the Passive Voice.

1) He will buy the tickets tomorrow.

2) They are looking for the witnesses of the accident.

3) She can find this book in the library.

4) He has just introduced his friend to us.

5) You should check the bill at once.

6) We give grants to our best students.

7) Pupils didn’t laugh at the freshman in their class.

8) They were talking about the film.

9) They weren’t listening to the guide.

10) You mustn’t take my camera.

5. Translate into English.

1) Цю подію не часто згадують у нашому місті. 2) Її запросили до театру вчора. 3) Завтра полагодять мій комп’ютер. 4) Учора в музеї їм показали багато прекрасних картин. 5) Цю вазу не слід ставити на полицю. 6) Їм щойно розповіли про історію нашого міста. 7) Коли розбили тарілку? 8) Де можна залишити записку? 9) Що приготують на обід завтра? 10) Цю статтю зараз перекладають.

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