Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Rewrite the sentences using the first or the second conditional.

1) I see Tom. I tell him the news. (if — first conditional)

2) You wait for me. I go to the market with you. (if — first conditional)

3) We have a yacht. We sail around the world. (if — second conditional)

4) Your room is tidy. You don’t look for your things. (if — second conditional)

5) They watch TV. She cleans the flat. (as soon as — first conditional)

6) Children don’t play with matches. A fire doesn’t break out. (if — second conditional)

7) He doesn’t read your e-mail letter. He doesn’t turn on his computer. (unless — first conditional)

8) We help her. She tells the truth. (if — second conditional)

9) They play a game of chess. Father returns home, (when — first conditional)

10) The train doesn’t arrive later. We don’t meet you here. (if — second conditional)

2. Circle the correct item.

1) Julia won’t translate this text if/unless you give her the dictionary.

2) I wish I can/could go scuba diving.

3) We will/would find the way easily if we buy a map.

4) If I were you, I will/would ask the boss for a day off.

5) Max will walk the dog if/unless it doesn’t rain.

6) If Sam doesn’t/didn’t hurt his leg, our team would win.

7) You will/would have an accident if you drove so carelessly.

8) I wish my father took/would take me fishing next weekend.

9) If I didn’t like this pizza, I won’t/wouldn’t eat it.

10) Den wouldn’t find this job if he doesn’t/didn’t read the advertisement.

3. Give advice in the following situations. Use «If I were you...».

1) My car is so dirty!

2) These jeans are too tight.

3) I’m afraid, I’ve caught a cold.

4) I haven’t phoned my grandparents since last week.

5) I’m afraid I’ll fail the test tomorrow.

6) I don’t understand this grammar rule.

7) My friends invite me to a picnic next Sunday.

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Decide if it is the first or the second conditional.

1) Your parents will be upset if you ... (not to get) the diploma.

2) She would be happy if we ... (to bring) her flowers.

3) I wish my sister ... (to lend) me her new hat tonight.

4) Ann always ... (to shout) when she sees a mouse.

5) I wish my friends ... (to be) here now!

6) Ron ... (to take) the cat off the tree if he could climb it.

7) If they paint all the rooms in the flat next week, they ... (to move) there soon.

8) If I were you, I... (to visit) this museum.

9) If you saw the firework display, you ... (to be) surprised.

10) John will catch the idea when he ... (to read) this article up to the end.

5. Translate into English.

1) Якщо він буде приймати ліки, він швидко одужає.

2) Якби вона не отримала повідомлення, вона б зателефонувала.

3) На вашому місці я би не обіцяв цього.

4) Якби мама зараз купила мені нові джинси!

5) Якщо ви назбираєте яблук, я спечу яблучний пиріг.

6) Ми би швидко закінчили роботу, якби ви нам допомогли.

7) Якби ми завтра купили квитки на концерт!

8) Том з братом поїдуть рибалити завтра, якщо не буде дощу.

9) На вашому місці я не їв би так багато.

10) Я приніс би тобі цю книжку, якби ти мене попросив.

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