Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Complete the sentences with said or told.

1) He ... that he had already visited that exhibition.

2) Molly ... her parents that she would tidy her room after dinner.

3) Jack ... the teacher that he felt badly.

4) We ... that we were going to the library.

5) Henry ... that his computer didn’t work.

6) I... Sam that I had just returned home.

7) Mr Dean ... that he couldn’t go to the picnic that weekend.

8) Nick ... that his brother wasn’t at home.

9) Ann ... her classmates that her family would move to another town.

10) They ... me that the performance had already finished.

2. Circle the correct item.

1) Frank said that he is/was taking a shower at that time.

2) Andy says that his parents will/would buy him a puppy.

3) Diana told her cousin that she bought/had bought a new dress the day before.

4) He said that he had seen Mike yesterday/the day before.

5) Our teacher said that the Sun is/was a star.

6) Liz says that her younger brother will/would go to school in a year.

7) He said that he had got his passport a year ago/the previous year.

8) The teacher says the pupils are/were writing a dictation at the moment.

9) The manager said the delegation would arrive tomorrow/ the next day.

10) Clive said he has/had an uncle in this/that city.

3. Report the sentences.

1) Greg said, «Can you meet me at two tomorrow, Ron?»

2) Pamela said, «I’m ironing your trousers, Jim».

3) Tony said, «What time does the bus depart?»

4) The policeman said, «Go out of the carl»

5) Susan said, «Let’s go to a cafe, Betty».

6) Tracy said, «I have already fed the cat».

7) Mrs Jones said, «Where do you live, little girl?»

8) Patrick said, «Don’t open the window, Nick».

9) Elsa said, «I haven’t been to this shopping centre yet».

10) Paul said, «What are you going to do today, Julia?»

11) Helen said, «What will you cook for supper, Mum?»

12) Tom said, «This film was really exciting».

13) The secretary said, «Mr Grey will sign the contract tomorrow».

14) My neighbour said, «How did you like the concert, Fred?»

15) Little Beth said, «We have never been to the circus, Daddy».

16) Mary said, «Penguins can’t fly».

17) Brian said, «Don’t phone me too late».

18) Ronald said, «Where have you been, Dick?»

19) Sue said, «What newspaper are you reading, Irma?»

20) Eric said, «May I have a piece of cake?»

4. Report the jokes.

1) Teacher: John, why are you late?

John: Please, madam, I had to wash my neck and ears. But I promise, it won’t happen again.

2) Teacher: Is it possible for a single person to make so many mistakes!

Pupil: It isn’t any single person, teacher. My father helped me.

3) Son-student: Tomorrow is Dad’s birthday. What shall we do for him?

Daughter-student: We’ll allow him to take his car for a day.

5. Write the exact words of Kate's mother.

Kate’s mother phoned Kate and asked if she hadn’t forgotten to buy a loaf of bread on her way home from school. She also wondered what Kate had had for dinner. Then she asked if Kate had got any marks at school. Mother reminded Kate to clean the flat because they would have guests in the evening. Mother told that Kate shouldn’t water the flowers, because she had already done it in the morning. Mother also told Kate they would go shopping together the next day and would buy Kate some lovely dress.

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