Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



1. Write the plural of the nouns.

A clock, a boy, a leaf, a child, a dress, a tomato, a deer, a bush, a voice, a scarf, a man, a monkey, a box, a nut, a witch, a mouse, a family, a ship, a cucumber, a brother, a toy, a sheep, a monster, a city, a goose.

2. Write the nouns into two columns.

Happiness, hat, sugar, foot, palace, window, noise, money, fireplace, cake, banana, friendship, chocolate, horse, rice, room, lemonade, butter, furniture, plate, air.

Countable Nouns

Uncountable Nouns

3. Circle the correct item.

1) My hair ... clean.

a) is    b) are

2) Bad news ... people happy.

a) don’t make    b) doesn’t make

3) ... trousers fit me well.

a) this    b) these

4) Knowledge ... power.

a) is    b) are

5) Can I use your scissors? Mine ... not sharp enough.

a) is    b) are

6) His advice ... very helpful.

a) was    b) were

7) The pyjamas ... smart.

a) look    b) looks

8) Where ... my glasses?

a) is    b) are

9) The money ... in the wallet.

a) is    b) are 

10) His progress in learning foreign languages ... great.

a) was b) were

4. Complete the sentences with the words a bar, a bottle, a carton, a packet, a cup, a jar, a loaf, a slice, a piece, a kilo.

1) We need to buy ... of tea and ... of jam for supper. 2) I’d like to have ... of ham with my sandwich. 3) I’m thirsty. I’ll buy ... of mineral water. 4) I’ve bought ... of fresh milk and ... of oranges. 5) He had ... of tea and ... of cake. 6) A woman gave ... of chocolate to a little boy. 7) Don’t forget to buy ... of bread.

5. Circle the correct item.

1) I’d like а/some vegetables with meat. 2) His mother has just baked а/some strawberry cake. 3) She gives а/some pocket money to her son every week. 4) My Granny cooked a/some roast chicken for my birthday. 5) Could you put a/some chicken into my plate, please? 6) There is an/some apple in the salad. 7) Tony was eating an/some apple while listening to music.

6. Complete the sentences with a lot of, much, many, any.

1) She doesn’t have ... problems with her dog. 2) We have spent... time together since then. 3) You don’t need... information to prepare the report. 4) Do we need ... pears for the pie? 5) He always spends ... money for the Christmas presents. 6) I’m afraid I don’t have ... sweets for you. 7) Molly brought ... fruit for the children. 8) He doesn’t earn ... money for living. 9) Have you found ... mushrooms today? 10) We have prepared ... food for the party.

7. Write the nouns into the correct column.

Children, honey, buildings, knowledge, hope, students, oxen, bicycles, fun, oil, onions, food, spoons, deer, boats, salt, articles, furniture, milk, progress, carpets, pictures, trees, success.

A few

A little

8. Circle the correct item.

1) Are there ... eggs in the fridge?

a) some    b) any    c) no

2) ’You must be hungry. I have ... sandwiches for you.

a) some    b) any    c) no

3) Sorry, but we have ... news at the moment.

a) some    b) any    c) no

4) She hasn’t made ... mistakes in her dictation.

a) some    b) any    c) no

5) There is ... Coke left in the bottle. It’s empty.

a) some    b) any    c) no

6) Do you have ... new discs to listen to?

a) some    b) any    c) no

7) We have bought ... fruit for supper.

a) some    b) any    c) no

9. Translate into English.

1) У мене є гарні новини для тебе.

2) Ти можеш купити овочі для салату?

3) У нього немає книг, які тобі потрібні.

4) Я завжди додаю трохи молока до кави.

5) Діти грали з м’ячем на подвір’ї, а жінки спостерігали за ними.

6) У мене для тебе є плитка шоколаду та трохи коли.

7) Скільки цукру нам потрібно для того, щоб приготувати торт?

8) Ці джинси замалі для тебе.

9) Учора я витратила трохи грошей на їжу.

10) Вибач, у мене немає часу.

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