Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018


Займенники англійської мови поділяються на особові (Personal Pronouns), присвійні (Possessive Pronouns), вказівні (Demonstrative Pronouns) та зворотні (Reflexive Pronouns).


Підмет (Personal Pronouns)

Додаток (Objective Pronouns)















1. Rewrite the sentences and change the underlined nouns into personal or objective pronouns.

1) I met Betty in the library yesterday.

2) Susan and Alex have just returned from the business trip.

3) My brother and I go to the tennis club twice a week.

4) Kate will phone David in the evening.

5) Charles gave me the book as a present.

6) The flowers were in the vase.

7) The ice cream is very tasty.

8) Robert arid Mark met Lucy in the cinema yesterday.

9) My parents and I like to spend weekends in the countryside.

10) Tom was speaking to Jim and Mike.

2. Circle the correct word.

1) Не/him didn’t want to tell we/us about his problem.

2) I/me was very grateful for what she/her had done for I/me.

3) She/her saw they/them as they/them were crossing the street.

4) I can’t see my sunglasses. Where are they/them? — I’ve put they/them on the shelf.

5) I’d like to speak to he/him, but I don’t know if he/him is in the office.

6) This letter isn’t for I/me, it’s for she/her.

7) Are these flowers for I/me?

8) He reported we/us about the results of the conference.

9) Can you pass they/them the salt, please?

10) I couldn’t visit she/her yesterday but I phoned she/her.

3. Complete the sentences with the correct pronouns.

1) I don’t know her phone number. Can you tell ... to ..., please?

2) Your grandparents are so kind! I always enjoy my visits to ....

3) Is Helen in the gym? We can’t see ... anywhere.

4) Excuse us, can you help ...? We don’t know the way to the station.

5) I didn’t answer the teacher’s questions and he gave ... a bad mark.

6) She asked Den to phone ... as she wanted to tell ... some news.

7) Where is your father? I need ... help.

8) The secretary told ... that we had to wait for some minutes.

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