Англійська мова. Граматичний практикум: збірник граматичних вправ для середнього рівня - 2018



Присвійні займенники (Possessive Pronouns)

Абсолютна форма присвійних займенників (Absolute Form of Possessive Pronouns)














Присвійні займенники вживаються з відповідними іменниками. Абсолютна форма присвійних займенників не вимагає вживання іменника, він зрозумілий з контексту.


This is his car.— This car is his.

I told her my story and she told me hers.

4. Rewrite the sentences changing the underlined words into the possessive pronouns.

1) Sorry, I took Molly’s book without asking for permission. 2) Ben has heard about Henry’s trip to Paris. 3) Sam knew about Jack and Paul’s accident on his way home. 4) Mу mother and Jane’s mother took us to the theme park. 5) Granny told me about mу parents’wedding. 6) Tom asked me to return Sally’s disc. 7) Margaret was speaking about Pete and Polly’s victory at the competition.

5. Circle the correct word.

1) I’m sure her/hers brother is at home. 2) This disc is my/mine. It isn’t your/yours. 3) She put her/hers report on the table and started to read my/mine. 4) Let’s leave my/mine car at the carpark and take your/yours. 5) This is her/hers house and their/theirs is near the river. 6) Mary gave Peter her/hers address and wrote down him/his. 7) Grilled chicken is their/theirs favourite ' dish. 8) This phone number is our/ours.

6. Complete the sentences with the correct form of personal pronouns in brackets.

1) Frank showed me photos of ... family and I showed .... (mine, his) 2) I spent ... day doing shopping and Jane spent ... in the swimming-pool, (my, hers) 3) We described ... adventures to Mr Harris and he told about .... (his, our) 4) They didn’t know that was ... car. They were surprised to know that it’s .... (your, yours) 5) I returned them ... key. ... Granny told the key was .... (my, their, theirs) 6) Has she found ... pen? If not, you can use ... then, (mine, your) 7) We don’t need ... help because he didn’t accept .... (his, ours) 8) Dogs are ... favourite animals and what are ... ? (my, yours) 9) She took ... hands into ... and smiled at me. (my, hers) 10) We gave ... passes to the guard. He gave me ... pass back but didn’t return Bob .... (my, his, our)

7. Complete the table with the missing pronouns.

Personal Pronouns

Objective Pronouns

Possessive Pronouns

Absolute Form of Possessive Pronouns















8. Circle the correct item.

1) Could you tell... the time, please?

a) I    b) my    c) me

2) This dog is ... .

a) she    b) her    c) hers

3) We left... things in the room of the hotel.

a) us    b) our    c) ours

4) Thomas often phones ....

a) they    b) their   c) them

5) Ann didn’t see ... at school yesterday.

a) you    b)your    c)yours

6) Pass me ... phone, please.

a) I    b) my    c) mine

7) John always has the driven license with ....

a) he    b) his    c) him

8) The ring is really beautiful, but... price is too high for me.

a) it    b) its    c) my

9. Complete the joke with the pronouns from the boxes.

In the Secret Service

Little Johnny was very proud of ... dog. ... was playing with ... when a passing gentleman stopped and asked .... «What kind of dog is that, sonny?» «It is a police dog, sir!» «What! A police dog? ... doesn’t look like a police dog». «Oh, I know it», Johnny answered. «You see, sir, it’s in the secret service!»

10. Complete the joke with the pronouns from the boxes.

An American and an Englishman were talking about the wonderful things each had seen during his life. Soon the competition between ... became strong and their stories grew more and more fantastic. Neither of them wanted to lose. At last the American said, «When ... crossed from France to England a fellow was following ... ferry all the way arriving at Dover five minutes ahead of ...».

But the Englishman didn’t want to be beaten, «...’re quite right», he said. «That fellow was...».

11. Translate into English.

1) Він учора розповів нам про свої плани.

2) Я хочу повернути тобі твою книгу.

3) Ми зустрінемо їх завтра біля метро.

4) Вона бачила вас у лікарні минулого тижня.

5) Вчитель виправив наші помилки та повернув нам зошити.

6) Де мої черевики? — Вони під стільцем.

7) Ми покажемо їй наше чудове місто.

8) Я не зрозумів його слів та попросив його повторити запитання.

9) Вона не могла зателефонувати вам, бо загубила ваш номер.

10) Я щойно поклав олівець на стіл, але не можу його зараз знайти.

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