LESSON 34-35 Conference "Modern Scientific Discoveries and Research'" "The English Renaissance. W. Shakespeare". Terminal Test

1. ... is a subgenre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom.

a) Britpop;

b) glam rock;

c) punk.

2. What places are the most famous British music festivals organized in?

a) London and Manchester;

b) Edinburgh and Llangollen;

c) Glasgow and Liverpool.

3. What is the name of the British painter who was a true romantic in depicting the sea?

a) J. Constable;

b) W. Turner;

c) Th. Gainsborough.

4. Diana became princess, when ... , the Queen’s son, asked her to be his wife and they got married.

a) Prince Edward;

b) Prince Peter;

c) Prince Charles.

5. In the late ... , British cuisine started to look for a new direction.

a) 1960s;

b) 1980s;

c) 1970s.

6. Most language courses at universities last ... years.

a) four;

b) three;

c) two.

7. Medicine and dentistry courses last ... .

a) 3-4 years;

b) 4-5 years;

c) 5-7 years.

8. Students may receive ... .

a) money;

b) grants;

c) books from the Local Education Authority.

9. In ... century new branches of industry have appeared: electronics, radio, chemical industry and others.

a) the 20th;

b) the 18th;

c) the 19th.

10. The Union Jack consists of ... heraldic crosses.

a) two;

b) three;

c) four.

Task 2. Answer the questions.

1. What is the most substantial meal of Englishmen?

2. Where do the best tennis players compete in June?

3. What English scientist formulated the universal law of gravitation?

4. What universities comprise a group of independent colleges?

5. What town did the Beatles come from?

6. What is the English national game?

7. Who was the wife of prince Charles?

8. Wnen was The Times first published?

9. What are the most famous British newspapers?

10. How many youth organizations are there in Britain?

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