Підручник Англійська мова 4 клас - Несвіт Алла - Генеза 2015 рік


Lesson 7

1. Complete the tables and write them down in your exercise book.

The Present Simple

I write I don’t write Do I write?

He / She writes ________________ _________________

The Present Continuous

I am reading I am not reading Am I reading?

You are reading _________________

He / She is reading ________________________________

2. Ann and Dan are having a rest in the village. Look at the picture and read two lists below. Write sentences as in the example.

E x a m p l e:


Go to the swimming pool Now

Swim in the river

Ann and Dan usually go to the swimming pool but now they are swimming in the river.




drink orange juice

drink milk

watch television

listen to Granny’s stories

eat sausages

eat carrots and tomatoes

take a bus


buy vegetables

grow vegetables

3. Work in groups А, В, C. Look at the pictures and answer the questions.

1. What room can you see in the picture?

2. What furniture is there?


4. Match the sentences with the pictures A, B, or C.

E x a m p l e: We usually drink tea in this room. B

1. I keep my clothes in the wardrobe. ___

2. Where is Steve? - He is having a shower. ___

3. There are some fresh vegetables in the fridge. You can make a salad. ___

5. Fill in the prepositions on, in, at.

1. My grandmother lives ….. a big block of flats ….. London.

2. Our flat is ….. the ground floor.

3. - Where is the library?

- It is ….. number 15, Green Street.

4. My grandparents and I were ….. Lviv in 2012.

5. How many rooms are there ….. the first floor?

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