Підручник Англійська мова 4 клас - Несвіт Алла - Генеза 2015 рік


Lesson 5

1. Listen, read and say the chant.

What programme are you going to watch today? What programme are you going to watch? When does this programme start today? When does this programme start?

I am going to watch a film today.

I am going to watch a film.

The film starts at five o’clock today.

The film starts at five o’clock.

2. Work in pairs. Ask and answer.

1. Do you watch TV every day?

2. What programmes do you usually watch?

3. What time do they start?

3. Listen, read and match.

A football matches

B cartoons

1. Jane often watches TV. She comes home from school and watches “Tom and Jerry”, “Shrek” or “Winnie- the-Pooh.”

2. Tom is fond of sports. He likes swimming, basketball, football and running. He always watches sports programmes on TV.

4. Tell your classmates about your favourite TV programme. Use the questions to help you.

• What is the programme about?

• When do you usually watch it?

• Why do you like it?

Example: My favourite programme is …. . It is about …. . The day of the programme is ….. . The programme starts at ….. . I like this programme because ….. .

5. Write 6-7 sentences about the TV programme you like. Use the plan of Ex. 4.

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