Підручник Англійська мова 4 клас - Несвіт Алла - Генеза 2015 рік


Lesson 8

1. Listen and read.


to go - went

to eat - ate

to drink - drank

It was Sunday yesterday. Ann and Dan went to the local water park with their dads. Children had a nice time there! The water was warm. They swam a lot and rode the water slides. Children also visited a cafe. They ate ice cream and drank juice.

2. Answer the questions.

1. Where did Ann and Dan go last Sunday?

2. Did they have a nice time?

3. Was the water cold or warm?

4. What did they do there?

5. What did they eat and drink?

3. Write the correct information.

E x a m p l e: It was Saturday yesterday. Sunday

1. Ann and Dan went to the local cinema.

2. The weather was warm.

3. They laughed a lot.

4. They ate cakes and drank juice.

4. a) Listen, read and act out.

b) Complete dialogue 3 and act it out with your partner.

1) A: Did you have a nice weekend?

B: Yes, sure. I visited my aunt and uncle.

A: What did you do there?

B: We had a picnic in the forest.

A: Did you come home late?

B: No, we didn’t.

2) A: Did you have a good time yesterday?

B: I can’t say so.

A: Why?

B: Mum was ill and I stayed at home.

3) A: Did you have a nice weekend?

B: Yes sure. I was ….. .

A: What did you do there?

B: I ….. . What about you?

A: I ….. . and ….. .

c) Choose and complete.

1. Alex ….. to the zoo last summer.

A goes

B went

C is going

2. Tom ….. his grandparents every week.

A visits

B visited

C is visiting

3. Ann ….. a rope now!

A skips

B skipped

C is skipping

4. Chidren ….. in the forest every summer.

A walk

B walked

C is walking

5. My parents ….. to Egypt two years ago.

A travel

B travelled

C are travelling

5. Draw a picture about your best weekend. Write about it.

E x a m p l e:

It was ….. .The weather was ….. . I …..with my ….. . I had a ….. time. We also ….. and ….. . I was happy.

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