Підручник Англійська мова 4 клас - Несвіт Алла - Генеза 2015 рік


Lesson 2

1. Listen and repeat.


2. Look at the picture and answer the questions.

1. Where are Mr Tame and Jane?

2. Are there many people there?

3. What is Jane’s father holding in his hands?


3. a) Look, listen and read.

Jane is at the airport with her father. There are many people there. Jane is waiting for her grandmother. The plane arrives on time. Here comes Mrs Tame. Jane and her father are happy to see her.

b) Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

1. Where is Jane?

2. Who is she waiting for?

3. How do Mr Tame and Jane feel?

4. Choose and say.

1. Mrs Tame is travelling …. .

A by car

B by train

C by plane

2. Jane and her father are …. .

A at the airport

B at school

C at the bus stop

3. The plane …. on time.

A comes

B arrives

C goes

5. Look at the picture and write six sentences about it.


Today is ….. . …. are at ….. .There are many ….. there. Ann and Dan are holding ….. .They are waiting for a …. .They feel ….. .

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