Підручник Англійська мова 4 клас - Несвіт Алла - Генеза 2015 рік


Lesson 5

1. Listen, repeat and point.


1. A railway station. 2. A stadium. 3. A kindergarten.

4. A museum. 5. A sport centre.

2. Choose and say.

1. There are many trains at the ….. .

A stadium

B kindergarten

C railway station

2. We usually have competitions at the ….. .

A supermarket

B stadium

C cafe

3. You can see old things and pictures at the ….. .

A museum

B railway station

C theatre

3. Read and say what places the people are looking for.

E x a m p l e: Mr Green: Where can I get on a train? - Mr Green is looking for the railway station.

1. A tourist: I enjoy art and culture. What places in your town can I visit?

2. Kim: I want to get some exercises and watch some sports.

3. Mrs Brown: Where can I take my children?

4. Tom: I’m hungry. Where can I have something for a bite?

5. A tourist: Where can I exchange my money?

4. Work in pairs. Act out the situation.

Pupil A: You are a Kyivite. Help the tourist to find the place he is looking for.

Pupil B: You are a tourist. Ask someone to help you find the place you are looking for.


E x a m p l e:

Pupil A: Where can I buy souvenirs?

Pupil B: There are many souvenir shops in the centre of Kyiv.

Where can I stay at?

Where can I buy food?

Where can I have a meal?

• a hotel • a shop • a cafe • a supermarket • a restaurant

5. Write six sentences to answer the questions in Ex. 4.

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