Підручник Англійська мова 4 клас - Несвіт Алла - Генеза 2015 рік


Lesson 4

1. Listen and read.

Dan: Steve, tell me about your day.

Steve: Well, I usually get up at 7.10. I always have breakfast at 7.30. I usually leave my home at 7.45 and I come to school at 8.20. My lessons start at 8.30.

Dan: Do you go to school on foot or by bus?

Steve: I often go by bus, but sometimes my dad drives me to school.

Dan: And what do you usually do after school?

Steve: I usually get home at half past two. But sometimes I stay at school after classes and play football with my friends. In the evening I often watch television. And I always do my homework.

2. a) Look and say. Find the word combinations from the dialogue of Ex. I which match the pictures.


b) Say that Steve has done these actions today. Use the verbs in the Present Perfect tense.


3. Play a mime game. Pupil A shows what he / she has done today. Pupil В tells the class about his / her actions.


E x a m p l e: Ann has read a book, has written a letter and has done the shopping today.

4. a) Complete the dialogue. Use the verbs in the Past Simple tense.

Ann: Hi, Jane. Did you have (have) a nice time yesterday?

Jane: Yes, I ….. . I ….. (read) a book and then I ….. (go) to see a film.

Ann: What ….. (be) on at the cinema “Kyiv”?

Jane: “The Frozen”. I ….. (like) it. What ….. (be) you busy with?

Ann: I ….. (have) a lot of things to do. I …… (clean) my room, (do) my homework and ….. (visit) my granny.

b) Change the actions and take turns to talk about vour evening. Act out the dialogue.

5. Write what you did yesterday.

E x a m p l e: It was ….. yesterday. I got up at ….. . Then I ….. . After that I ….. .

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