Підручник Англійська мова 4 клас - Несвіт Алла - Генеза 2015 рік


Lessons 3

1. a) Look at the picture of Polly, Andy and their family.


Say. How many people are there in the family? What do they look like?

E x a m p l e: There are ….. in their family. Their grandparents have got grey hair and blue eyes. Their father is tall and handsome. Their mother is pretty and ….. . She has got ….. hair and eyes.

2. Choose and say.

1. Andy is 4 years …. than Polly.

A older

B younger

C the youngest

2. Their grandpa is 5 years ….. than their grandma.

A younger

B older

C the oldest

3. Their dad is ….. than their mum.

A taller

B shorter

C smaller

3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about your families.

- Is your grandpa older than your grandma?

- Yes, he is. He is ….. years older.

- Who is the youngest in your family?

- Me. / My brother / sister is.

- What does your mum look like?

- My mum is not tall. She is shorter than my dad. She is pretty and elegant.

4. Speak in class. Tell your friends about the members of your family.

1. My ….. is older / younger than my ….. .

2. My ….. is taller / shorter than ….. .

3. I am ….. than ….. .

5. Write six sentences about your / your friend’s family. Draw a picture.

E x a m p l e:

This is Sashko’s family. They are his mum, dad and sister.

His dad, Ivan Vasyliovych, is handsome. Sashko’s dad is taller and older than his mum.

His mum, Tamara Pavlivna, is pretty and elegant.

Sashko’s sister, Polly, is younger than him.


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