Підручник Англійська мова 4 клас - Несвіт Алла - Генеза 2015 рік


Lesson 7

1. Say as in the example.

E x a m p l e: English / Maths (difficult). — I think Maths is more difficult than English.

1. motor racing / bike riding


2. skateboarding / swimming


3. adventure stories / animal stories


4. knitting / reading


5. collecting shells /cooking


6. television / homework


2. Complete the sentences. Use the Present Simple I Present Continuous tenses.

It is (be) Sunday today. All the members of my family ….. (be) at home. My mother ….. (be) in the kitchen. She ….. (make) a cake. She ….. (listen) to the radio. I ….. (be) in the living room. I ….. (watch) television. I ….. (not know) the name of the television programme. It ….. (finish) at two o’clock. My father ….. (not like) television. He usually ….. (read) a lot of books. I ….. (not know) how many books he ….. (have got) in his bedroom.

3. Work in pairs. Fill in the table and match pictures to the verbs.




























4. a) Say the Past Simple form of the verbs below.


b) Complete the text with the verbs above. Use the Past Simple tense.

I ….. shopping yesterday. I ….. my friend there. He ….. me about the last football match. Many people ….. to the school stadium. Our class team ….. the game. The PE teacher ….. them the prize. He ….. he ….. proud that we ….. the champions. Then the team ….. a party. Everybody ….. home happy.

5. It is Saturday tomorrow. Write about six things you are going to do on Saturday. Start like this:

E x a m p l e:

It is Saturday tomorrow. I am going to get up at 10 o’clock. I am going to …..


1. Listen, read and say what these people do in their free time.


Miss Alison

1. I go running a lot. I listen to classical music. I like cooking for other people! And I also love travelling - that is my hobby, too. It is so nice to meet new people, visit famous places and to learn more!


Mrs Tame

2. We have a nice summer cottage. It is near the North Sea. I like to go for walks along the shore. And in summer we go sailing and swimming mostly every day. In winter I like knitting - I make jumpers for my children and my grandchildren.



3. I enjoy playing the piano. I have a very good teacher, Miss Angela. I also like to dance and enjoy that a lot. I collect shells and I think that my collection is the biggest in class. I like playing tennis and want to take up swimming lessons.

2. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

1. Does Miss Alison go running a lot?

2. Who does she like cooking for?

3. What does Mrs Tame like to do in summer?

4. Who does she make jumpers for?

5. Who is Kim’s teacher?

6. What lessons does Kim want to take?


1. Look, read and say how people lived in the past.


Many years ago people lived in the castles. It was cold in the castles because there was no central heating. People didn’t have electricity. They used candles for light at night. Women didn’t have electric washing machines. They washed the clothes by hand. There weren’t any gas or electric cookers. People in the past cooked their meal over fires. Did men travel by cars? No, they didn’t. They travelled on horseback or on foot.

People didn’t have hot and cold running water in the castles. They took water from wells.

Many years ago people didn’t have televisions and telephones.

2. Say true, false or don’t know.

1. Many years ago people lived in castles.

2. People in the past had electricity.

3. It was difficult for women to wash clothes by hand.

4. Many years ago people made clothes for the members of their family.

5. There were not many wells in those days.

6. People didn’t travel very far.


1.Read the text. Say what happened to Ann and Dan.

No School Today!

(After Franz Brandenberg)

Ann and Dan got up early in the morning. They made their beds, did their morning exercises. At a quarter past seven they finished their breakfast. At half past seven they stood at the door with their schoolbags. It was time to leave home.

“For a change1 you are early,” said Ann’s mother. “You don’t have to rush,” said Ann’s father.

“We are early,” said Dan. “School won’t start for another hour2.”

“For a change we have lots of time,” said Ann.

On the way to school they watched workers build a house.


1For a change - тут: Як не дивно.

2School won’t start for another hour. - Заняття в школі ще не почнуться і через годину.

They watched firemen put out a fire.

They looked at a bakery window. They studied a pet shop window.

And they stood for a long time in front of the toy shop window.

“Let’s go to school!” said Ann. “It must be late.” They ran all the way to school.

But the halls were empty. And the classrooms were empty, too.

“We are late,” said Ann.

“There is no school today,” said Dan. “Let’s go home!”

“No school today!” they shouted at the children coming up the steps.

“No school today!” they shouted at the children coming down the street.

“No school today!” they shouted to the teacher.

“No school today!” they called to the principal.

“What happened?” asked Ann’s father.

“Why are you back?” asked Ann’s mother.

“No school today!” said Ann and Dan. “Today is the first day of our summer holidays!”


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