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1 Read and match greetings with cards. Then name a holiday for each greeting.

1   Many Happy returns of the day!…………………………

2   Happy Easter!……………………………………………

3   Happy Mother's Day!……………………………………

4   Christmas greetings and best wishes for the New Year …

5   Will you be my Valentine? Happy Valentine's Day!…..


on                                                                   at

on Christmas Day;      on holiday;               at Christmas;

on Mother's Day;        on Father's Day;        at weekend;

on Christmas Eve;      on my birthday               at Easter

2 Read and say what an English family usually has for Christmas Dinner.

CHRISTMAS Christmas Day is a happy holiday for a lot of people in different countries. Every year there is a very big Christmas Tree in the centre of London, in Trafalgar Square. This Tree is a present to Great Britain from Norway (Норвегія). People of Norway send it to Londoners every year.



Before Christmas people buy presents and a lot of food and drink for their parties. On Christmas morning people open their presents and say 'thanks' to their members of family and friends.

The Queen's speech (промова) is on TV at 3.00 p.m. On Christmas people wish a merry Christmas to each other.

They eat Christmas turkey, potatoes and green vegetables for Christmas Dinner. And they have the Christmas pudding for the dessert.

They like to have a Christmas cake for tea at five o'clock.

After Christmas comes Boxing Day. On this day people usually visit their relatives and friends.

3   Say if the sentences are true or false.

1  There is the Christmas present from Norway in the center of London every year.

2      On Christmas morning people go to the shops to buy presents.

3      People buy food and drinks for their parties before Christmas.

4      On Christmas Day there is the Queen's speech on TV.

6      People open their Christmas presents after the Queen's speech.

5      For Christmas dinner people eat pizza and cheeseburgers.

6      People usually visit their relatives and friends on Boxing Day.

4   Read and say what John likes about Christmas.

Hello! I'm John. I'm from Liverpool. It is in England. Christmas is my favourite holiday. It is in December in England. You may ask, «What do you like about Christmas?». Well, my answer is, «Santa Claus, presents, Christmas Tree, parties and many other things.»

5  Answer John's questions. Use the words from the box.

—  When do you have Christmas in Ukraine?

— Does Santa Claus bring presents to Ukrainian children?

— What do people usually do before Christmas in Ukraine?

— Have you got Christmas parties? If yes, what do you usually do at them?

In December, St. Nicholas, in January, Father Frost, Christmas decorations and presents, make masks and costumes, do shopping, act out in Vertep Show, sing Christmas songs, greet friends and relatives, the President's speech on TV



(Прийменники часу)


on Christmas days

on holiday

on Christmas Eve

on my birthday


at Christmas

at weekend

at Easter


in the morning

in the afternoon

in the evening but at night


on Sunday

on Wednesday

on Monday


in January

in May in autumn

in winter


at three o'clock

at half past seven


1  Think and say what day is the busiest day for you.

Say what you do on that day.

In the morning… .

In the afternoon… .

In the evening… .

2  Ask and answer in pairs.

1      When do you usually do your homework?

2       When do you usually     go to the cinema?

3       When do you usually     go to the seaside?

4       When do you usually     read a book?

5       When do you usually     play in the park?

3  Play this board-game with your partner. You need a dice and counters. Use the words (1-16) to say what you do.

in the evening at weekend in summer in the morning


1  a) Before listening remember about your mother's birthday and say what you usually do for your mum on that day.

b) Listen and answer the questions.

• What are Mike and Ted doing? Why?

• Is their mother surprised? Why?


2 Correct these wrong sentences.

1      It is dad's birthday today.

2  Mike and Ted are making soup to surprise their mum.

3 They are making Whities.

4 Their cake looks like an old boot.                                  

5   Mum thinks this is terrible surprise.

6  Mike and Ted must clean the bathroom before the guests arrive.

3  Listen again and talk about Mike and Ted's cooking experiment. Have you got a similar story? Talk about it.


MUST — MUSTN'T (повинен / не повинен)

•I, you , he, she, it, we,     •I, you , he, she, it, we,

you, they must clean          you, they mustn't make

up the kitchen.                   such a mess at home.



Before Christmas people are busy. They make or buy Christmas cards. They send them to their friends, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. People buy or make Christmas presents. They decorate Christmas tree with toys, glass balls and lights. There are beautiful Christmas decorations in the shops and in the streets.

4    Ask and answer in pairs.

1    What do people usually do before Christmas?

2    What do shops look like before Christmas?

3    How do people decorate trees?

4    What can you see in the streets?

5    Listen and sing the carol.


Silent night, holy night,

All is calm, all is bright.

Round you Virgin1 Mother and child.

Holy Infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly2 peace.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

1a virgin  —діва

2heavenly — святий, небесний



1 Say these dates in words.

2  a) Match the holiday with their dates and say as in the example.

1         New Year

2         Christmas Day

3   St. Valentine's Day

4   Easter

5  Victory Day

6   Independence Day

7   St. Nicholas' Day

a)  April (or May)

b)  January 1

c)  February 14

d)  May 9

e)  January 7 (or December 25)

f)  August 24

g)  December 19

Example: The New Year is on the 1st of January.

b) Ask and answer in pairs


3 Match and copy.

Make up your sentences.


knife - knives

4 Listen and read the text to find out why this day is special for Melanie and her family.

Melanie is excited. She invited all her friends to a dinner party at her home. There are party decorations all over the flat — flags, balloons… It is a special day for her family.

Mrs Cooper: Hello kids. Thanks for coming.

Jasmine: Thank you for inviting us.

Lolly: Here are some flowers for you.

Mrs Cooper: Thank you, they are lovely.

Tom: Is it somebody's birthday?

Melanie: No, it isn't. It's Thanksgiving.

Luka: And what is Thanksgiving?

Melanie: It is an important holiday in America.

Mrs Cooper: Families get together and have a big dinner.

Tom: But we are not your family.



Mr Cooper: You are Melanie's friends and we always invite our friends, too.

David: Do you eat anything special on this day?

Mr Cooper: Yes, we do. We usually have roast turkey, corn, pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes.

Luka: Sweet potatoes?! You mean you put sugar on potatoes?!

Mr Cooper: No, no… ha, ha, ha…!

David: Do you sing any songs?

Mr Cooper: No, we don't. We just have our dinner and spend some time together.

Melanie: Sometimes we play some games. That's fun.

5 Answer the questions.

1     What is Thanksgiving?

2     Who do the Coopers usually invite?

3     What do they usually eat at Thanksgiving?

4     What do they usually do?

6 Listen again and complete the sentences.

1 The kids have got some f…………. for Mrs Cooper.

2 It is a s  day for Melanie and her family.

3 Thanksgiving is an important h…………. in the USA.

4 They usually have roast t…………… , pumpkin p… and sweet p      

7  In a group talk about dinner at the Coopers'.

8  Look, read and answer the question.

9 Role-play the situation in a group of three.

It is a Welcome Day Party at your home.

You invited your friends to come.

Pupil A, meet your guests and answer their questions.

Pupils В and C, you are guests.

Say greetings and have a talk with pupil A.


1 Read the girl’s letter to find out what she likes about holidays.


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