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1 Ask and answer in pairs.

—  What is Jeff wearing?

—  He is wearing a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes.

2   Read and name.

•     two things you wear in hot (cold) weather

•     three things that only women wear

•     four things you wear on your feet

•     five things that keep you warm

•     six things that men and women can both wear

3 Choose the right word to do a correct commentary for the fashion show.

1  With jeans you can wear a skirt / shirt / trousers.

2  Over a dress you can put on slippers / gloves / a coat.

3  When it's cold you wear a jacket / a swimsuit / sandals.

4  When it's warm you wear a T-shirt / scarf / boots.

5  Boys often wear a dress / swimsuit / a tracksuit.

6  Only girls wear trainers / skirts / jeans.

7  You can put a cap / a belt / socks on your head.

8  On the beach you wear pyjamas /a sweater / swimming trunks.

4   a) Look at the 'Remember' box and say:

•   which tense we use to talk about habits / routines;

•   which tense we use to talk about actions happening now;

•   which tense we use to talk about past events.


Present Simple

She always wears boots in winter.

Present Continuous

She is wearing a raincoat now.

Past Simple

She wore a hat yesterday.

b)  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

1       Does Ed usually…. (wear) a sweater in autumn?

2 What……….. (you/do) now?

3 Did………….. (wear) a coat last winter?

4                (it/rain) in winter?

5       She often….. (go) to school on foot.


1  Read and match.

2  Listen and read the story to find out which day is Jasmine's favourite one.

Jasmine always gets up at 7 o'clock. She quickly gets up. She is in a hurry, so she doesn't brush her teeth. She doesn't even comb her hair. She opens the wardrobe and quickly puts on her favourite pink T-shirt and a skirt. At last she is ready, so she takes her schoolbag and opens the front door. But… there is a surprise!

«Oh, no! it's raining and it's cold. I must go back and change my clothes».

So, she goes back in, puts on a warm sweater and jeans. But she can't find her umbrella.

«Now, I'm really, really late…»

Finally she finds her umbrella and rushes to school. She runs into Tom. But Tom is not in a hurry at all.

«Hello, Jasmine!»

«Hi, Tom! Hurry up, we are late for school!»

Tom looks at her in surprise. «School?! But today is Sunday!»

«Oh dear, … there is no school today. Great. Then, I can finish reading 'Harry Potter'.»

So she goes back home to enjoy her favourite day of the week.


3 Copy the sentences in the right order of events

□   Jasmine puts on her favourite pink T-shirt and a skirt.

О Jasmine goes back home because there is no school today.

□   Jasmine puts on a warm sweater and jeans.

□   Jasmine finds her umbrella and rushes to school.

□   Jasmine opens the front door and sees that it is raining.

□   Jasmine runs into Tom.

4   Shut the book. Speak on Jasmine's Sunday mistake.


1    Play the guessing game in a group.

•   Say what one of your classmates is wearing at the moment. Let the other pupils guess who she / he is.

2  Listen to the girls' talk and say why Betty is angry with Ann.


3  Listen again and answer the questions.

1   Are the girls friends?

2   What is Ann wearing?

3   What's the weather like?

4   Why did Ann put Betty's clothes on?

5   Where is Ann going? Who with?

4 Make up true sentences.







When it's




I put on my…

I don't put on my…

When it
























1  Discuss the following in a group.

•      What do your parents usually wear?

•      What are your favourite colours?

•      What do you know about this year's fashion?

•      What clothes would you like to buy?

2  Look, match and say as in the example.

3 Say what the right clothes are and what are not for the following:

•   a cold, winter day

•   a birthday party

•   a P.E. lesson

•   a rainy summer (autumn) day.


4 Play the game in pairs. Use the example, the pictures and the words in the box.

5         Listen and read, then act out the dialogue in pairs.

Jane: Bye, mum!

Mother: Jane, stop! Hey, what are you wearing?

Jane: Well, I am wearing my favourite dress and shoes … Mother: Oh, dear, look! It is raining today.

Better put your raincoat on.

Jane: Oh, no … The weather is really bad. Mum, give me my green boots, please.

Mother: Take your umbrella, Jane!

Jane: Thank you, mum!


6  Role-play the situation in pairs.

It is wet and windy day in autumn.

Pupil A, you are a naughty little sister / brother. You have a coat and boots on but you don't want to put a hat and a scarf.

Pupil B,

•      tell her / him that he / she isn't right

•      say why he / she has to put these things on

•      show him / her what you have on

•   ask him / her to look through the window. Tell him / her what people are wearing now.


1  Finish the sentences.

At school I usually wear…

I      never wear…

My father usually wears……… at work.

He doesn't wear……….. at home.

My mum likes to wear………. at home.

She doesn't like to wear……… at home.

Design a leaflet about Ukraine for tourists.


a)  Work in a group. Choose any country and answer the questions first.

•      Where is your country?

•   What is the weather like in each season?

•   What clothes does a tourist need to bring for each season?

b)  Prepare a leaflet for tourists.


1  Ask and answer in pairs.

1     What is the weather like today?

2     What weather is typical for different parts of Ukraine?

3     What type of weather do you like? Why?

4      Has the weather ruined a special occasion for you?

5     What saying about the weather do you remember?

2  Read and guess what the weather is like.

1     It's so cold and I can't see anything.              It's

2     Hurray! Everything is white!                          It's

3     We can go swimming in the sea.                    It's

4      Look! The sky is grey. There is no sun.           It's

5     Oh, I haven't got my umbrella. I'll get wet.     It's

6     Look, the papers and leaves are flying like birds. It's

3  In a group speak about the weather in Ukraine.


4   Say what you usually put on in each season. Work in pairs.

5   a) Solve the riddles.

More than one answer is possible.

1         You wear them on your feet in winter.

2         You put it on your head.

3         You wear them when you sleep.

4         Girls wear it on the beach.

5         You put it around your neck.

6         You wear them on your feet at home.

b)     Make your own riddle. Test your partner.

6 Find pictures of your family and friends or pictures of people from magazines. Write sentences describing the people's clothes. Start like this:


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