Англійська мова 5 клас




1     Look at the pictures and say what activities you do when it is:

✵  hot ✵ snowy

✵ warm ✵ rainy                                      

✵ cold

 Example: We usually go swimmin when it is hot.

2  Say what you can do in each season. Use the phrases below. Example: In summer we can swim in the river, lake or sea.

✵ to stay indoors and listen to the rain;

✵ to sunbathe;

✵ to gather fruit and vegetables;

✵ to sleigh;

✵ to gather strawberries in the forest;

✵ to play snowballs;

✵ to gather yellow and red leaves in parks;

✵ to skate and ski;

✵ to gather mushrooms;

✵ to stay at home near the fire;

✵ to build sand castles.

3  Read, guess and match.

thermos flask, tent, sleeping bag, torch, compass, gas cooker, trainers, canoe

1       It helps you find your way in the wood.    compass

2       You cook on it.                                                 …

3       It helps you see in the dark.                              …

4       It keeps a cold drink cold and a hot drink hot.    …

5       You live in it when you go camping. You put it up. …

6       You go canoeing in it.                                       …

7       You put them on your feet.                               …

8       You sleep in it.                                                 …

4   Choose the items you need when you go camping.


1  Read the weather forecast and say what you can do today if you live in the south / south-west / north / west. What will you do tomorrow?

Today's weather will be cloudy in the sauth with the temperature above 10 degrees centigrade. In south-west it will be very windy with the temperature around 6 degrees centigrade. There will be rain in the north and to the west. It will be foggy. We won't be seeing much sun today. At night the temperatures wili drop below zero. Tomorrow it will be sunny all day throughout the country. Temperatures will rise up to 20 degrees centigrade.

2  Read Cathy's letter and say which activities she mentions.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Here I am in the outdoor school camp. It's my second day here and I don't have much time to write because we have a lot of activities planned for today.

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. We were on the bus at exactly 7 am. Imagine this: I wasn't sick on the bus. I was excited. Linda was a bit sad because this is her first time away from home. Two hours later we were already in our cabins. They were a real surprise — cosy and very comfortable. We share a cabin with some girls from Mike's class.

Our first activity, at 9:30, was the first-aid course. You know, when you are in the countryside it is important to know how to help people. The second activity — shelter building. We weren't as skilful as the boys, but it was still great. Our lunch was at 1pm. It was delicious. Or maybe it was because I was so hungry.

In the afternoon our teachers weren't with us. We were with a forest plants instructor in the woods for four hours. There are so many plants you can eat in the forest, but also many poisonous mushrooms.

At 6 pm we were back, and thirty minutes later we were at the table. What was for supper? Mushrooms, of course. But the ones you can eat.

In the evening I was so tired, but I wasn’t really sleepy. Anyway, we were all in our beds at 8 pm because lights were out 45 minutes later.

Don't worry, mum. I'm careful and I am wearing my waterproof boots and a warm sweater.

Love from brave and clever daughter, Cathy

3 Choose to make true sentences about Cathy.

1      Cathy is in the countryside / a small town.

2      Cathy was sick / excited.

3      Cabins were uncomfortable / cosy.

4      Boys were more skilful / brave than girls.

5      Lunch was poisonous / delicious.

6     There were many plants / animals in the forest.

7      Cathy was sleepy / tired in the evening.

8      Cathy's wearing trainers / waterproof boots.

4  a) Look at the outdoor activities and say which ones Cathy did on her trip to outdoor school camp.

b) In pair discuss which ones you would like to do.


1 Complete the tables with the words from the b

I was at the dentist's

You were in the village          yesterday.

He was ill                             last week.

She … at the cinema             four days ago.

It was very hot                     last…

We were busy                      in 2008.

You … in London                  two months ago.

They were at the theatre

I was not (wasn't)

You were … (weren't)

He was not (wasn't)

She was not (wasn't)

It was not (…)                             there.

We were not (weren't)

You were not (weren't)

They were not (…)


last week; last month but

two weeks ago

three months ago.

I  was a small boy

five years ago.

2   Choose the correct word.

1      Ann was / were at the camp last summer.

2      The Wilsons was/were at the seaside in summer.

3      Linda wasn't / weren't at school last week.

4      You was/were at the doctor's two days ago. Why?

5      You wasn't / weren't at home last night.

6      It wasn't / weren't very cold last winter.

7      The Maths test was / were easy.

8      Mike and Pete wasn't / weren't bored at the outdoor school.

3  Look at the timetable and match numbers with the words below.



(Прийменники місця)


in the


at the

in London

in bed

in America

in the mountains

in the village

 in the classroom

at home

at school

at work

at the cinema

at the theatre

at the restaurant

at the seaside

at the dentist's

4  Complete the sentences with the prepositions of place.

in, in the, at, at the

1     Mark was … cinema last night.

2     My cousin lives … Kyiv.

3     It was Sunday yesterday so they weren't… school.

4     When you are … theatre you must be quiet.

5     Last weekend I was … mountains with my cousins.

6     Sorry, Linda is not … home. She is out.

7     The whole day yesterday I was … bed because I was ill.

8     Is there a computer… study?

5  Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

Why, What, Where, When, Whose, Which

1     … was the weather like?

2     … were you last summer?

3     … were you absent yesterday?

4     … were they there?

5     … cousin was in the theatre?

6     … was your doll?


1  Before listening say what your favourite outdoor activity is. Work in pairs.

✵     Where did you do it?

✵     Why do you like it?

✵     Would you like to try something new? Why?

2  Listen to Cathy's answers to her parents' questions about the outdoors school and learn what activity is Cathy's favourite one.

З   Complete the sentences.

1       Outdoor school was…

2       Food was sometimes …

3       Cathy liked mushrooms but she didn't like …

4       Rock climbing looks…

5       There were many…

6       Cathy's forest plants instructor was…

7       Instructors were strict only…

4  Listen to the second part of the talk and say what the weather was like.

5  Choose to make true sentences about Cathy's outdoor school.

1       The pupils           were up      at 6 am / 6 pm.

2       It was cold / warm early in the morning.

3       The cabins were really hot / warm.

4       Clothes helped Cathy to feel happy / warm.

5  The whole week the weather was very nice / really bad.

6       Cathy would / wouldn't like to go there again.

6  Listen to two parts of Cathy's talk with parents again and put the questions in order you hear them.

□ When were you up in the morning?

□ Was it cold early in the morning?

□ Where the instructors strict?

□ What was your favourite activity?

□  Would you like to go there again?

□ Was it good at outdoor school?

□ What was the weather like?

□ How many instructors were there?

□ Was the food good?


1   Think of two questions you would like to ask Cathy.

2   In pairs talk about Cathy's outdoor school trip.

Use the words below.

great, lucky, delicious, a piece of cake, difficult, strict, sleepy, warm, glorious

3 Think of your last outdoor weekend (holiday). Get ready for your classmates' questions. Work in a group of three. Take turns.

Where were you?

When were you there?

What was the weather like? What was your room like?

Who was with you? What was it like?

What was the food like? Were there any children?

What was your favourite activity? When were you up in the morning? When were you in bed at night?

4 Take a photo of your holiday outdoors and describe what is happening on it.

5  Plan one day at outdoor school. Work in a group and make a list.



What / need

… —…

getting up

socks, jacket, …

… — …


…, …, …

… — …

…, …, …


1   Read Linda's postcard and answer the questions.

✵ Where's Linda staying? ✵ What are her parents doing now?

✵ What's the weather like?   ✵ What is she doing now?

2  You are on holiday with your family. Write a postcard to a friend. Use the plan below. Greet your friend and say:

✵      Where you are.

✵      Describe the place and the weather.

✵      Talk about what you and your family are doing now.

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