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1      Guess and name the place.

1         You can eat there.                                           …

2         You can buy things there.                                …

3         You can watch films there.                               …

4         You can see very old things there.                    …

5         You can keep your money there.                      …

6         You clap your hands there when you like the show.  …

2         a) Ask and answer in pairs.

1            Is there a cafe in your street?

2            Is there a post office not far from your house?

3            Is there a church in your town / village?

4            Are there family houses in your street?

5            Are there a lot of shops in your town / village?

b) Add some more questions. Ask your partner.

3      Mach words with their definitions.

1         swimming pool       a) There are a lot of animals there.

2         hospital                          b) You can eat there.

3         park                               c) You can swim there.

4         zoo                                 d) You can see tourists around it.

5         monument                   e) People go there to see a doctor.

6         cafe                             f) Children play there.

7         playground                  g) People like walking there.

4      Say what there is in your street.

5 Read and say what the village club looks like.


My uncle lives in the country. The name of the village where he lives is Krasne. The village is not small, more than three thousand people live there. There is a train station in the village.

In the centre of the village there is a large square with shops and a cafe near it. The club is on the other side, opposite the hotel. The club has got a big hall, where people watch films and concerts. There is a library in the club. In the evening people of the village go to the club and have good time there. Sometimes they gather there to talk, sing and dance. There are two schools in the village.

The houses in Krasne are clean and nice. Some of them have got two or three floors. There is gas, cold and hot water in many houses.

There are a lot of trees in the gardens and lots of flowerbeds along the streets. The traffic is not heavy. There are some crossings and the traffic lights opposite the train station.

I like to visit my uncle and stay in the village for several days.



6  Say if it is true or false.

1      More than five thousand people live in Krasne.

2  There is a train station in the centre of the village.

3  Some shops and a cafe are on one side of the square.

4      The club is opposite the hotel.

5  People can watch films and concerts in the theatre.

6      The village library is in the club.

7      There are trees along the streets.

8  There are some crossings and traffic lights in the village.


1 000 000 one million

5 000 000 five million


1 Listen and say what the address of the museum is.

It's late morning. The children are in front of the school. Today they are visiting the science museum.

Tom: Is everybody here?

Jasmine: Yes, we are all here.

David: Let's go to the science museum then.

Jasmine: But, where is Mr Southgate?

David: He is waiting for us in front of the museum. How are we going there?

Melanie: We can go by underground.

Jasmine: But we haven't got an underground here.

We are not in New York.

David: We can go by bus or on foot.

Luka: What's the address?

David: 34 High Street.

Luka: Let's go on foot. It's not far from.


Lolly: Where now?

Luka: I think we must turn left… Or maybe right…

Jasmine: Is it left or right?

Luka: Well… this way.

Luka: Here we are!

Tom: But this is not the science museum. It's the theatre. Luka: Oops… the wrong address.

David: This is Hill Street, not High Street.

Jasmine: Let's ask somebody to help us.

David: Excuse me, can you help us?

Man: Yes, of course.

David: We are looking for the science museum. Where is it? Man: Go straight on. Turn left at the traffic lights. The science museum is next to the bank. You can't miss it.

David: Thank you.

Man: You're welcome.

Luka: You see… I'm an excellent guide.

Children: Ha! Ha! In your dreams!



2 Read and choose the correct answer.

1  The children are going to the

a)     bank.

b)     theatre.

c)     museum.

2  They are going there

a)     by bus.

b)     on foot.

c)     by underground.

3  Their teacher, Mr Southgate, is waiting for them

a)     at the museum.

b)     behind the museum.

c)     in front of the museum.

4  The museum is in

a)     Hill Street.

b)     High Street

c)     Oak Street.

5  The science museum is

a)     next to the bank.

b)     opposite the bank.

c)     behind the bank.

6  The children are lost. They

a)     take a taxi.

b) call Mr Southgate on the phone.

c)  ask somebody to help them.

7   Luka is an excellent

a)     police officer.

b)     guide.

c)     teacher.

3  Ask and answer in pairs.

•  Where are the children?

•  Where are they going today?

•   Who is taking them to the museum?

•    How are they going? Can they find the museum?

•    Who is helping them?



4 Listen about one

5         Listen again and complete the sentences.

1 Covent Garden is a famous … centre in London.

2 There is a historic … Place here.

3 They sell a lot of… in Covent Garden.

4 After shopping you can …

5  It is a popular… place. You can visit… with your friends in the evening.


1   Speak about the town / city you live in.

1   Where do you live?

2   Is your town / city large?

3   Is there a theatre in your town / city?

4   How many cinemas are there in your town / city?

5 Is your school far from your house? How do you usually get to it?

6 Are there parks and playgrounds in your town / city?

7 Are there any shops and cafes?

8 What do you show your guests in your town / city?

2  a) Read and say what a young man and a young woman should do to get to the place.

Young woman: Excuse me, could you tell us where the famous church is?

Robert: Err, do you mean St Nicholas' Cathedral?

Young man: Let me see. (He looks in the tourist guide.) Yes, that's the one.

Robert: Right, I know where that is. It's in the old part of town

where most other sights are. It's next to a big park that has lots of benches and big trees.

Young woman: Okay, and how do we get there?

Robert: You could take a taxi.

Young woman: That's a bit too expensive for us.

Young man: Is the cathedral very far?

Monica: I think it's about half an hour on foot.

Young man: That's too far to walk.

Monica: You can take the underground.


Phil: I think you should take the bus. There's a bus stop right across the street next to the bank. Get off at the third stop. You'll see a big yellow building on your left. That's a supermarket. Walk straight on for about five minutes. Go past the city hall and the town museum. You'll then see the big park on your right. From there the cathedral is just in front of you.

Young couple: Thanks a lot, guys. Bye.

b) Act out the talk in a group of five.

3   Play the guessing game in pairs.

•   Choose a place on the map.

Don't tell your partner.

•   Give your partner directions to the place.

Your partner must say which place it is.

Example: A: Go along Station Street, cross Bank Street, pass Train Station, turn left and go along the Bridge over the river. Now you can see it.

B: It's a market.


A: I like living in a (1) town. It's small but it's got everything you need: a few shops, a post office, a pharmacy, a food market, a restaurant and even a hotel.

B: For me it would be too boring. I'd miss the big supermarkets, museums, galleries, all the people in the street. I just have to live in a big (2)________________ .


A: I go to work by bus. There's a (3) ___________at the end of our street, so I don't go to work_______________ very        far to catch the bus.

В; I go to work by bus too. But I work in a different town, so I have to catch the bus at the (4)__________ in the centre of the town.

b) Choose a dialogue to act out with your partner.

5   a) Match to make up sentences.

We can go by bus or                             the science museum?

Let's ask somebody                               straight.

Excuse me, where is                             the traffic lights.

You can't                                                from here.

Turn left at                                              next to the bank.

Go                                                       on foot.

The museum is                                     miss it.

It's not far                                           to help us.

b) Work in a group of three. Think of the situation to use three phrases from task (a). Role-play your situation.

6   Role-play the situation in pairs.

Pupil A, you are a schoolboy from a foreign country. You ask your Ukrainian friend to tell about the town he / she lives in.

Pupil B, tell foreigner about the place you live in.

4  а) Read the short dialogues and fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

bus stop — bus station      city — town

7 Role-play the situation.

Pupil A, you are a stranger. Ask:

•    where … is

•    how to get to …

•    what the shortest way to get to… is

•    how far… is

•    which bus you should take to get to …

Pupil B, you are a passer-by. Answer the stranger’s questions using the phrases in the box.

turn right at the crossroads; cross the road and go straight ahead; it is opposite the…; go straight ahead; turn right on the corner; it is not very far…; take bus (tram) number…


1 Think of a place which is not very far from your house. Draw a plan to get there. Write down what the quickest way to get there from your place is.

2 Write 6 or 7 sentences about the town (village) which you live in. Use the words you learnt in Lesson 1.

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