Англійська мова 5 клас






1 Read about Taras.

2   Say if it is true or false.

a Taras lives in Lviv,

b He is eleven,

с Taras hasn't got a pet.

d He has got two best friends,

e Ihor is from Lviv,

f Dan has got a dog.

3   Find in the text the word/phrase that means:

a)     a family member

b)     a kind of a dog

c)     Taras likes dogs

d)     a country

e)     a city






I am…


I am not…

I'm not…

I have got…


I’ve got…

I have not got…

I haven't got…


4   Ask and answer the questions in pairs.

1       Where are you from?       4 What are your friends' names?

2       Is your family big?           5 Where are they from?

3       Have you got a pet?        6 Are they crazy about animals?

Speak about yourself.

•   I am…

•   I am from…

•   I’ve got a…

•   I haven’t got a…

•   I like…

•   I'm crazy about…



1 Listen and say what Pam is crazy about.




He is / She is / it is…

He is not / She is not / It is not…

He has got / She has got /

It has got…

He has not got / She has not got /

 It has not got…


He’s/She’s / It’s…

He isn’t / She isn’t / It isn’t…

He’s got / She’s got / It’s got…

He hasn’t got / She hasn’t got

/ It hasn’t got…

2 Read about Taras and Pam again. Tick the true sentences.

□       1 Pam is from England.

□       2 Taras is ten and a half.

□      3 Kyiv is in Ukraine.

□       4 Taras has got a dog.

□       5 Pam has got a cat.

□       6 Ginger has got a computer.

□       7 Taras's friends have got small dogs.

□       8 Pam's friends are all girls.

3 Ask your partner to close the book and answer the questions.

a Who is eleven?

b Who is from England?

с Who is from a big / small town?

d What is Ginger?

e Who has got a small / big family?

f Who has got a cat?

4 Work in pairs. Complete the interview with Pam / Taras.

1 What's your…?

My name’s

2 Where… you from?

I'm from…

3 Are you…?

Yes, I…

4 Have you got a…?

No, I…

5 Have you got a…?

Yes, I…

6 How many friends… you…?


5 Make an interview with your partner.


1  Choose the correct pronoun. Example: She /Her is my best friend.

She is my best friend.

1  He /His name's John.

2   He /His is new in my class.

3   I/My am 10 years old.

4   How old are they /their?

5   They/ Their are friends.

6   We / Our are pupils.

7   She / Her mum is a teacher.

8   They/their house is nice.

9   I/My bag is green.

1affirmative  — ствердження

2 interrogative — запитання

3 negative  — заперечення                                        

2 Complete the sentences with the long form.

Example: He's Boris. = He is Boris.

1     They’re from Ukraine. = They … from Ukraine.

2     She isn’t at home. = She. at home.

3     We’re not students. = We … not students.

4     They aren’t here. = They. here.

5     What’s your name? = What… your name?

6     How’s Bill? = How … Bill?

7     Who’s here today? = Who … here today?

8     What’s your father? = What… your father?

9     Where’s our teacher? = Where … our teacher?

10   She’s outdoors now. = She … outdoors now.

3 Match the words with correct pronouns (a-f).

4 Replace the words in bold with the correct pronouns.

Example: Sam is in my class.

He is in my class.

1     Betty is 10 years old.

2     Ann and Mary are classmates.

3     How old is Max?

4     Mark is a new pupil.

5     Julie and I are friends.

6     Ginger is a cat.

7     How is Tina?

8     You and Bill are on duty today.


Think about Taras and Pam, then say whose these words are.

•  This is my friend Max.              • I'm not lonely.

•  We’ll talk about it tomorrow.    • I've got a big family.

•   My cat is nice.                         • I haven't got a pet.

•   I haven't got a big family.        • I'm fond of computers.

2 Work in pairs. Look, ask and answer.


A: Where is Ann from?

B: She's from Great Britain.

A: How old is she?

B: She is 21.

A: Where is she now?

B: She is in Spain.

A: What does she like?

B: She's likes corrida.

3 Work in pairs. Match answers with questions, then act out the interview.

4   a) Listen to the rap,

then answer the questions.

• What is the girl’s name?

• How many animals would she like to have?


My name is Emily,

I live with my family

and a big white cat

in a three-room flat.

I'd like to have a frog,

a hamster and a dog.

I'd like to have a sheep,

They are easy to keep.

I’d like to have a mouse

and a big farm house

with many rooms and many doors

and a horse, of course.

b)  Listen and beat the rhythm, then repeat

c)  In pairs practise reading the rhyme.

d)  Read out loud the rap.



1  Find an old magazine.

2   Cut out a picture of a boy / girl.

3   Stick it on the sheet of paper.

4   Give him / her an English name.

5  Write 6-7 sentences about the boy / girl.


This is Tim.

He is from London.

He is ten.

He has got a big family.

He hasn't got pets.

Tim has got two friends:

Bill and Ron.

Tim likes doing sports.


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