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1 Read the letter below and say if foreign tourists like to visit Ukraine?

Hello, everyone!

I asked my pen-friend from Ukraine to tell me more about his country. He has sent me this letter. I'm going to share the information with my friends. They don't know much about Ukraine. They only know about three Ukrainian sportsmen Volodymyr and Vitaliy Klychko and Andrij Shevchenko.

Hi, David.

My country is Ukraine. It is situated in the centre of Europe.

Its territory is 603,7 thousand square kilometres.

Ukraine has got a long history. Its territory was a part of Kyivan Rus, an ancient state hundreds of years ago. Today Ukraine is an independent country. Kyiv is the capital of our country. It is very beautiful. Ukrainians live in small towns and big cities. A lot of them live in villages. Ukrainian people are talented and friendly. They have got their own language, culture, customs and traditions. Two colours on our National Flag — yellow and blue — symbolize Ukraine's golden fields of grain under blue skies.

Many tourists from other countries visit Ukraine every year. They spend their holidays, learn about the history and culture of the Ukrainian people. Kyiv and Lviv, Chernihiv and Donets k, Odessa and the Crimea, the Black Sea and the Carpathians are some of the popular places visited by foreign tourists and businessmen. They enjoy their visit to Ukraine and come back again.

1the Carpathians — Карпати

2 Read again and finish the sentences. 1 Ukraine is…

2 Its territory was a part of …

3 Today Ukraine is …

4 Ukrainian people live …

5 They are …

6 They have got their own …

7 Two colours of the Ukrainian flag symbolize …

8 Many tourists …

9 They enjoy …

3 Match adjectives with nouns as in the letter.

ancient                  country

talanted                 city

independent           flag

national                 people

foreign                   tourists


4 Read and guess what travellers say about Ukraine.

5 a) Read the information of two Ukrainian children that they have sent to kids.world@gb.

b) Ask and answer in pairs.


1  What region is Nizhyn in?

2   Is Nizhyn a city or a town?

3  What was it famous for?

4  Who visited the town?

5  Who studied there?

6  What does Nizhyn look like?

7   Is there a circus in the town?


1   Is Skala-Podilska a town?

2  What region is it in?

3  What is Iryna proud of?

4   How does the park look like?

6 Use the map of Ukraine. Agree or disagree.

1      Uman is in Cherkasy region.

2      Melitopol is in Zhytomyr region.

3      Odesa is proud of its friendly people.

4      Donets'k is well-known as a very ancient city.

5      The Crimea is famous for its summer camps for children.

6      Lviv is proud of its historical places.

7      Yalta was the capital of Ukraine in old times.


1    Before listening speak on holiday traditions in Ukraine.

•     What holidays do Ukrainian people celebrate every year?

•     What holidays does your family celebrate?

•     Are there any traditions in your family?

•     Do you keep the traditions?

2 Listen about some holidays in Ukraine and choose the right answer (a), (b) or (c) to complete the sentences below.

1     Christmas and … are public holidays in Ukraine.

a)    Humour Day

b)    Victory Day

c)    St. Nicholas’s Day

2     St. Valentine's Day and … are not days off.

a)    Taras Shevchenko Birthday

b)    Constitution Day

c)    Easter

3     The 24th of August is …

a)    the birthday of Taras Shevchenko

b)    Victory Day

c)    the birthday of our country

4     On the Independence Day people can …

a)    decorate the New Year Tree

b)    watch fireworks

c)    paint eggs


3  Ask and answer about holiday traditions in Ukraine. Work in pairs.

What can you tell about Ukrainian Easter traditions?

In Ukraine people make Easter baskets. They cook an Easter cake. It is called 'paska' or 'babka'. Ukrainian people paint eggs beautifully. They put Easter cake, some sausages, Easter eggs and some ham into their baskets. On Easter they go to church with the baskets. After that, each family usually has a holiday lunch or dinner. They thank God, sing Easter songs and have fun.

•  Christmas traditions

•  the traditions on Ivana Kupala Day

•  St. Nicholas's Day

•  New Year's traditions

•  Women's Day

•  Humour Day traditions

4  Find a photo of celebrating a holiday. Comment the image. Use the example.


These are my winter holidays photos. My friends and I are having a Christmas Vertep show here. I am

acting as a king. We are singing kolyada songs. 'Kolyada' is a Ukrainian Christmas carol.

5   Listen and sing along.


«I have a basket, it's for Easter». «What's in the basket?

Please tell me».

«Paska, babka, cheese and butter. Ham, horseradish1 and kovbasa. With some onions and beet radish2, A painted egg and coloured ones. And an Easter Egg!

We are going to light a candle,

Go to church and have it blessed, And together we’ll all sing out. Christ is Risen!

Indeed He has Risen!»


1 Read and compare.

I have done my homework. (Present Perfect) I did my homework yesterday. (Past Simple)


2 Make up the questions.

3  Read the sentences choosing the correct tense form of the verb in brackets.

1      My brother (finished / has finished) school last year.

2      His sister (didn't finish/hasn't finished) school yet.

3      I (haven't seen / didn't see) Tom today.

4      (Have you met / did you meet) before?

Yes, we (have met/met) once. It (was/has been) in Spain.

4  Put Yes / No and Wh-questions to the following sentences. Use correct tense forms of the verbs.

Example: I've been to the United States.

Have you ever been to the United States?

I went there in 1995.

I tried Indian food there.

I live in Kyiv.

I've lived there all my life.

My granny has written a letter.

She wrote a letter last night.

I did my work this morning.

I have done lots of work.

5  Practise the dialogues in pairs. Use the words from the boxes to change the underlined words.

a) A: Have you ever studied English before?

B; Yes, I have.

A: Where did you study і В: I studied it at school.

b) С; Have you ever seen a fire?

D: Oh, yes, I have.

C: When did you see it?

D: I saw one in Manchester in 1976.

6  Complete the dialogues as in the example. Example:

A: Have you ever seen a giraffe?

B: Yes, I have.

A: Where did you see it?

В: I saw one at the Zoo.


7  Read the information for the travellers in Ukraine.

Use Present Perfect Tense and make sentences about Bill as in the example.

Trip to Ukraine should be well-planned. Travellers can take personal things and souvenirs with them.

Travel agency can help you with transport, train tickets, hotel and meals. Travel agents can give you advice as for the shopping, health and bank service. They can help with an interesting cultural programme — with visiting galleries, museums and theatres, historical places or art festivals. You may take short trips around the country by bus or train. Be prepared for other kind of meal. You can enjoy some of the finest dishes in Eastern Europe and try Ukrainian borsch and varenyky, Chicken a-la-Kyiv, the rolled filled pancakes, or delicious Ukrainian brown bread.



Good luck and enjoy your time in Ukraine!

Example: Bill has planned his trip to Ukraine. He has taken his personal things already and souvenirs for friends.




1 Answer the questions.

1     What things can travellers take?

2      How can travel agency help?

3  What is a cultural programme that travel agent can help you with?

4      How can you take short trips around Ukraine?

5      What national dishes can traveller taste in Ukraine?

2  Read, then agree or disagree.

These are the paragraphs from the foreigners' diaries.

3  a) Read the dialogue and say if Jim likes going to circus.

Mum: So, how do you like the town?

Jim: It's small, but nice. There is a beautiful park in your town. I've seen some places of interest and I have bought some souvenirs.

Mum: Really? And what are you going to do tomorrow?

Artem: We can go to the museum or to the Zoo…

Mum: How about going to the circus? There is a good programme today.

Jim: Good idea! I like watching circus shows.

b) Act out the talk in a group of three.

4 Look and tell about Kaniv. Use the fact file below.

City: Kaniv

Country: Ukraine

River: Dnipro

Not far from: Cherkasy

Places of Interest: Uspensky Cathedral, many monuments and museums, Shevchenko's grave1 on Tarasova Hora

People think of the city as: old, green and beautiful

5  Introduce your country.

Use the words from the box.

national, ancient, a part of Kyivan Rus, talented, centre of Europe, customs and traditions, language and culture, square kilometres, to symbolize

1  What is Ukraine?

2  Where is it?

3  Is it large?

4  What do you know about the history?

5  Is it an independent country now?

6  When do we celebrate the Independence Day?

7  What is the Capital of Ukraine?

8  What are the Ukrainians like?

9  What are the national symbols of Ukraine?

6     Read and act out in pairs.

Jim: What a sight! What a beautiful river!

Oksana: This is the Dnipro — the biggest river in Ukraine.

Jim: Can you tell me how Kyiv took its name?

Oksana: There is a legend about three brothers and their sister Lybid. The brothers' names were: Kyi, Schek and Khoryv. They built the city and gave it a name after their eldest brother Kyi. That's why the city is called Kyiv.

Jim: That's really interesting…

7  Role-play the situation. Work in a group of three.

Some American children are visiting your town / village.

Pupil A, you are going to show your town / village.

Pupils В and C, you are asking the questions about the name of a town / village.

•      the founder of the town / village

•      history or legends

•      places of interest

8 Listen and sing along.


The ink1 is black, the page is white, Together we learn to read and write.

To read and write.

And now a child can understand, Ukraine is our Motherland2.

The board is black, the chalk is white, The words stand out so clear and bright, So clear and bright.

And now at last clearly see Ukrainian people are Family.

The child is black, the child is white,

The whole world looks upon

the sight,

A beautiful sight.

For very well the whole world knows, This is the way our Friendship3 grows.

1ink — чорнило

2 motherland — батьківщина

3 friendship — дружба


1  Copy and complete the letter with the words from the box.

Easter, Easter cake, Ukraine, God, church, paska, family, songs, eggs, big dinner, hello, music

Dear David,

(1)… is a great holiday in (2)… . On Easter Sunday people usually go to (3)…, give thanks to (4)…, sing (5)…, listen to (6)…. In Ukraine we make (7)    An Easter cake is called (8)…. we paint (9)…, too. Families have a (10) Say (II)… to your (12)….


2  Choose one of the Ukrainian towns and write the information for kids.world@gb.


Work in a group of four.                          

Use the plan below.

•   the region the town is in

•   the thing or the person it took its name after

•   well-known people, who visited the town or lived there

•   the things it is famous for

•   the places of interest

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