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1 Listen about David's class and say if your class is the same or different.

Hello, I am David. I’m ten and a half.

I’ve got curly brown hair and brown eyes.

I’m not very tall. I am good at Gymnastics and Art.

My best friend is Adam. He’s got short straight hair.

He’s good at Maths and basketball. He's a computer wizard.

My class is not big, but we’re special.

We are members of the Green Planet Club.

We’ve got a lot of pen-friends and e-mail friends all round the world. Will you send us your address?


2  Say if the statements are true or false.

1 David has got straight hair.

2 Some pupils have got computers

3  They have got a lot of pen-friends.

4 They are members of a club.

5 David is good at Maths.

3  Match questions with answers.

1 How old is David?                         a) Yes, they have.

2 What is he good at?                     b) David.

3 Who is David's best friend?              c) He is ten and a half.

4 Who has got curly hair?                  d) Adam.

5 Are they a big class?                    e) Gymnastics and Art.

6 Have they got many friends?         f) No, they aren't.

4   Read and match.


Julie is ten years old.

She’s got straight blond hair and brown eyes. She is from Paris, France.


Tina is eleven years old.

She’s got dark curly hair and brown eyes. She’s from New York, the USA.


Janet is nine years old.

She’s got red wavy hair and blue eyes. She’s from London, England.


5   Read and find Bill's classmates on the picture.

Hi! My name is Bill. Can you see me? Let me show you my class. There is Tom over there. He's my best friend. Look at him. He's got a big dictionary and a pencil in his hands. We always play football together. Other boys watch us when we play. Do you have a best friend? Do you play football together? Behind him is Lisa. She's got a big red and green pencil case. Mark, Mary and Bill are very good friends. I often talk to them. They have the same T-shirts. And now, look at the picture on the wall. It's the symbol of our class. Do you like it? There's a fish on the cupboard in the corner. It's called Fred. I must go and feed it. Bye!

6  Answer the questions.

Who is Bill's the best friend?

What do they do together?

Who is behind Bill's friend?

What are the three friends' names?

What have they got the same?

Who has got a big red and green pencil case?

Who has got a big dictionary?

Who is called Fred?

Why must Bill go?


David’s class

Bill’s classmates

classmates’ desks

friends’ names

7  Look and describe the symbol of Bill's class.

Explain how you understand it.


Object pronouns








I am Bill. You can see me.

You are here. I can see you.

He is Tim. I know him.

She is Mary. I like her.

It is grey. I don’t like it.

We are friends. You can meet us.

They are Ron and Pam. I don’t know them.

1    Read about Bill's class again and write out sentences with the object pronouns.

2   Choose the correct pronoun.

1      Don’t ask they/them. They/Them don’t know the answer.

2      I/Me don’t understand this. Can you help I/me, please?

3      She /Her is very friendly and everyone likes she /her.

4      We / Us must get up early. Please, wake we /us up at seven.

5      Can you give Jane and //me some ice-cream, please?

6      Where’s Anna? I can’t see she/ her anywhere.

7      Look a\ they/them. They/Them are a\\ wearing school uniforms.

8      He /Him is a very good sportsman.

I really like watching he / him on TV.

3   Read and fill in the gaps with the correct pronoun.

1      He's got new fell-tip pens. He uses … to draw.

2      …’re in the classroom. There are piles of books in front of…

3      …’s playing with a ball. She’s holding … in her hands now.




I / You / We / They have got a cat.

I / You / We / They haven't got a dog.

He / She / It has got a cat.

He / She / It hasn't got a dog.


Short answers

Have I / you / we / they got a cat?

Yes, I / you / we / they have.

No, I / you / we / they haven't.

Has he she / it got a cat?

Yes, he / she / it has.

No, he / she / it hasn’t.

4   Fill in the gaps with 'have got' or 'has got'.

1      Marta … a parrot.

2      Bill and Dan … pets at home.

3      My mum … long hair.

4      I … a computer in my room.

5      My grandparents … a house.

5   Make five sentences about David's class.

6 Fill in gaps with 'have' or 'has', then answer the questions

1      … you got a friend?

2      … your mum got straight hair?

3      … your parents got two children?

4      … your friend got a dog?

5      … your grandparents got many grandchildren?


1 Tell about what you are good at.

I’m good at English but I'm not good at Mat


2 Use the 'Remember' box and the clocks below to ask each other the time as in the examples.



—  What time is it, please?

—  It's half past five.

— Excuse me, what’s the time, please?

—  It's quarter to six.

3 Listen and act out the dialogue.

A: What's the time?

B: Ten to nine.

A: We must hurry then.

B: Why?

A: Because classes start in ten minutes.

8: How many lessons have we got today?

A: I don't know. Not many, I hope.

4 Work in pairs. Ask and answer.

1 What's the day today?

2 Is today the first day of the school year?

3 How many lessons have you got today?

4 Which class are you in?

5 Who do you sit next to in class?

5  Work in pairs. Ask your partner to remember about David's class and answer the questions.

1 Who is ten and a half?

2 Who has got long hair?

3 Who is tall?

4 Who is good at gymnastics?

5 Who is good at Maths?

6 Who is a computer wizard?

6   Work in pairs. Ask and answer about your class.

1 Who is ten and a half / eleven?

2 Who has got curly / wavy / straight hair?

3 Who is tall?

4 Who is good at gymnastics / football / basketball?

5Who is good at Maths / English?

6 Who is a computer wizard?

7  Look around and make a presentation of your class (7-8 sentences).


1 Read and guess the missing words.


2 Imagine you want to have an e-mail friend. Write an e-mail to kids, world@com.gb in your notebook.


1  a) Imagine there is a new pupil in your class.

Think of the questions you can ask him.

b)    Look and answer the questions.

• What pet would you like to have?

• Which instrument can you play / would like to play on?

2  Listen to the interview with a new pupil and say what musical instrument he can play.

3  Answer the questions.

1         What is the new pupil's name?    5 Can he play tennis?

2         How old is he?                          6 Can he swim?

3         What pet has he got?                 7  Are the new boys

4   Where are his friends?                  and girls his friends?

4   Listen again and act out

the interview in a group.

5   Complete the sentences with correct pronouns.

1      Diana’s my best friend. I see … almost every day.

2     Hi, my name is Iryna. I’m good at Maths and a lot of my classmates want to sit with ….

3      Tim: I must go home now. Can I call … later?

Jenny: OK. Call … at five o’clock.

4      My cat likes playing in the garden. Can you see … over there?

5      There’s John. Look at… .

6      Mum, where are my history books? I can’t find ….

7  Twin sisters: Hey, Clara, … are working on our geography project. Can you come and help …?

Clara: Yes, sure.


6   Get to know your classmate better.

1) Interview the classmate who sits next to you about his/her age, family, hobby, favourite sport or subject at school.

2) Copy and fill in the form.

3) Tell the class about your classmate.

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