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1 Listen and read about some British children and match the words in colums to make true sentences.

David is an excellent pupil. He has got a lot of books about science because he wants to be a scientist. In his room he has even got a real mini lab, a telescope and a large bug collection. He is very clever. He can speak English and German.

Tom is sporty. He is a basketball player and he is in the school basketball team.

He can also play tennis and football. He is not crazy about school but he is a good pupil. He has got two brothers. David is his best friend.

Luka is very popular at school. But he is not a good pupil. For him only music is cool. Luka is very musical. His hobby is music. He has got hundreds of CDs. He has got a little sister.

Jasmine is a really nice girl. She is very polite and helpful. Everybody likes her. She is a bit shy. Jasmine has two very interesting hobbies — reading books and writing stories.

She has got a big brother.

2 Read again and complete with the children's names.

1      … is very clever.

2      … has got a very interesting hobby — writing stones

3      … is in the school basketball team.

4      … has got a nickname.

5      … isn't a good pupil.

6      … has got a real mini lab.

7      … is helpful.

8      … has got hundreds of CDs.

3 Work in pairs. Ask and answer.

4   Choose a character. Write 3-4 sentences about him / her.

5 Listen and sing along.

Luka s Rap

Tock, tock, tock, troo, loo, loo,

I'm Luka.

Who are you?

I've got a lot of friends,

And they are all cool.

Every day we go Together to school.

Tock, tock, tock, troo, loo, loo,

I am cool,

What about you?


1 Answer the questions.

1      Have you got a nickname?

2      Are you a member of a club?

3      What is your club called?

4      Do you send e-mail messages to your friends?

5      Do you sometimes invite friends to your place?

2  Read the names of some friends and their club.

Then listen to their talk and find out who Shark is.




Sam, Elliot, Ella and Ted are the members of the

Heart and Brain Mystery Club (HBMC — in short).

They have got a message from somebody.

3 Say if it is true or false.

1      Shark is somebody else.

2      Shark is Pete.

3      HBMC kids would like to invite Pete to the club.

4      HBMC kids want to wait before they invite Pete to their club.

4   Find and write in the name of the kid who says:

1      Shark is lonely.                                      

2      Shark has got a lot of ideas. ……………….

3      Shark is good at sport.         ………………

4      Shark is not kind to HBMC kids…………….

5   Do the Quiz. Answer ’Yes, I do’, ’No, I don’t’ or ’Sometimes’.

1  Do you spend much time with friends?

2  Do you share things with them?

3  Do you try to be nice to other people?

4  Do you get more than three phone calls a day?

5  Do you get post cards from friends in summer?

6  Do you invite friends to your birthday parties?

•   If you have more than four ’Yes’ answers — you are popular with a lot of friends. But you can't always have friends around you. Do you know how to be alone?

•   If you have more than four No-answers — you are probably feeling lonely. Try to share something with friends: hobbies, ideas, dreams.

•   If most of your answers are Sometimes, you probably have a friend or two and that is enough for you. You don't care for big crowds.


I can swim.            I can’t swim.      Can you swim?

I can do it.             I can’t do it.       Can you do it?

I can speak            I can’t speak      Can you speak

English.                       English.                English?

1 Copy the true sentences.

1   I can write a story.

2   I can roller-skate.

3   I can ride a bike.

4   I can dive.

5   I can stand on my head.

6   I can tell a rhyme in English.

7   I can cook.

8   I can play computer games.

9   I can send an e-mail.

10  I can dance.

2   Work in pairs.

Answer tricky questions.

•   Can you draw a duck out of the number two?

•   Can you draw a pig with numbers and letter B?

•   Can you draw a house without breaking the line?

3   Think about what the children can do.

Write down as many things as you can.

Use a dictionary if you want. Start with;

Some children can…



4   Complete the sentences.

Use 'can'or 'can't'.

1      My sister is good at Maths. She …do difficult calculations.

2      We are very strong. We … lift a car.

3      Jessy is bad at Science. He … help you with your homework.

4      Antony is lazy. He … help you about the house.

5      My friend likes singing. He … sing hours without a break.

6  Greg and Tom like eating. They … eat 10 hamburgers in twenty minutes.

5  a) Answer the questions.

b) Work with your partner. Ask him / her.                      

1 Can you jump on one leg for ten minutes?


My partner

2 Can your dad write with his left hand?

3 Can you name three football clubs in Ukraine?

4 Can your mum speak English?

5 Can you drive a car?

6 Can you play a musical instrument?

7 Can your dad cook?

8 Can you sing well?

6   Write about what you can and what you can’t do.


1 Answer the questions.

1      Do you trust your friends?

2      Do you sometimes cheat in tests?

3      Why do you tease other children?

2  Listen and read to find out how Pete answers the questions above.

Ted: If you become a member, you have to learn about the Golden Rule.

Elliot: That's why we have to put you to the test.

Carl: So, why do you want to become a member of our club?

Pete: I sometimes feel really lonely. I know other kids don't want to be with me.

Carl: But why do you tease other children then?

Pete: I can't help it. I guess I like to make them angry.

Ana: Why do you cheat in tests?

Pete: I like playing.

Elliot: One more question — do you trust us?

Pete: Do I trust you? I'm afraid I don't know what trust is.

Sam: Hmmm. Do we really want him in the Club?



3  Act out the talk in a group of five.

4  Unscramble some more questions Sam wants to ask Pete. Answer them.

1     you / Do / your / mobile / phone / switch / off / at / school / ?

2      Do / you / secrets 111 keep / other / kids’

3      ? / in / doing / do / what / you / like / your / free / time

4      you / Do / be / really / our / friend / ? / want / to


The Golden Rule says, ’Don't do to other people things that you don’t want them to do to you.’

5   Read Pete's answers. Guess Sam’s questions.

Example: — Yes, we tease girls.

— Do you tease girls?

6 Answer the questions.

1      Can Pete become a member of the Club? Why? Why not?

2      Do you follow The Golden Rule?


1 Write 5-6 sentences about what your friend is like.

•      Do you trust your friend? Why?

•      Has he / she got a nickname? Why?

•      What is he / she good / bad at?

•      What can he / she do?

•      Does he / she share ideas (dreams) with you?

•      Use 2-3 adjectives to describe his / her character.


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