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Lesson 3 FREE TIME


1 Read children's notes about the parties. Make a list of different kinds of parties.

My friends and I like sleep-over parties. At sleep-over parties my friends eat and play games in my bedroom. Then they sleep at my house. Of course we go to sleep very late because we tell stories and talk about our friends.


Theme parties are my favourite. You choose a theme for your party and your friends wear clothes to match the theme. You can also decorate the party room and have food and music with the same theme. Fancy dress parties, funny hat parties and pyjamas parties are also great!


Outdoor parties are also good but you need good weather! My family and friends often have picnics in a garden or near the river. Food always tastes fantastic outdoors! Then we swim or play games. Sometimes my friends and I sleep in tents after these parties.


Tonight is my birthday party and the theme of the party is Japan. Today my mum is cooking Japanese food. I'm cleaning the house, decorating the party room and making my costume. I’m having fun!


2   Complete the sentences.

1      At sleep-over parties friends …

2  Friends usually go to sleep very late because …

3  My mum is cooking Japanese food because …

4      At the theme parties people usually ..

5      Some other kinds of parties are …

6      At the outdoor parties we usually …

7      After outdoor parties we sometimes ..

3  Fill in the words from the box.

envelope, guest, invitation, a piece of, to glue, to cut, to blow up

Take … coloured paper and … out a form of a flower.

Write the … and … the coloured flower on it. Put your

card into the……. a balloon and tie it to your invitation.

Write a name of a … on a balloon. Have a good time!

4  Ask and answer in pairs.

singing, dancing, cooking, writing stories, taking photos, watching TV, playing football, collecting stamps, reading books, going to the cinema/museum, fishing, gardening, listening to music


1  Make up five sentences about your free time. Start like this:

I always talk to my friends.          I rarely…

I usually play / go…                     I never…

I     sometimes …

2   a) Interview three of your classmates about what they like

to talk in their free time. Use the word map below.

3 Look at the table and say what

are the most popular ways of spending

free time for grown-ups in Britain.

Spending free

How often?

time in Britain



visiting museums



going to the theatre, ballet and cinema

not very often

not very often

sewing and knitting



house repairs



reading books






listening to music



going out for a meal and drink

very often

very often

Example: British men rarely visit museums in their free time.

They go to the theatres not very often. British men never…


1 Listen and read, then answer the questions.

1 What kind of party is it?

2 What are Nigel's friends singing?

3 What have they got for Nigel?

2 Say if the sentences are true or false.

1 Nigel's friends are angry at him.

2 Nigel is the youngest winner of the quiz.

3 Pink balloons are good for boys.

4 Nigel is very happy.

5  The present for Nigel is the book «The Dangerous World of Animals».

6 Nigel's present can help him to prepare for another quiz.

3  Think about surprises. What ideas can you come up with? Use the words in the box to answer the questions that follow.

smile, new pet, happy, gift, clap hands, laugh, glad, jump, find something

a) What things surprise people?

b) How would you describe surprised people?

c) What can surprised people do?



The word map shows how some of the words in the box above go together. Think about words you can add to the map. Use words from the box and your own words.

KINDS                                                             HOW SURPRISED

OF SURPRISES                                                       PEOPLE ACT

new pet, gift                                                         happy, glad

4  Listen about the parties British children have and answer the questions.

1  Why do the British children like parties?

2  What parties can the British children have?

3  What can they cook for a party?

4  What things do they make for their parties?

5  What do children usually do at their parties?

6  What are the most favourite parties?


1  Speak on spending free time by different people. Use the word map.

Use the word map above and the scheme below. Add some other activities.

People spend their pastimes in different ways.

Some are fond of… Others like ….

I am interested in … . My friend is keen on … .

On weekends my family usually …

2  Ask and answer in pairs.

1 Do you like parties?

2 What kind of parties do you usually have?

3  What do you usually do to prepare a party?

4 What does your favourite kind of party look like?

3  Listen and read the dialogue. Find out what Lilly's invitation look like.

Terry: What are you doing Lilly?

Lilly: I’m making invitations for our balloon party. Have a look. Do you like them?

Terry: Yes, very much. How do you make them?

Lilly: I cut a card in the form of a balloon, glue it to the envelope1 and put a piece of string2 on it. Then I write the invitation on the balloon.

4  Share Lilly's recipe [resipi] how to make invitations with your friends

an envelope  — конверт

 a string  - мотузка

5 Read, then ask and answer in pairs.


1 Design an invitation card for your party.

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