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1 Say if you have got an e-mail friend. Think about useful things you can get from e-mailing. Share your thoughts with class.

2 Read Alec's letter and say what way e-mailing helped Alec.

3  Say if the sentences true or false.

1 Alec was bad at English.

2  Alec was very good at Computer Studies.

3  His elder brother gave him good advice.

4  Alec found the name of his e-mail friend on a website.

5  Helen is Alec's e-mail friend.

6  Alec is very bad at English now.

7  Alec shares good tips on how to write e-mail letters.

4 Match and use the right prepositions to make up sentences.

5 Think and say who in your class is keen on:

• e-mailing

• playing computer games

• doing Maths

• writing SMS



1 Ask and answer in pairs.

1      Can you use a computer?

2      Do you go to a computer centre?

3      Have you got a computer at home?

4      Do you play computer games?

5      Can you work on a computer?

6      How much time did you spend on a computer yesterday?

7  Is your mum sometimes angry with you because of spending too much (надто багато) time on a computer? If yes, why?

2 Listen and say if computers are always useful.

3  Answer the questions.

1  Who is worried about the children? Why?

2  What did her children do after school yesterday?

3  Did they go out to ride bikes?

4  How many hours did Leo play on a computer?

5  Did they communicate1 with friends?

6  What advice can you give to the molher?

7  Do your parents worry about you? Why?


Every second someone new gels on the Internet. Think about tomorrow and read computer magazines.


1communicate — спілкуватися



THE GERUND (Герундій)

Talk about likes & dislikes with the gerund form.

I'm good at drawing.

I'm keen on e-mailing.

I like going sledging.

I think cleaning my room is OK.

1 Complete the sentences.

I love…

I like… I am good at…

I like going…

I hate…

I don't like…

… is OK for me.

2   Complete the e-mail about your partner for the 'Kids' Net Magazine'.

3 Ask and answer in pairs.

Do you like playing in the snow?

Yes, it's great. / It's fantastic!

(No, I don't like it. It's boring.)

•  reading in bed

•  writing letters

•  going shopping

•  helping in the house

•  playing computer games

4 a) Read the interview and say what

Mr Grumps thinks about children today.

Ella: May I ask you some questions for our school magazine?

Mr Grumps: Yes, but be quick, I haven't got much time.

Ella: What do you think about 12- year-olds today?

Mr Grumps: I think they are lazy. They don't do their homework. They don't help at home. They don’t do sports. They watch TV and play computer games all day. They waste their time. They don't talk to their friends, they print text messages to them.

Ella: How many 12-year-olds do you know,

Mr Grumps?

Mr Grumps: I know Pete. He's my neighbour.


b) In groups discuss why Mr Grumps thinks so and if he is right.


1  Read the e-mail and write your message.


WRITING AN E-MAIL (Написання електронного листа)

1   Вкажи тему (subject) свого листа.

2   Розпочни його з привітання.

3   Електронний лист, як правило, є невеликим за обсягом.

4   Намагайся чітко висловлювати думки.

5   Уяви свого друга / подругу, якому / якій пишеш листа.


1  Match and use right prepositions to make up sentences.

2 Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

contests, prizes, winners, present, blow up, prepare, surprise, vote, every, guests, invitations

Children of our class like to have parties.

We write … for our…. Our party always has a theme: a football birthday party a teddy-bear party or any other. We … many interesting things for the party: we … balloons, make … . There are many games and …. We … for the leader of the party. He or she gives … to …. Usually child gets a small … .

3 Ask and answer in pairs.

•     Have you got a mobile phone?

•     How do you use it?

•    What about your mum or dad?

•     How many text messages do you send every day?

•     Is it necessary for 11-year-old kids to have mobile phones? Why?

4 Read the text messages and put them in the correct order.

a)      OK. See you. Linda.

b)      Of course. When? Linda.

c)       I'm doing music project for school with Monica, Jenny and Hannah. Can you help us, Cathy?

d)      Today at 5. My place. Cathy.

5   Complete the e-mail with the words from the box.

play the piano, always, sports, good at, collects, does, plays

6  Speak on your days off in a group.

1       Where do you like to go on your days off and why?

2       How did you spend your last Sunday?

3       Did you have a good time? Why?

4       What do you usually do at home on your day off?

5       What did you do at home last Sunday?

6       How do you usually spend your days off?

7       What's your idea of having a good time?

8       Do you often have free time?

9       Do your parents often have free time?

10     Do your parents always spend their free time with you? Why?

7  Choose a theme for your next birthday party and write a paragraph what you're going to do.

1  Listen and read.


adopted from A. A. Milne

One day Winnie-the-Pooh got up early in the morning and went for a walk in the forest. There he saw his friend Eey ore1, the donkey2. Eey ore looked very sad.

«Why are you so sad?» asked Pooh.

«It's my birthday today, but I haven't got any presents,» said Eeyore.

«Oh! Many happy returns of the day, Eeyore!»

«And many happy returns to you, Pooh.»

«But it isn't my birthday, Eeyore.»

«No, it's my birthday.»

«But you said 'many happy returns' to me.»

«Did I? Oh, I wanted to say 'thank you', Pooh-Bear.»

Pooh ran home to get Eeyore a present. Near the house he saw Piglet. «Do you know it is Eeyore's birthday today? Poor donkey, he is so sad.»

«Why?» asked Piglet.

«It is his birthday today, but he hasn't got any present. What can we give him as a present, Piglet?»

«I haven't got any idea, Pooh…»

«Oh, Piglet, I've got an idea. I shall give him ajar of honey.»

«And I shall give him a red balloon.»

«You're very kind, Piglet!»

«You are so kind, Pooh!»

In the evening the happy friends went to Eeyore's birthday party

1 Eeyere - імя ослика

2a donkey— ослик


2   Say if it is true or false.

1      One day Winnie-the-Pooh met a donkey.

2      The donkey looked very happy.

3      It was Pooh's birthday.

4      The donkey wanted to say 'thank you'.

5      Pooh went home to get Eeyore a present.

6      On his way home he met a Rabbit.

7      They talked about Piglet's birthday present.

8      Winnie-the-Pooh will give Eeyore a jar of honey.

9      Happy friends went to Eeyore's birthday party.

3   Look at the pictures and tell the story.

One day …                      There he saw …

Pooh asked …                       Pooh ran …

«I've got an idea …              In the evening …

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