Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Two: Day in, Day out

2:3. Evening schedule

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


to take a music lesson

As for …


to make a great

Luckily …


impression on smb

to take a walking tour of sth

to take a boat trip

to have much to offer

to set the alarm clock

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look and say which activities are not often on your evening schedule. Why?

Example: Parties are not often on my evening schedule because I am busy.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the echo-poem and practise the sounds /і:/ and /ɪ/. Say what things you do before you go to bed.


I played on my computer, a brand new computer,

Listened to the music, rhythmic music,

Put on my pyjamas, silken soft pyjamas,

Brushed my teeth, nice white teeth,

Took a book, an interesting book,

Read some chapters, two or three,

Said «Good Night» to mama,

And quickly fell asleep.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look at Ann’s and Steve’s evening schedules and the pictures below. Say what the children usually do and what they are doing at the moment.

Example: Steve usually does his room in the evening.

It’s 6 pm. Steve is doing his room.


to take a music lesson

to go to the library

to walk the dog


to play computer games

to take a swim

to do the room

3. Answer the questions about your evening schedule.

1. When do you usually resume your classes?

2. What are you learning to do these days?

3. How do you relax in the evening?

4. What are you going to do this evening?

5. It’s a habit with you to take a walk in the evening, isn’t it?

Go to Ex. 31-32 of your Workbook

IV. Word Smart

1. Read Helen’s story «My Stay in Bath» and say how she spends her evenings there.


So I’m in Bath. It is so exciting! At first the weather was cold, but sunny. Then it changed very quickly.

Bath has made a great impression on me. It has much to offer for tourists. They can go to a palace, see an ancient cathedral, visit a theme park and other places of interest.

It’s evening now. It’s raining but I have an umbrella with me. I am taking a walking tour of the town at the moment. I am having the time of my life, with the Roman Baths on my left and the Museum of Costume right ahead of me. I’m also going to take a boat trip on the river Avon this evening.

Across Cultures: Great Britain

Bath - курортне місто на південному заході Англії

Roman Baths - джерела мінеральної води

the Museum of Costume in Bath - опулярний музей костюмів різних епох у Баті

the Avon - одна з трьох річок з однаковою назвою на південному заході Англії

2. Group the word-combinations from the box and fill in the diagram. Describe your daily schedule.

to take a music lesson

to do one’s bed

to walk one’s dog

to play computer games

to help smb about the house

to resume one’s classes

to socialize with friends

to go for a jog

to take a shower

to go to the pictures

to brush one’s teeth

to listen to music

to set the alarm clock

to go to bed

3. Complete Helen’s story:

It is Friday … . Г m … . Г m … the Museum of costume. I can see … there.

Later in the evening I usually fell … and … . I … … my pyjamas, go to … and … my teeth. Then I set … and … to bed.

At Home:

Write a short story about your Friday evening.

V. Time to Read

1. Read the parts of the story about William’s usual evening and mark them 1-5 logically.

_______ William comes into the room. Luckily, grandfather is not asleep yet. The boy says, «Please, Grandfather, help me! I want to go to the circus. I like horses and monkeys, and dogs and…»

«And clowns,» says Grandfather. «I want to see the circus, too. Let us go together, my boy.»

_______ Next morning at breakfast, Mrs Brown says to William: «I am so glad you went to bed so early yesterday. William and grandfather look at each other and smile mysteriously».

_______ At half past seven William says «Good night» to Aunt Rose, his mother and his father and sadly goes to his room. There he sits down on his bed and thinks hard. He wants to go to the circus very much but he does not know how to do that.

___ When the circus is over, William and Grandfather go home. They are very happy. They speak about the clown, the dogs and the monkeys, and laugh happily. When they come home, they quietly go to their bedrooms.

___ William goes quietly out of his bedroom and opens the door of his Grandfather’s room. Grandfather is sitting in his chair and reading a newspaper.

Adapted from William

2. Choose the right word.

Example: Helen smiled … (happy/happily). →

Helen smiled happily.

1. William … (usually/usual) goes to bed at half past eight.

2. William and Grandfather laugh … (happy/happily).

3. William and Grandfather look at each other … (mysterious/ mysteriously).

4. When William and Grandfather come home, they open the door … (quiet/quietly).

5. At half past seven William … (sadly/sad) goes to his room.

3. Read out the sentences about:

• William’s plans for the evening;

• Grandfather’s help;

• William and Grandfather’s secret.

Say if you like or dislike their evening schedule.

Go to Ex. 33-34 of your Workbook

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as William and describe your evening adventure.

to go to the circus

to like horses, dogs and clowns

to make a great impression on smb

2. In pairs, talk about William’s evening as in the pattern.


A: I think William is … .

B: Sure. He … very much.

A: As for his grandfather, he … .

B: Yes, he always helps … because … .

A: What do you think of …?

B: She is … but ….

A: You … , don’t you?

B: Of course, I do!

VII. Time to Write

Write an ideal schedule for one of your weekdays. Use the plan below.

Go to Ex. 35 of your Workbook

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