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Unit Two: Day in, Day out

2:4. How does your weekend help you to be healthy and close to nature?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box

tennis club

to go on a hike

What’s on your mind?


to choose a route

Sounds like a good

to list

to pack a rucksack


to bake

fishing rods

Thank you for the

to go fishing


to take an outing to sth

to get ready for sth

to sing along

I. Conversation Warm-up

Mime what plans you usually have for the weekend. Let your classmates guess and say if they do the same.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the weekend questions and beat the rhythm. Answer these questions.


What are you going to do on Friday?

What are you going to do?

Where are you going to be on Saturday?

Where are you going to be?

Who are you going to see on Sunday?

Who are you going to see?

What are you going to say?

Where are you going to stay?

When are you going to leave?

What are you going to give?

III. Function Smart

Read and learn to talk about your healthy way of life at your weekend. Look at the notes and fill in the mini-dialogues.

а) - What are your plans for …?

- I’m going to…. in my granny’s garden.

b) - What about having …?

- Great! I like to be close to nature.

c) - Let’s go to … Saturday.

- I enjoy playing sports out in the open.

d) - Is it OK with you if …?

- Excellent! It’ll help us to keep fit.

IV. Word Smart

1. Look at the pictures and say hon weekend activities of these people halp them to keep a healthy way of life.

• tennis club

• to practise tennis skills

• to get ready for a competition

• to go on a hike

• to pack a rucksack

• to choose a route

• to go to the seaside

• to get tanned

• to take a swim

• to go fishing

• fishing rods

• to make fish soup on fire

Example: The girl is going to the tennis club on Saturday. She plans to practise her tennis skills. She is getting ready for a competition these days. Sport helps her to keep a healthy way of life.

2. Read the weather rhymes and say how weekend activities can help you to become close to nature. What about:

• spending much time out in the open?

• gathering mushrooms and berries in the wood?

• swimming in the river?

• lying in the sun?

• travelling to the seaside?

• taking pictures?

• helping your grandparents in the garden?


Red leaves and yellow leaves,

Orange leaves and brown,

Leaves are dancing everywhere,

Happily dancing down.

Down, down!

Yellow and brown.

The leaves are falling

Over the town.


The leaves on the ground go swish, swish, swish.

The raindrops keep falling drop, drop, drop.

The ground goes muddy splash, splash, splash.

The children jump around hop, hop, hop.

3. The Collinses often visit their relatives for a weekend in autumn. Now they are staying on a farm. Look at the pictures and complete Jennifer’s captions for the photos (p. 69).

a farm house

to ride a horse

to gather raspberries

to make jam

1. We are on … now. The weather is … . We are spending much time … .

2. David and Mike are learning to … these day. They also …. Mike says ….

3. It’s me and little …. We are …. This is the way we … .

4. My … knows much about … . She is teaching me to …. Everybody is sure to like … .

At Home:

Plan the coming weekend with your family and write what can make your plans work.

I don’t … either.

See First Aid Kit:

Grammar 4, p. 235

Go to Ex. 36-37 of your Workbook

V. Time to Read

1. Read in pairs and say:

• Why Ann prefers to go out for a picnic;

• What worries Steve’s mum;

• Why Steve decided to join his friends.


Ann: Hi, Steve. How do you like the weather today?

Steve: A lot. It’s warm and sunny outside. What’s on your mind?

Ann: I wonder if you have any plans for the weekend? Our friends are going out for a picnic. We decided to make a fire and bake potatoes, to listen to the music and sing along to the guitar. We may also play football or volleyball. In a word, it will be «a healthy way of life» picnic. What about joining us?

Steve: I am not sure. The idea of picnicking doesn’t excite me too much. I don’t feel like taking a class outing to the woods, either. And besides, I listed 10 new computer games.

Ann: But you can’t spend all your weekend in front of the computer. It’s no good for your health!

Steve: My mum says the same. She advises me to spend more time out in the open. Are you going to do anything fun out in the open?

Ann: Exactly. My elder brother has just come from the USA and he promises to teach us some popular American sport games like baseball or softball.

Steve: Wow! Sounds like a good idea. I like sports and I’m interested in sport of other countries.

Ann: Then you’ll kill two birds with one stone, as the proverb goes: you’ll have a nice rest and learn new sport games.

Steve: Thank you for the invitation, Ann. It’ll be an unforgettable weekend, I bet.

Across Cultures

baseball - бейсбол, популярна гра

Softball - популярна американська гра, особливо серед дівчат, схожа на бейсбол

2. Say the opposite.

Example: Mary and I like this idea. →

Mary doesn’t like this idea, and I don’t like it, either. It’s nice and useful. →

It’s not nice, and it’s not useful, either.

1. My friends and I can swim well.

2. The hiking route is easy and pleasant.

3. The weekend plan is good and interesting.

4. Steve and Ann like outings.

5. Ann and her brother know much about American sports.

6.This time was enjoyable and memorable.

3. Paraphrase the sentences, using the dialogue.

Example: - The weather is warm and sunny today.

- It’s warm and sunny outside.

1. What do you want to say?

2. Would you like to go with us?

3. I don’t like this idea.

4. It’s bad for your health.

5. My mum is of the same opinion.

6. I like this idea.

4. Read out the sentences about:

a) a picnic;  b) outdoor sport games.

Compare these weekend activities with those of yours. What is your idea of «a healthy way of life» weekend?

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Ann and describe your weekend plans.

to be warm and sunny outside

to go out for a picnic

to bake potatoes

to make a fire to sing along

to the guitar

to have much fun

2. Act as Steve and describe your idea of the weekend.

not to excite smb too much

not to feel like doing sth

to take a class outing to the woods

to list new computer games

to do sth fun out in the open

to be interested in sports

3. Group up with your friends and decide where you prefer to spend your weekend: out in the open or at home? Say why.

4. In pairs, discuss your weekend plans as in the pattern.


A: Hi, …. How do you like …?

B: It’s … and … . What’s on your mind?

A: I wonder if … . Our friends …. We’d like … and …. What about …?

В: I am not sure. The idea of …. I don’t feel like … , either.

A: But you can’t … It’s not good ….

B: Are you going …?

A: Exactly. …

B: Sounds like a good idea. …

VII. Time to Listen

Listen to the boy’s story about his most memorable weekend and say why he liked it so much.

VIII. Time to Write

Read the invitation cards below and write about your plans for the coming weekend.

Go to Ex. 38-40 of your Workbook

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