Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Three: Eat with Pleasure

3:1. What do you think about Ukrainian cuisine?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


Ukrainian borsch

… is OK with me


potato pancakes

Thanks to …


cabbage rolls

Normally …


to begin (to finish) with a poppy-seed pie

to be somebody’s taste

for the 1-st course/the main course

for dessert

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look and say what Ukrainians usually have for breakfast/dinner/ supper.

Example: Some Ukrainians have porridge for breakfast and jogurt for supper.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read «Ukrainian Dinner Poem» with correct stress and practise the sound [w]. Say what dishes you will cook for your friends.


Mum will cook Ukrainian borsch

You will cook some cabbage rolls

He and she will make a cake

For my friends will come today.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look and recall!

а) Щоб правильно сказати, хто їсть або готує їжу, вживай:

I, you, he, she, we, they

I will make a little cake.

б) Щоб правильно сказати, для кого готується або подається їжа, вживай:

me, him, her, us, them

Give me a cake, please.

в) Щоб правильно сказати, чия це улюблена їжа, вживай:

my, your, his, her, our, their перед іменником

Fish soup is my favourite dish for the first course.

2. Play a grammar game, using the model.

Example: I - me, me - my.

3. Read and remember!

Щоб додатково підкреслити, що це саме

mine, yours, his,

This apple is

hers, ours, theirs,

mine, not yours.


без іменника

їжа, а не іншої людини,


a) Paraphrase the sentences as in the example.

Example: Buying bread is my duty. →

Buying bread is a duty of mine.

1. Porridge is my favourite breakfast dish.

2. Cooking is her duty.

3. This is our dining room. 5. I like their dinner.

4. Take your piece of pie. 6. We enjoy our meals.

b) Look at the pictures and complete the sentences.

Example: It’s not my cake, it is his.

1. It’s not … omelette, it is … .

2. It’s not … salad, it is … .

3. It’s not … Ukrainian borsch … .

4. It’s not … soup, it is … .

5. It’s not … a poppy-seed pie, it is … .

At Home:

Write what meal schedule Ukrainians may have every day (sometimes, never).

IV. Word Smart

1. Study these words and say which food may be called «healthy».

a) Why?

Use: porridge, omelette, chops, potato pancakes, a poppy-seed pie, varenyks, cabbage rolls, fruits, cutlets, spaghetti.

Example: I think vegetable salad is a healthy food, because there are many vitamins.

b) Look at the photo and say what Ukrainian dishes you may have there and how much money you may pay for them.


✵ to begin with …

✵ for the 1-st course …

✵ for the main course …

✵ for dessert …

✵ … to everybody’s taste

✵ You may pay … for your dinner.

Example: You may have vegetable salad to begin with. I think it will cost 2 hryvnias.

2. Look at the dishes the girl is going to cook and say which of them have come from Ukraine. Can you cook such dishes?

Example: I think potato pancakes have come from Ukraine. I can make them too.

3. Answer the questions.

✵ What Ukrainian dishes do you know?

✵ What do Ukrainians usually have to begin with?

✵ What is a Ukrainian traditional first course?

✵ What dishes are popular for the main course in Ukraine?

✵ What do people like to finish Ukrainian dinner with?

✵ What is your attitude to Ukrainian Cuisine?

Go to Ex. 41-42 of your Workbook

V. Time to Read

1. Read Ann’s description of her meal schedule and say what eating traditions her family has. Say if you have the same traditions.

taste - tasty

salt - salty

See First Aid Kit: Word Building 4, p. 237


We usually have three meals a day: breakfast, dinner and supper. The morning meal is a large hot breakfast with eggs, potatoes, tea or coffee. Then around two o’clock we have dinner, the biggest meal of the day. We eat vegetable salad to begin with. Borsch or soup comes for the first course. Varenykys or cutlets with macaroni or rice are for the main course. For dessert we may have juice or fresh fruit.

My favourite dinner dish is Ukrainian borshch. My granny cooks it for us in a special way. I know that the borshch is hers if there are beans in it.

Supper, the evening meal, is normally light. Yoghurt is OK with me.

My mum often bakes something tasty. She has recently made a popular Australian dessert — the Pavlova. It was great!

Thanks to my mum and granny, our meal schedule is so well- planned.



See First Aid Kit: Word meaning 1, p. 238

Across Cultures: Australia

the Pavlova - австралійський десерт, який названо на честь балерини Анни Павлової - тістечко із збитих білків з вершками та шматочками фруктів

2. Choose the right word.

Example: I have three food, meals a day. →

I have three meals a day.

1. We often have sea food/meal in the family.

2. I don’t like to have my food/meal in a cafe.

3. Thank you, granny, for the tasty food/meal.

4. I don’t like such spicy food/meal.

5. It’s time for our midday food/meal.

6. I prefer Ukrainian food/meal.

3. Read out what Ann says about Ukrainian dishes and say how much they are typical of your eating traditions.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Ann and describe your everyday meal schedule.

to have three meals a day

to be well-planned

for breakfast

to begin with

for the first (main) course

for dessert

for supper

2. Act as Ann’s granny and say how you cook Ukrainian borsch in a special way. How does your mother cook it?

for the first course favourite dish to cook Ukrainian borsch in a special way to add beans to be very tasty

3. In pairs, talk about your meals at home as in the pattern.


A: …?

B: As for me, I have three meals a day: breakfast, dinner and supper.

A: …?

В: My breakfast is large and hot. It consists of a plate of porridge and a cup of tea or coffee.

A: …?

B: Sure. Dinner is the biggest meal of the day.

A: …?

B: As a rule, I have a plate of soup for the first course, cutlets and mashed potatoes for the main course, and tea for dessert.

A: …?

B: As for my supper, it is very light, a cup of tea or yoghurt is OK with me.

A: I see your meal schedule is well-planned.

VII. Time to Listen

1. Listen to three friends discussing their meals and say what Ukrainian dish all of them prefer.

2. Fill in the menu card information.

VIII. Time to Write

At the request of your international friend, describe a typical Ukrainian meal schedule. Begin with:

✵ Many Ukrainians …

✵ For some families, breakfast …

✵ As for dinner, it may …

✵ The most traditional first course …

✵ It tastes better with …

✵ For the main course …

✵ For dessert …

✵ The evening meal …

✵ As you see, …

✵ In my opinion, Ukrainian cuisine …

Go to Ex. 43-45 of your Workbook

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