Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Three: Eat with Pleasure

3:2. How do you think British and Ukrainian cuisines have anything in common?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box

• cornflakes

• fish and chips

• How about …

• sandwich

• to be popular with

• Poor guess!

• marmalade

• Yorkshire pudding

• Traditionally …

• roast

• to be hungry as a hunter

• garlic

• to taste better with …

• ingredients

• banana split

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the photos and say what dishes may be popular for breakfast in Britain. Have you ever tasted any of them?

Example: I think cornflakes with milk are popular in Britain, especially with children. I like cornflakes too and often buy them in the nearest supermarket.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the British Breakfast Chant and practise rhythm. Answer the questions of the Chant. Eating out Chant.


How do you like your porridge?

Hot, hot

How do you like your cornflakes?

With milk, please

Ham sandwich? Chicken sandwich?

I don’t like them

Come on, tell me, what’s to your taste?

I won’t say ’no’ to a plate of paste.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look and recall!

Для того, щоб правильно розповісти про сніданок, обід або вечерю, вживай: breakfast, lunch, supper без артиклю.

Example: Some Englishmen like porridge for breakfast.

2. Play a chain game.

Example: A:What do you have for breakfast?

B: For breakfast I have a plate of porridge. What do you have for lunch?

C: For lunch ….

3. Read and remember!

1. Вживай слова, які називають їжу, без артиклю.

Example: I like soup and macaroni for dinner.

2. Вживай артикль a/an зі словами, які називають порцію їжі: a glass of … , а сuр of … , a bottle of … , a plate of … .

Example: I have a glass of milk every evening.

3. Для того, щоб спитати скільки супу, чаю, кави, каші хоче твій брат/сестра/мати тощо, вживай ’how much …’

Example: How much soup would you like for dinner?

Для того, щоб спитати скільки порцій супу, каші, чашок чаю, стаканів молока хоче твій брат/сестра/мати тощо, вживай ’how many…’

Example: How many plates of soup would your sister like?

a) Look at the picture-table and make up as many sentences as you can.

Example: Give me a plate of soup, please. b) Complete and role-pay the mini-dialogues.

IV. Word Smart

1. Study the words in the menu and:

a) say what dishes the British may have for lunch.

Example: I think the British may have tomato soup to begin with.

b) Name the dishes which are called ’healthy food’ and say which of them you can find in Ukraine.

Example: I think chicken soup is useful for health. My granny often cooks it and it is so tasty.

c) Look at the prices of some dishes in the ice-cream shop and say what dessert you can buy if you have 20 pounds.

Example: I can buy ice-cream with jam.



The country it is from

chicken pizza


. . .

Example: I think pizza has come from Italy. I’ve tasted it and liked it a lot.

At Home:

Compare British breakfast and lunch dishes with Ukrainian ones. Make a list of dishes, which may be popular in both countries.

Go to Ex. 46-47 of your Workbook

V. Time to Read

Read in pairs and say what a Ukrainian girl Oksana who studied in the English school, learned about British meals.

appetizer - AmE

starter - BrE


Steve: It’s about dinner time. I have had my porridge in the morning and a toast with butter and marmalade. Now I’m hungry as a hunter. What about you?

Oksana: Me too. I’ve had cornflakes with milk and a cup of white tea.

Steve: How about having dinner together at the «Lemon Tree» cafe?

Oksana: Good idea! I’d like to taste real British food.

Steve: Come on, then. We’ll start with healthy food and take carrot salad to begin with.

Oksana: We also eat such a salad in Ukraine. It tastes better with nuts and garlic.

Steve: British carrot salad is different. It contains some fruit like apples or peaches.

Oksana: I see. The name is the same but the ingredients are different.

Steve: Exactly! And then we’ll have Yorkshire pudding.

Oksana: Is it dessert?

Steve: Poor guess! It’s a main course dish - a small cake served with meat and vegetables. Traditionally, British families have it on Sunday!

Oksana: How interesting! In Ukraine we eat puddings for dessert.

Steve: So many countries so many cuisines.

Oksana: I can’t agree more.

Steve: And for dessert we’ll have banana split. It’s my favourite and it’ll be a surprise for you.

Oksana: Oh, I’m looking forward to tasting it.

Across Cultures: Great Britain

Spaghetti Bolognaise or «spag bol» - італійське блюдо, дуже популярне в Британії - спагеті з томатним соусом і телячим м’ясом.

Banana Split - улюблений десерт англійських дітей - банан з морозивом або консервованими фруктами.

2. Fill in the chart and say what differences and similarities Oksana found out in two popular in Britain and Ukraine dishes.




Carrot salad

a starter


VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Oksana and speak about the salad, which has the same name but different ingredients.

• to be hungry as a hunter;

• to take salad to begin with;

• healthy food;

• to taste better with;

• to contain different ingredients.

2. Act as Steve and describe your choice at the cafe «Grandma’s House».

• to be about dinner time;

• to invite somebody for dinner;

• to have Yorkshire pudding for the main course;

• to be served with;

• traditionally;

• so many countries so many dishes.

3. a) In pairs, discuss Ukrainian and British cuisines as in the pattern:

A: It’s about … . What do you usually … to begin with?

B: We start with … . … salad is my favourite.

A: This salad is popular … , but it contains ….

B: How interesting! In Britain we may have … for the main course.

A: In my country puddings … .

B: Yorkshire pudding is … . Traditionally, British families … .

A: I see. So many countries… .

В: I can’t agree more.

VII. Time to Write

Write your opinion on the statement «So many countries so many cuisines» covering the following items:

• What dishes are popular in your country and Britain?

• What common dishes both countries have?

• How dishes with the same names differ in different countries?

Go to Ex. 48-50 of your Workbook

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