Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Three: Eat with Pleasure

3:4. What is your favourite food?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box

to include

puffed rice

Don’t speak too


sea food salad



to know much about

Yummy, yummy.



Here they are.


to do sth in no time at all

guessing game (not)to be much of smb take-away food to have a meal outdoors

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look and say what dishes are to your taste. Can all of them be called «healthy»?

Example: Fruits are to my taste. I think it’s healthy food.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the «Taste Rhyme» with emotion and practise the sound /θ/. Say which of the dishes you like or don’t like.


I don’t like chicken,

I don’t like steak,

I don’t like hotdogs

Or Napoleon cake.

But I do like one thing,

And that thing is nice:

The thing I like most is

A ball of puffed rice.

III. Function Smart

Read and learn how to express tastes in food. Look at the pictures and fill in the mini-dialogues.

a) - I like both … and ….

- So do I. I adore ….

b) - I like neither … nor … .

- Neither do I.

с) - I prefer … to … .

- Not me. I am not a coffee person.

d) - I don’t like … .

- Neither do I. I prefer … instead.

IV. Word Smart

1. Fill in the brain map with your favourite dishes. Say how often you have them.

Example: I like meat dishes, especially cutlets and I often have them for dinner. My favourite vegetable dish is cabbage salad. My granny semes it every day for supper ….

2. a) Interview your friends and find out:

• What food she/he prefers.

• Hhow often she/he has the dish.

• Who cooks his/her favourite dish.

b) Present your findings to the class.


A: I say, Helen, what is your favourite dish?

H: Sea; food salad is to my taste.

A: How often do you have this dish?

H: I have it for a festive dinner.

A: Who cooks this dish in your family?

H: My granny does.

A: I’ve found out that Helen’s favourite dish is sea food salad. She has it only for a festive dinner. Her granny cooks this salad for all the family.

3. In pairs, read the invitations and discuss what you may like or dislike to eat and to do there. Use the pattern.


A: … is to my taste. I like … .

B: So do I. I’m sure we’ll win in … .

A: Don’t speak too soon. I’m not much of a …. I prefer … party to … .

B: OK. Let’s try … then.

Dear friends,

If you’re fans of fruit, make sure you’re in the town of Queensland at the fruit festival. It will take place on the second Saturday in January. The programme of the festival will include fruit races, fruit-eating competitions, fruit parties and fruit street parades. Don’t miss it.



Dear friends,

You have a chance to eat your favourite ice cream in no time at all and to participate in funny guessing games. If you win, you’ll get a nice prize - the second portion of your favourite dresses.

Welcome to our ice cream shop! It’s a favourite place with many English children. We offer you all ice creams imaginable.

Enjoy! Steve

Across Cultures: Australia

Queensland -другий за величиною з австралійських штатів на північному сході континенту

At Home:

Write about the favourite dishes and drinks popular in your family. Fill in the chart.

Favourite dish

Favourite drink


My mum

My dad

My brother

My granny

My granddad

Go to Ex. 56-57 of your Workbook

V. Time to Read

1. Read in pairs and say about how the children changed the recipe.



First Aid Kit:

Word Meaning 1, p. 238


Steve: Have you heard the news, Ann?

Ann: What news?

Steve: Tomorrow we are going to have a display of our favourite dishes with their recipes.

Ann: So, you’d like to take part in it, right?

Steve: I’m not much of a cook, you know, but we can do something together! If we win a prize ….

Ann: Don’t speak too soon! Let’s decide on a dish first. What’s your favourite?

Steve: As I’m a fruit person, I prefer fruit salads to other dishes.

Ann: So do I. I’m also a big fruit fan. Let’s make a «Fruit Tower». Take two apples, two bananas, wash them and cut into pieces.

Steve: Here they are. Anything else?

Ann: Add some strawberries and mix them with yoghurt or cream.

Steve: Oh, I like neither yoghurt, nor cream. Can we do without them?

Ann: Tastes differ. Let’s put much ice cream on top instead. The fruit tower should be very big. Now our fruit salad is ready. Enjoy it.

Steve: Yummy, yummy. It’s like English truffle.

Ann: Do you know much about English cuisine?

Steve: No, I know only this dish. I tasted it at my English friend’s place when I visited England and I liked it a lot.

Ann: I see.

Across Cultures: Great Britain

truffle - популярний десерт для дітей у Великій Британії, який складається з різних фруктів, з вершками. Подається з тортом

2. Kitchen or cuisine? Fill in the right word.

Example: I like Italian … . → I like Italian cuisine.

1. Go to the … and wash up after dinner.

2. Do you have your meals in the …?

3. I’m a great fun of British … .

4. My international friends prefer Ukrainian … to others.

5. Our … is comfortable and cosy.

3. Look at the pictures and say how the children prepare their favourite dish «Fruit Tower».

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Steve and describe his preferences in food.

to have a display of favourite dishes

(not) to be much of a cook

to be a big fruit fun

to prefer fruit salads to other salads

to like neither yoghurt nor cream

to enjoy the salad

2. Act as Ann and give a recipe of the fruit salad you’ve prepared.

to decide on a dish

to be a big fruit fan

to cut fruit into pieces

to add strawberries

to mix fruits with yoghurt

to put ice cream on top

3. In pairs, talk about your favourite dishes as in the pattern.


A: I say, what is your favourite …?

B: As I’m a big … , I prefer … to … .

A: So do I. I’m also a big ….

B: Do you know much …?

A: Not me. Usually my mum … for all the family. What about you? Do you like English or American?

В: I like neither … nor … cuisine. I adore Ukrainian national dishes.

A: Great! You can give me some … , right? I’ll prepare something for my … , Sarah and Steve.

B: Sure. You may cook … or … .

A: Will you …?

B: With pleasure.

VII. Time to Listen

Listen to three children talking about their favourite dishes and match the speakers to their dishes.

VIII. Time to Write

Write a recipe of your favourite dish for the class cookbook. Use the format.


For this dish you need:

At first you must …

Then …

Add to it …

After that …

Finally …

The dish is ready! Enjoy it!

Go to Ex. 58-60 of your Workbook

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