Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Four: You are in Ukraine

4:1. Why do you think Ukraine is known far and wide?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


to boast of something

See for yourself.


to be well-known for some

As you see …




to be washed by something


to divide into something


to be rich in something mineral resources

to be widely spread

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the photos and say what Ukraine is well-known for.

Example: The Azov Sea is in the East of Ukraine.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the «Rap of Ukraine» and practise the rhythm. Say why you adore your country.


Ukraine is known far and wide

For its lakes and rivers

And seas in the south,

For steppes and forests

And mountains too

I adore my country,

And what about you?

III. Grammar Smart

1. Read and remember!

1. Для того, щоб правильно розповідати про країну, вживай артикль the з назвою:

• океанів, морей, річок

Example: Ukraine is washed by the Black sea. The Dnipro is the largest river in Ukraine.

• гірських ланцюжків

Example: The Carpathian mountains are very picturesque.

• груп озер

Example: The Shat ski lakes are in the West of Ukraine.

• географічних регіонів (the South, the West, the East, the North)

Example: There are marshes in the North of Ukraine.

2. He вживай артикля з назвою:

• континентів (Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia)

Example: Ukraine is the heart of Europe.

• більшості країн

Example: I live in Ukraine.

• міст

Example: Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.

• окремих гірських вершин

Example: Mount Hoverla is the highest peak in the Carpathian Mountains.

2. Let’s play a grammar hide-and-seek game. In pairs, name as many places as you can: with/without an article.

Example: A: I want to see the Carpathians.

В: I climbed Mount Hoverla last summer.

• Sea of Azov

• Dnipro

• Europe

• Kharkiv

• Black Sea

• Shatski lakes

• Kyiv

• West

3. Look at the photos and say in what part of Ukraine these rivers/ lakes/mountains are situated.

Example: The Carpathian Mountains are in the West of Ukraine.

4. Answer the questions:

1. What continent do you live in?

2. What is the name of your home town?

3. In what part of Ukraine do you live?

4. What river is your town/city, village situated on?

5. By what sea is Ukraine washed?

6. What is the biggest city near your home town?

IV. Word Smart


What kind of?







mineral resourses






widely spread


a) Study these words and in chain ask what? or what kind …? questions.

Example: A: Where can we find marshes in Ukraine?

B: As far as I know, we can find marshes in the North of Ukraine. And what kind of people live in Ukraine?

A: Friendly and hospitable people live in Ukraine.

b) Match the adjectives to the nouns and make up your sentences with them.

Example: The Dnipro River is the third longest waterway in Europe.

c) Say what Ukraine can boast of.

Example: Ukraine can boast of its picturesque scenery. There are many beautiful forests in my country. We have many unique trees and flowers in Ukraine.

At Home:

Work with the geographical map of Ukraine in your Workbook and mark:

• seas, rivers and lakes;

• mountains;

• mineral resources;

• neighbours of Ukraine;

• the biggest cities.

Go to Ex. 61-62 of your Workbook

V. Time to Read

Read the poster about Ukraine which was designed for Europe 2012 and say the answer to what question the foreign guests must find themselves.


Welcome to Ukraine, the heart of Europe, its geographical centre.

How far and wide is Ukraine?

It stretches from the mountains in the West to the steppes in the East, from the marshes in the North to the Black Sea in the South. Its territory is 603,700 sq. km.

How deep is Ukraine?

The country is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, with a rich animal life. It also has more than 3,000 lakes. The Shatski Lakes, with the beautiful Lake Svityaz, are the most picturesque. Ukraine’s longest river is the Dnipro. It is Europe’s third longest waterway, and it divides the country into right- bank and left-bank Ukraine.

How green is Ukraine?

Ukraine is famous for its forests with beautiful scenery and plantations of oak, pine and birch. Most forests are in Polissia and the Carpathians.

How high is Ukraine?

There are the marvellous Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. Mount Hoverla (2061 m.) in the Carpathians is the highest peak in the country.

How rich is Ukraine?

Ukraine has 5% of the world’s mineral resources. It is rich in coal, iron, granite and marble.

How friendly and hospitable is Ukraine?

To find the answer to the question you must visit the country and see for yourself.




See First Aid Kit: Word Building 4, p. 237

Across Cultures: Ukraine

Dilove - M. Ділове, в Закарпатті, яке вважається географічним центром Європи

Svityaz - озеро Світязь - найбільше озеро з Шацьких озер на північному заході України

Polissia - Полісся, центральна та північна частини України, відома своїми мішаними лісами

a) In the text «Welcome to Ukraine», find the sentences with the relative words to the words given and reproduce them. Make up your own sentences by analogy.

Example: Picture - picturesque. There are many picturesque places in Ukraine.

b) Read the numbers and say what information they stand for in the text «Welcome to Ukraine».

Example: 603, 700 sq. km → It is the territory of Ukraine.

c) In the text «Welcome to Ukraine» find the information about:

• the territory of Ukraine;

• the population of the country;

• its scenery;

• its waterways;

• its mineral resources.

V. Time to Communicate

a) Look at the photos of picturesque Ukrainian places from the pupils’ website and say what you must do to preserve the beauty of Ukrainian nature.

• to be known far and wide;

• picturesque scenery;

• plantations of rare trees;

• unique lakes;

• to take care of…;

• to preserve the environment.

b) Look at the photo of a foreign guest who is going to visit Ukraine /V and help him to answer his questions. Use the following words and word combinations.

to boast of something

unique and picturesque

to be rich in something

to be washed by something

to enjoy something

the Carpathian Mountains and Mount Hoverla

the Shatski Lakes and Lake Svityaz


the Dnipro River, the Black Sea

c) In pairs, role-play the dialogue between you and a foreign guest as in the pattern.


A: Hi, are you …?

B: Sure. What can I do for you?

A: Oh, can you …? I’m so fond of swimming.

B: With pleasure. … is washed by … and there are … in the west. You can ….

A: And are there …?

B: Sure. The Dnipro … . It divides … .

A: I can … , can’t I?

B: Exactly. Have … and see for yourself.

A: Thank you. You are so kind.

VII. Time to Listen

1. Listen to a geography teacher’s talk «At the Map of Ukraine» and say why the teacher asked her pupils to add to her story.

2. Listen again and complete the sentences. Choose a correct ending.

1. Ukraine is situated …

a) in the south west of Europe;

b) in the east-west of Europe;

c) in the south-east of Europe.

2. The Crimean Peninsula is shaped like …

a) a big fish;

b) a big brown bear;

c) a long boot.

3. 95% of Ukrainian territory is …

a) mountainous;

b) flat;

c) mixed forest zone.

4. The Carpathian Mountains can boast of …

a) waterfalls and rapid rivers;

b) wildlife;

c) rare plants.

5. The Crimean Mountains are famous for …

a)mountain lakes;

b) their height;

c) unique animals and birds.

6. There is … lower than 1,500 m deep in the Black Sea.

a) various animal life;

b) no animal or plant life;

c) strange underwater plants’ life.

VIII. Time to Write

Write a 10-sentence entry to the encyclopedia «National Geographies» about your country. Say why Ukraine is known far and wide. Follow the plan.


• The geographical position of your country.

• Its physical geographical zones.

• Its fauna and flora.

• Its area and population.

Go to Ex. 63-65 of your Workbook

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