Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Four: You are in Ukraine

4:2. What is your favourite season and weather?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


beastly weather

Don’t grumble!

to bloom

to be cold and frosty outside

No way!

to melt

to break into blossom

That’s better!

to sunbathe

to be out in the open

Small wonder!

to remind

to travel abroad

to have a memorable time

to have its own charm

to be a great admirer of sth

Indian summer

to turn sth into sth

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the photos and say in what season you may have such weather in Ukraine.

Example: I think photo 1 is about autumn because it often rains in this season.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the «Weather Chant» and practise the sound /w/. Say what weather the author enjoys most. What is your favourite weather?


- What is the weather like today?

- It’s wet and cloudy, wet and cloudy.

- What was the weather like yesterday?

- It was foggy and windy, foggy and windy.

- What will the weather be tomorrow?

- It’ll be hot and sunny, hot and sunny.

- Hooray!

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look and recall!

2. Play a grammar matching game and match the words to the pictures. Make up your own sentences as in the example.

Example: It’s cloudy outside.

3. Read and remember!

Вживай артикль the перед іменниками, коли розповідаєш про унікальні природні об’єкти: the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the sky, the ground.

Example: The sun is bright.

He вживай артиклю, коли розповідаєш про події, що відбуваються.

Події, що відбуваються

No article

- у певну пору року

in autumn

- у певний місяць

in September, in October, in November

- у певну погоду

in rainy weather

a) Answer the questions.

1. What season is it now?

2. What was the season before it?

3. What season will be after it?

4. What do you like to do in winter (spring/summer/autumn)?

5. What month is it now?

6. What month was before?

7. What month will be after it?

b) Read a short story and fill in the articles where necessary.

It is … autumn now. … sun is shining, … sky is blue. It is still warm in … October. Little Kitty likes to gather mushrooms in … . good weather. She sees mushrooms on … … ground. She wants to pick one.

Oops! It is jumping away. A squirrel!

IV. Word Smart

Study the words and word combinations (p. 119) and say:

a) What you can see in every season.

Example: We can see much snow in winter.

b) What the weather is like in different seasons.

Example: It’s cold and frosty in winter.

c) What you can do or like to do in every season.

Example: I like to go skating in winter.


winter words

spring words

beastly weather snowflakes to enjoy



cold and frosty outside

to bloom

to break into blossom icicles and snow to melt

lovely weather blossoming orchard

summer words

autumn words

to sunbathe

out in the open

to go hiking

to travel abroad

to have a memorable time

to have its own charm

a great admirer

of sth to remind

of school Indian summer

At Home:

Find a picture/photo of your favourite season and describe its beauty.

V. Time to Read

1. Read the dialogue between two Ukrainian girls and say what seasons they like most.

Go to Ex. 66-67 of your Workbook

orchard the woods

garden forest

See: First Aid Kit:

Word Meaning 1, p. 238



Alex: It’s so cold and frosty outside. I’m staying at home the whole morning.

Helen: Don’t grumble, Ann. Last Sunday, just after the snowstorm, we had much fun - we enjoyed skating, skiing, sledging, throwing snowballs and what not.

Alex: So we did. There was so much sun and snow that it was a pity to stay at home in such lovely weather. But today … .

Helen: Oh, stop it. In a month the snow and icicles will melt, the weather will change for better and you’ll enjoy every minute of spring.


Alex: True, true. I adore this lovely season when fruit trees break into blossom and spring flowers bloom. A fairy tale, just a fairy tale!

Helen: Small wonder. Spring is the morning of the year and in Ukraine it turns the whole country into a blossoming orchard. But I prefer summer to all other seasons. I can swim and sunbathe a lot, go hiking, travel abroad or just spend all day long out in the open.


Alex: Agreed. We are having the most memorable time on our summer holidays. Sometimes we even don’t notice when autumn is on the way.

Helen: Exactly. Only yellow and brown leaves of Indian summer remind us of a new school year.

Across Cultures

Indian summer - бабине літо


Alex: And this season also has a charm of its own: autumn mushrooms and nuts in the forests and woods, fruits and vegetables in the gardens and orchards … .

Helen: I see you are a great admirer of all the seasons, except winter.

Alex: No way. Winter is also a great season, whatever it can be said against it.

Helen: That’s better.

2. Fill in the missing words.

Example: We like to have a cup of tea in the … (garden/ orchard). → We like to have a cup of tea in the garden.

1. It’s easy to get lost in the … (forest/wood).

2. There is … near our house (wood/forest).

3. In spring, when fruit trees break into blossom, our … (garden/orchard) is very beautiful.

4. Many people in Ukraine have big … (orchards/gardens) near their houses.

5. Have you ever been to the … (forest/wood) and picked nuts?

6. All … (forests/woods) are full of mushrooms in Ukraine in autumn.

3. Read the sentences and say whose words these are and what they mean.

Example: «What beastly weather we are having!» →

Alex says it about winter because it was cold and frosty outside and he stayed at home.

1. «In a month the weather will change for better».

2. «A fairy tale, just a fairy tale».

3. «I can spend all days long out in the open».

4. «It was a pity to stay at home in such lovely weather».

5. «This season also has a charm of its own».

6. «It turns Ukraine into a blossoming orchard».

7. «I adore this lovely season»

4. From the dialogue reproduce the characteristics of four seasons and say why each of them attracts you.

Example: I adore this lovely season when fruit trees break with blossom and spring flowers bloom. I enjoy looking at tiny snowdrops, listening to birds’ singing and spending much time out of town.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Alex or Helen and invite your international friends Rachel/ Bruce to come to Ukraine in the season they like most. Begin with:

• All seasons in Ukraine are lovely, but ….

• The weather in this time of the year ….

• In this season … .

• The season has a charm of its own because ….

• You can enjoy ….

• Besides, you’ll have a memorable time … .

• Come to Ukraine in … and have the time of your life.

2. Look at the photos and say which place in them is the best for a healthy way of life. What activities can you practise in every season to stay healthy?

Example: I think every season is good for a healthy way of life.

But I like winter because I can ski and skate a lot.

Use the words and word combinations given:

• to go skating/skiing/sledging;

• to throw snowballs;

• to go hiking;

• to put up a tent;

• to swim and lie in the sun;

• to clean the park

Example: I think it is winter in the Carpathian Mountains. They are in the west of Ukraine. The weather is cold, but sunny. Children enjoy sledging ….

3. In pairs, discuss your favourite season and weather in Ukraine as in the pattern.


A: What … we are having today! It is so … and ….

B: But I prefer to … because ….

A: Agreed. When the weather … it’s a pity ….

B: True, true. But Ukraine is especially beautiful in … when

A: Small wonder. … has a charm of its own.

B: Exactly. We can … and ….

A: I see you are a great admirer of … , right?

B: Sure. I have ….

VII. Time to Write

Write an essay about the weather and seasons where you live. Use the plan to help you.


Each Season Start

• weather

• nature

• pastime

Example: I live in Zhytomir. It is in Polissya. Winter begins in December there ….

Go to Ex. 68-70 of your Workbook

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