Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Four: You are in Ukraine

4:4. What Ukrainian holidays and traditions do you like most?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


open-air museum

I’m bursting with


to be the time of magic

news …


enchanting beauty

to be still under the impression

to be a breathtaking experience

place number one to see

to be the second best smb likes brand new

to be an unforgettable sight

… as the tradition goes.

How lucky we are!

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the photos of some Ukrainian places and say where you’ve already been to or would like to go to. Say why you want to go there.

Example: I' m a great admirer of nature and wild life. That’s why I’d like to go to Askania, Nova.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the «Invitation Rhyme» and practise the sounds /η/ and /a:/. Say where in Ukraine you can go to the zoo, national parks or botanic gardens and what you can see there.


Come along, come along, on a trip to the zoo.

We’ll see a jumping chimp and a kangaroo.

Come along, come along, on a trip to the park.

We’ll swim in a pond without a shark.

Come along, come along, on a trip to the garden.

We’ll smell two million roses.

- I beg your pardon?

III. Function Smart

Read and learn how to express admiration. Look at the pictures and fill in the mini-dialogues.

a) - How do you like …?

- I can’t enjoy it more.

b) - What can you say about …?

- Oh, it was just wonderful.

c) - What do you think of our visit to …?

- I can’t help admiring it.

d) - What’s your opinion of …?

- Oh, it was fantastic. I’m a great admirer of such music.

IV. Word Smart

Getting to know Ukrainian places

Getting to know Ukrainian traditions

✵ to be the number one place to see

✵ to be the first choice

✵ to be the second best smb likes

✵ to sense the history of sth through sth

✵ a place of enchanting beauty

✵ to have a guided tour to sth

✵ to be the time of magic

✵ to hold a traditional fair

✵ to become an unforgettable sight

✵ to be good fun to do

✵ to light fireworks

✵ to keep (observe) the tradition

✵ to be a breathtaking experience

a) Read the word combinations and say what place is number one for foreigners to visit in Ukraine and why.

Example: Sorochinskaya Fair is number one for many people to see because you can learn many Ukrainian traditions there.

b) Make as many sentences as you can about the place you want to go to or the Ukrainian tradition you want to know about.


to learn more about Ukrainian musical traditions


to sense the history of the country



to see the places of enchanting beauty

good fun

to have a guided tour to any open-air museum


to take part in national Ukrainian traditions


to light fireworks during the celebrations

Example: It’s fantastic to see the places of enchanting beauty.

c) Read the information charts and match them to the photos. Say what traditions are carefully kept in Ukraine.

The open-air museum of folk architecture and traditions should be your first choice. It is located in a picturesque place Pyrohovo not far from Kyiv. It has more than 300 wooden structures from different regions of Ukraine from the 16 th to the 21 st century.

Ukraine is called a truly musical nation and annual festivals of Ukrainian folk music in the Carpathians prove it. One can listen to extraordinary kobza, bandura, buben, tsymbaly and trembita, of course; see young people performing Kolyadky in a passionate way. It is the time of magic!

Askania Nova National Preserve is a zoo, a Botanical garden and the largest area of steppe in Ukraine. It is a landscape of enchanting beauty and an important research centre for wildlife.

The Cradle of Zaporizke Cossatstvo is known far and wide. One can sense the history of Zaporizhian Sich through Khortytsya, the largest island on the Dnipro River.

The national Ukrainian exhibition of toys is your first choice in Ukraine. There are toys made of natural material (straw, wood and clay) and various typical Ukrainian dolls: motankas, rag dolls and modern dolls.

Example: I think that the open-air museum of folk architecture and traditions in Pyrohovo keeps the historical traditions of Ukraine. It shows how people lived in different times. It also presents a village lifestyle.

At Home:

Choose any interesting place you want to take your international friends to visit in Ukraine. Present it to your class and explain your choice.

Go to Ex. 76-77 of your Workbook

V. Time to Read

1. In pairs, read and say in what Ukrainian holidays the friends took part and what traditions they especially enjoyed.


Ann: How lucky we are! We’ve made such a great tour.

Steve: Exactly. It was the time of magic. We saw so many places of enchanting beauty and even took part in some traditional celebrations. A lot to talk about at school, right?

Ann: True, true. I am still under the impression of Kupala celebrations: dancing around marena and singing Kupala songs. I couldn’t enjoy more.

Steve: And how do you like jumping over the bonfire?

Ann: Oh, it was a really breathtaking experience. Frankly speaking, I felt scared at first, but the second and the third jumps were really wonderful. It was an unforgettable sight!

Steve: We did it safely so we must be lucky as the tradition goes.

Ann: I hope so. And what do you think of Sorochynska Fair?

Steve: Oh, it was the second best I liked. I could not only see extraordinary hand-made things but learn how to make them. Look, I’ve made a clay whistle myself.

Ann: Fantastic! As I’m a great admirer of embroidery, I’ve bought an embroidered towel or rushnyk, with a nice floral design. They say it is a symbol of wedding. My cousin Andrew on my mother’s side is going to marry soon so it’ll be a good present for the wedding, don’t you think?

Steve: A national gift from Sorochynska Fair is sure to bring luck.

Across cultures: Ukraine

✵ свято літнього сонця, який свят- кується 7 липня за Юліанським календарем

✵ лялька в людський зріст, зроблена з соломи - символ свята Купала

✵ Сорочинський ярмарок - один з найвідоміших ярмарків в Україні, що відбувається в селі Великі Сорочинці Миргородського району на Полтавщині

2. Look at the pictures and say where your international friends saw them and what new information they learned about them.

Example: Ann and Steve visited Sorochynska Fair on holiday.

They saw many extraordinary handmade things there and Ann bought an embroidered towel - a symbol of wedding for her cousin.

3. Say what Ukrainian holidays and traditions you like most and why. Use:

✵ As for me I…

✵ I adore this holiday because…

✵ I never miss a chance of…

✵ I enjoy…

✵ The tradition of…is one of my favourite.

✵ It’ interesting…

✵ Besides…

✵ …attracts me a lot.

+ 3 stroky

VI. Time to Communicate

a) Act as Ann and say what traditions you have experienced.

to be the time of magic

to be a breathtaking experience

to jump over the bonfire

to take part in celebrations

to be under the impression

b) Act as Steve and describe your impressions of Sorochynska Fair.

to be the second best smb likes

to hold a traditional fair

to exhibit extraordinary handmade things

to make a clay whistle

to be good fun to do sth

c) In pairs, express your admiration of your favourite Ukrainian holidays and traditions.

Use the pattern:

A: How lucky we are! ….

B: Exactly. It was the time of magic and ….

A lot to talk about at school, right?

A: True, true. I couldn’t enjoy … .

B: And how do you like …?

A: It was a really breathtaking experience. Frankly speaking,

B: And what do you think of …?

A: It was the second best I liked. … .

B: Fantastic! As for me, … .

VII. Time to Listen

Listen to the children’s international friends talking about their visit to Ukraine. Choose the pictures which belong to Ann’s or Steve’s story.

VIII. Time to Write

Your international friend is interested in Ukrainian holidays. Make a calendar of Ukrainian holidays which you will advise him/her to see. Cover the following points:

✵ When does the holiday take place?

✵ What traditions are connected with this holiday?

✵ Why may it be interesting for your international friend?

Go to Ex. 78-80 of your Workbook

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