Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Six: Wear it!

6:4. Is shopping for clothes your favourite pastime?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box

shop assistant

department store



to look terrific in sth


to afford

to be on sale

Thank you for the


to suit smb perfectly



to look sporty

That is cool!


to try sth on

to be a real bargain

to compliment smb on sth

to have sth on

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the shop window and choose something new for yourself. Say why you want to have it.

Example: I want to have a new T-shirt because I like to play sports.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read the «Compliment Chant» with correct intonation and practise the sounds. Say how to give and take compliments politely. How often do you do it?


-You look wonderful in your new cap.

- Thanks a lot.

-You look great in your new shirt.

- Thank you very much indeed.

-You look terrific in your new sweater.

- Thank you for the compliment.

-You look fantastic in your new skirt.

- You’re very kind.

- Thank you.

III. Function Smart

Read and give/take compliments on clothes. Look at the pictures and fill in the mini-dialogues.

a) - Gee, you look wonderful in your … .

- Thank you for the compliment.

b) - Wow, you look great in your … .

- Thanks a lot.

с) - I say … , you look terrific in your … .

- Thank you very much indeed.

d) - Gosh, you look fantastic in your … .

- Thank you. You’re very kind.

IV. Word Smart

1. Look at the wordsearch puzzle and find six words for buying new clothes. Make up your sentences with these words.

Example: I usually buy new clothes at the department store.

2. Look at the clothes in the shopping bags and match them to the children in the pictures. How can you compliment them?

Example: You look sporty in this tracksuit.

3. Read what Helen says about her shopping for new clothing and fill in the missing words and phrases from the box. Say if you do the same or different.

I am a great shopper and I like to do the shopping with my mum or my friends. As a rule, we go to a big … because it has all the … and a big … of clothes at that. My mum and a … help me to choose the right thing. Yesterday I … a blue denim dress. My mum said, «It’s a lovely shade of blue, you … in it». And the shop assistant added, «It … , and it’s a real bargain, only 45 hryvnas». My friends … me on it and said that was … .

At Home:

Describe your typical shopping tour for new clothes covering the following points:

where you usually buy new clothes; who helps you to make the right choice; how your friends and relatives compliment you on your new clothes.

Go to Ex. 116-117 of your


V. Time to Read

1. Read in pairs. Say what kind of shopping the children did.

to choose - choice

to compliment - compliment

to shop - shopper

See First Aid Kit: Word Building 2, p. 236


Ann: Hi, Steve. You have a nice sweater on. It fits you perfectly. Is it new? Steve: It is. My grandma has recently bought it at the department store. Do you like it?

Ann: That is cool. You look terrific in it. By the way, you have blue eyes and it looks so good on you. Is there a good choice of sweaters there?

Steve: There are several sportswear departments. No need to go to other shops.

Ann: I love shopping, but I’m afraid, I have to look at the prices first. I can’t afford an expensive sweater.

Steve: There are some good ones on sale on the second floor. You just have to ask a shop-assistant to show you around.

Ann: My mum has bought me a pair of Nike trainers this month and I wonder if they have any Nike sweaters .They are all the rage this season.

Steve: I think they do. Ask for more information at the department store.

Ann: I will.

Across Cultures: Great Britain, the USA, Canada

Sale - розпродаж товарів за зниженими цінами

Nike - американська компанія, яка виробляє популярний спортивний одяг та взуття

2. Complete the sentences choosing the right form of the word.

Example: There is a great choice of clothes at the shop.

1. My elder sister likes … .

a) shopper

2. Thank you for the … . You are very

b) to compliment


c) fashion

3. Nina always wears … clothes.

d) to shop

4. My friend is a good … and I like to go

e) complimenting

to the department store with her.

5. I’d like … you on your new part dress.

3. From the text «Talking about New Clothes» read out the sentences about:

• Ann complimenting Steve on his clothes.

• Steve’s piece of advice.

• Ann’s plans for shopping.

Say what you agree or disagree with.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Steve and describe your way of buying clothes.

to have sth on

to compliment smb on sth

to fit smb perfectly

to look at the sportswear department

to do the shopping with smb

2. Act as Ann and describe your plans on shopping for clothes.

to love shopping

to afford sth

to be on sale

to show smb around

to ask for more information

to be all the rage

3. In pairs, talk about new clothes as in the pattern.


A: Gee, … . You have … on. It fits … . Is it …?

B: It is. My … . Do you …?

A: That’s cool. You look … .You have … and it’s so … . Is there …?

B: There are …. You needn’t … .

A: I love to shop, but …. I can’t afford, because ….

B: … on sale and you can ….

A: That’s nice. My mum … and I wonder if … .

B: Ask a shop assistant for … . Have a nice shopping trip.

VII. Time to Listen

1. Listen to the boy’s conversation with a shop assistant «At the Sportswear Department» and say what new clothes he wanted to buy and why.

2. Listen again and fill in the chart for the boy.




VIII. Time to Write

Look at the set of pictures and write your story on them. Give your story a title and present it to the class.

Go to Ex. 118-120 of your Workbook

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