Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit Six: Wear it!

6:5. My Progress in English

I. Grammar Smart

Complete the conversation. Use will or be going to and the verbs in brackets.

A: Have you decided what you … (1) (to do) this weekend?

B: My mum and I … (2) (to go) to the department store to shop for clothes. I hope … (3) (to buy) a new T-shirt.

A: I have nothing to do so I … (4) (to join) you, if that’s OK.

B: Sure. I … (5) (to ring up) and tell about the time.

A: Great. What department store you … (6) (to visit)?

B: The central department store.

Check if you:

II. Word Smart

Paraphrase the sentences.

1. She is dressed in a blue costume.

2. Your hat is the latest fashion.

3. The jacket suits you perfectly.

4. I’m indifferent to clothes.

5. My scarf is made of wool.

6. I feel good in this suit.

Check if you:

III. Function Smart

Match the compliment-giving lines to the compliment-taking lines.

1. Gee, you look wonderful in this dress.

a) Thank you very much indeed. The jacket fits me perfectly, it’s right my size.

2. I say, Val, you look terrific in this jacket. It suits you.

b) Thank you. You are very kind. I’ve bought it for my birthday party. It’s a mini-skirt.

3. You look fantastic in this fashionable skirt.

c) Thank you very much. The green colour of my dress is my favourite.

4. You look great in these party shoes.

d) Thank you, you are very kind. My granny embroidered it for me.

5. Wow, you look smart in this tracksuit.

e) Thanks a lot. I like to look sporty.

6. Gosh! You look so good in your vyshy- vanka.

f) Thank you for the compliment. I know much about footwear fashion.

Check if you:

IV. Time to Read

Read the information file on «Shopping for Clothes in the USA» and mark the true statements.


Most Americans shop for clothes at the shopping mall (or mall for short). A mall is a very large indoor shopping area. It consists of large department stores and small specialty stores. There are children’s, women’s, men’s and teenagers’ shoe stores, clothing stores for every style and taste and many others. It is usually possible to find anything at the mall! No wonder, they are so popular with everybody.

The most popular time to shop for clothes is, of course, on the weekends. At this time sales often take place and it’s not too hard to find smart clothes at a lower price. Let’s say your jacket cost $65 on week days, but on sale it may be only $30. A real bargain! Parents take their children with them if they need to buy new clothes for them. Many of them like shopping tours because sometimes much more is bought for them that has been planned before.


1. A mall is a large area out in the open air.

2. A mall includes many big and small stores.

3. It’s very convenient to shop at the mall.

4. The best time for shopping is any week day.

5. Sales are popular with Americans because of lower prices.

6. Children dislike shopping tours as they are boring and tiring.

Check if you:

V. Time to Listen

Listen to Peter’s story about a dress code and spot the errors.

1. Peter worked in an office.

2. Men should wear a suit and a tie.

3. Women can choose between trousers and a dress.

4. There is also a rule about footwear.

5. Working in a bank you can wear bright colours.

6. Experts say, if we want to feel good we should wear black, blue and pink.

Check if you:

VI. Time to Write

Design a web photo page «Smart and Comfortable». Come up with your ideas about children’s clothes.

Check if you:

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