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Unit Seven: A Mind Trip to Britain

7:2. What are your first impressions of travelling?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


express train

Come on!

to arrive

baggage reclaim

It’s a custom to …


passport control

Just round the


to give a welcome party


to climb

to take smb for a walk

to prove

to make a great impression

to enjoy one’s life

I. Conversation Warm-up

Read the notices at Gatwick Airport and say what you can or must do at the airport.

Example: I must go to passport control.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the London trip rhyme and practise the sound /е/. Say what can be so exciting about the place.


As I am going to Trafalgar Square,

I see a famous man with bronze hair.

They tell me it is Admiral Nelson’s statue.

Oh, dear, my heart will melt, I bet you.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look and recall!

Для того, щоб правильно сказати про щось здивовано, захопленно тощо, вживай окличні речення, які починаються з how або what.

Examples: How delicious the dinner was! (окличне речення) What a warm welcome party it was! (окличне речення)

2. Play a grammar emotion game. Use the words from the box.

Example: A: Look! It’s a red double-decker.

B: How funny the double-decker is!

a red double-decker


a Sunday dinner


an express train


a statue


a bronze lion


a castle


3. Read and remember!

Для того, щоб правильно сказати, що ти / він / вона робив або ми робили тривалий час, вживай: а) в однині:







the whole evening.

б) у множині:






the whole evening.

Пам’ятай, що треба обов’язково позначити тривалість часу.

Example: all day long

the whole afternoon

from five to six

from morning till night

a) Make up as many sentences as you can.


was flying

the whole morning.


was waiting at the

from one to two in



the afternoon.

Steve’s parents

were preparing for a

from 9 to 12 am.


welcome party

all day long.



the whole evening.


walking were talking

Example: Mike was flying to London from 9 to 12 am.

b) Say what you and your family were doing:

• the whole afternoon yesterday;

• the whole weekend;

• all day long last Sunday;

• from 7 to 9 pm two days ago;

• from 8 to 10 on Saturday morning.

IV. Word Smart

Study these words and describe:

1. Your arrival at the airport:

2. Exciting things to do on arrival:

to give a welcome party

to take smb for an evening walk

to climb sth

to stroll along sth

3. Interesting things to see with your own eyes:

red double-decker



At Home:

Find a photo of yourself on a trip and describe your arrival, the interesting things you saw with your own eyes and the exciting things you did there.

Go to Ex. 126-127 of your Workbook

V. Time to Read

1. Read about Mike’s first impressions of Britain and say what sounds interesting to you.


Dear Diary:

So I’m in Britain! It is so exciting! No more passport control or baggage reclaim. Steve and his father met me at the airport and we took an express train to Victoria Station. As I arrived on Sunday afternoon, Steve’s family gave me a very warm welcome party. We were talking the whole afternoon. His parents and his elder sister Joanne are such nice and hospitable people. We had a truly English Sunday dinner, or the Sunday roast, as they call it. They served roasted meat, mashed potato, with Yorkshire pudding and vegetables. It was absolutely delicious!

After dinner Steve and Joanne took me for an evening walk about the city centre. Trafalgar Square made a great impression on me. At last I saw Admiral Nelson’s statue with my own eyes and climbed the bronze lions. How ridiculous it was to see that all shops and supermarkets were closed when we were strolling along Oxford Street. Joanne says it is a custom here: everyone seems to enjoy their lives.

On Monday morning I saw a red double-decker for the first time. I didn’t know all taxis were black in London. In the afternoon Steve and I are going to see Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral and Hyde Park. I hope we’ll have a lot of fun.



First Aid Kit:

Grammar in Use 6, p. 235

Across Cultures: Great Britain

Trafalgar Square - центральна площа Лондона

Oxford Street - одна з центральних вулиць Лондона, відома своїми магазинами

Buckingham Palace - королівська резиденція у Лондоні

St Paul’s Cathedral - собор Святого Павла у центрі Лондона

Hyde Park - відомий парк у центрі Лондона red doubledecker - червоний двохповерховий автобус, типовий для Лондона

Yorkshire pudding - Йоркширський пудинг, виріб з тіста, який подається до запеченого м’яса

2. Choose the right word.

Example: The first day I felt … (so, such) excited. →

The first day I felt so excited.

1. Steve’s parents are … nice people.

2. Joanne is … hospitable.

3. Trafalgar Square made … a great impression on me!

4. The Sunday roast was … delicious!

5. It is … a ridiculous custom.

3. Say how much pocket money you have while travelling and what you can spend your money on.

Example: My parents give me some pocket money. As a rule I buy souvenirs for friends because they are not expensive.

4. In the text, find the information about:

nature in Britain; / British traditions; / city life; / places of interest.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Mike and describe your first day in Britain.

to arrive on Sunday afternoon

to give a welcome party

to make a great impression on smb

to see sth with one’s own eyes

to have a lot of fun

2. Act as Joanne and describe Mike’s visit to her family.

to have a Sunday dinner

to serve the Sunday roast

to take smb for an evening walk

to stroll along Oxford Street

to be a custom

3. In trios, role-play a conversation between Steve, Mike and Joanne which they had during their evening walk. Follow the pattern.


Steve: So, Mike, what are your first impressions?

Mike: …

Joanne: Look! It’s Admiral Nelson’s statue.

Mike: …

Steve: Come on! Let’s climb one of them.

Mike: …

Joanne: How about a stroll along Oxford Street?

Mike: …

Steve: No, they are all closed on Sunday evening.

Mike: …

Joanne: It’s a custom here: everyone seems to enjoy their lives.

Mike: …

VII. Time to Write

Write a diary entry about the beginning of your mind trip to Britain.

Go to Ex. 128-130 of your Workbook

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