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Unit Seven: A Mind Trip to Britain

7:4. Why, in your opinion, British holidays and traditions are unique?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


to have the time of one’s life

Speaking of … , …


to burst with impressions

I can’t help

to sweep

to see a bit of sth

admiring …


to show respect for sth

to do a project on sth

to find sth unique

to live far into …

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look and say what British traditions these people keep.

Example: This English family keeps the tradition of the Sunday roast ….

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the tradition rhyme and practise the sounds /ʌ/ and /аі/. Say what British tradition you respect most.


In every culture under the sun,

There is a tradition, or there is none.

If there is one, try and find it.

If there is none, never mind it.

III. Function Smart

Read and learn to show respect for tradition. Look at the pictures and fill in the mini-dialogues.


- What is your attitude to the British tradition of keeping … clean?

- I can’t help admiring it.

the environment


- What do you think of …?

- I find it absolutely unique.

wearing a kilt


- What is going to happen to the tradition of …?

- I believe it will live far into the 21st century.

The Eisteddfod


- They say … is perhaps the most favourite tradition in Britain.

- It certainly is. It adds up to the enjoyment.

Christmas dinner

IV. Word Smart

1. Look at the pictures and say why visitors to Wales show respect for the tradition of the Eisteddfod.

• to take part in the festival

• to sing in Welsh

• to compete in music /literature / arts

Example: Visitors to Wales show respect for this tradition because there are many talented participants.

2. Read the tradition rhyme and illustrate some of its lines.


What is tradition?

Tradition is a guide to What we see in England,

What we watch in Wales,

What we hear in Scottish and Irish tales.

Example: Tradition is really a guide because it shows how people live.

3. Read the information about a traditional English entertainment and complete the dialogue.

The Punch and Judy show is a popular seaside tradition in England. Mr Punch is perhaps the most famous puppet character of all time. Legend has it that a travelling showman from Italy brought Punch to Britain in the 17th century. You can see the show everywhere: on the beach, in the street, on stage.


Mike: What’s that … over there, I wonder?

Joanne: It’s … Legend has it that ….

Mike: I must … with my own eyes!

Joanne: It’s certainly worth it.

At Home:

Make a list of British traditions from Unit Four and compare them to Ukrainian ones. Fill in the tradition chart.

Go to Ex. 136-137 of your


British traditions

Ukrainian traditions

V. Time to Read

1. Read in pairs and say for what British traditions Steve shows respect.


Ann: Hi, Mike, welcome back! How was your trip?

Mike: I had the time of my life! I’m bursting with impressions.

Ann: Do tell me all about it! Where did you do? What did you see?

Mike: I saw a bit of everything - British history, British nature, and British culture, of course.

Ann: Speaking of culture, we are doing a project on British traditions in our English class this week. And my task is to find out about Scottish traditions. Are you familiar with any of them, by the way?

Mike: Certainly. When I had a short stay in the Highlands, Bruce advised me not to miss the opportunity to see the Highland Games. We watched a traditional Scottish game ’throwing the hammer’.

Ann: Wow! How interesting! What are the rules?

Mike: The hammer had a long handle and weighed ten kilos. The sportsman couldn’t run; he stood still and swept it round his head several times before he threw it as far as he could.

Ann: It was fantastic, wasn’t it?

Mike: And believe it or not, all the men wore kilts as a part of the traditional Scottish costume.

Ann: What do you think of this tradition?

Mike: I can’t help admiring it.



See First Aid Kit:

Word meaning 3, p. 239

Across Cultures: Great Britain

The Highland Games - традиційні спортивні змагання у Шотландії

2. Fill in hand or handle.

Example: The hammer has a long … . →

The hammer has a long handle.

1. If you know the answer, raise your … , please.

2. He turned the … and went in.

3. Please give me a helping … .

4. Put your right … in.

5. It is a wooden ….

3. Read out the sentences about:

• interest in traditions

• respect for traditions.

Compare your attitude to British traditions with those of Ann and Mike.

4. Look at the photos and say with what British holidays from the box these traditions may be connected. What do you know about them?

Christmas, Box, Easter, Shrove Tuesday, St. Valentine’s Day

Example: I think we can see Christmas stockings on Christmas.

Children are looking forward to getting Christmas presents.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Read the five parts of Mike’s travelogue, match them to the route items on the map and say what information about Britain you’ve learned.

to see a bit of sth

to be familiar with sth

to burst with impressions

to wear a kilt

… can’t help admiring …

2. Act as Ann and describe your project on British traditions.

to do a project on sth

to find out about sth

to be interested in sth

to show respect for sth

to find sth absolutely unique

3. Say what British holidays and traditions you’ve never heard of. Are they typical only of Britain?


• As for me …

• I’ve never been familiar with …

• I can’t help admiring …

• I find…absolutely unique.

• You can’t find …

• I became interested in …

• I want to know more about…

• I think …

4. In pairs, talk about British traditions as in the pattern.


A: I say, … , have you heard the news? We are going to do a project in our ….

B: Wow! That’s …! What is it going to … , I wonder?

A: About … My task is … Are you familiar with …?

B: Certainly. When I … .

A: It was , wasn’t it?

B: Believe it or not, … .

A: What do you think of …?

В: I find it … .

VII. Time to Listen

Listen to six children talking about British traditions and say if they all show respect for traditions.

VIII. Time to Write

Write a description of your favourite tradition and show respect for it. Begin with:

• Traditions are at the heart of …

• They help us to …

• My favourite tradition is …

• I am very well familiar with …

• I can’t help admiring …

• Believe it or not, …

• I think this tradition will …

Go to Ex. 138-140 of your Workbook

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